My multiple comparative gauge swatches bring all the boys to the yard

One of my projects this week has been getting design plans off the ground for the inspired-by-Neville fair isle cardigan, and it’s been great fun to map out. (Fair warning: if you’re looking for an exact copy of his Deathly Hallows sweater, this won’t be it. I will be leaning a bit closer to a true Shetland style sweater, and so won’t be including the pockets and hoodie, and will be varying the border and peerie patterns just a bit. But still, I can promise you it’s going to be awesome, I can feel it.)

I was happily swatching it up earlier in the week, getting a sense of the patterns and colour combinations – because as it turns out, even when you are using black, cream, and five shades of grey, you really do have to spend a bit of time getting it right. (I sort of think this is half the fun, but don’t tell anyone.)


So anyhow, I had it nicely planned out and I liked the fabric I was getting at 8 sts to the inch. Then, I did a quick bit of math and realized that since this is going to be a men’s cardigan, therefore even the smallest size was going to have a cast-on number of nearly 300 sts.

Then, I cast on a new swatch, at 7.5 sts to the inch, and it turns out that fabric is still totally awesome and will save everybody a few dozen stitches at the cast-on. I’m thinking of you, dear knitters. It was totally worth it. Start practicing up your colour-work for fall, kids! (I can’t understand why the back-to-school television ads don’t lead with that, tsk.)

Stay tuned until next time, when I’ll have another sock pattern to formally introduce you to. I’ll be coming to you from Edmonton for the weekend, where I will sadly not be running the half marathon that was to be the purpose of the trip (SOB), but I shall have a friendly visit with relatives all the same.

Keep on knititng!


  1. I L I K E it. It will be a fabulous cardi because even the pic of the swatch makes me want to knit it.

  2. The title of this post made me laugh out loud. 🙂

  3. Marjorie · ·

    I can hardly wait to see it!! Your posts have been teasing me so much . . . will it be beyond my intermediate skills do you think? Or just pleasantly challenging? 🙂

  4. Marjorie – good question!
    I think it will be fine for an intermediate knitter as long as you have the hang of colour-work (or are willing to learn). None of the stitch patterns are very complex, so it’ll mostly be a requirement of patience to knit a sweater sized garment! 😉


  5. So, here’s the thing. One day I’m totally grooving on your post about the Colour Toolbox. A couple days later I come back and am greeted with a beautiful b/w photo.

    I think – she’s teasing us, we have to guess the colors. I can picture this looking splendid in dozens of combos, but I Love the b/w! Boy, was I delighted when I read the post.

    Thanks for reminding us that a good box of crayons has black, white and grey in it as well, and hopefully at least a couple shades of each. If that’s possible with black. Or white. Whatever, I love it.

  6. Ooooh, I like the idea of an inspired-by-Neville cardigan. That was a really great sweater he was wearing.

  7. I love Neville….can’t wait to see the sweater..

  8. Yeah, baby. That’s what boys like.

  9. I just love the swatch! I am spinning some shetland in natural colors on my drop spindle and just thought this sweater pattern would be perfect for my new yarn. The colors I spun are very similar to what you are using in your swatch!!!! Happy knitting!

  10. Kate/Massachusetts · ·

    Oh my, that will be a lovely sweater! I can’t wait to see what you do!

  11. Marjorie · ·

    Thanks Glenna! I’m totally taking your advice to heart and going to start practicing my colour work so I’ll be ready to go!

  12. Your swatch…. is better than mine.

  13. Those swatches look wonderful! Can’t wait to see the whole sweater. I’m trying to catch up on the movies so that I can understand the last one. Don’t recall this particular sweater, but there’s so much to see in those movies one can watch them over and over.

  14. It occurs to me that if I had all those boys in my yard, I’d make them do so yardwork. Just sayin’.

  15. *ahem* “SOME” yardwork. Or, a lot of yardwork.

  16. That is absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the finished work.

  17. Omg this is amazing! I’ve been drooling over that sweater hardcore 🙂

  18. Yay yay yay! I love Neville and I love his sweater.

    …but I still vote for the optional hood.

  19. […] The knitting geekiest post title ever: My Multiple Comparative Gauge Swatches Bring All The Boys To The Yard (love!) […]

  20. […] The knitting geekiest post title ever: My Multiple Comparative Gauge Swatches Bring All The Boys To The Yard (love!) […]

  21. Haha hilarious title!!! Oh btw, just gave a shout out to you in my blogroll, I wonder if you’d like to add me to yours?

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