You never can tell with knitting

You know, I often say that I love knitting because you can never really see the bottom of it. There’s always something more to learn or something new to knit or some challenge waiting around the corner. Sometimes that challenge involves designing your own Rhinebeck sweater as you knit it, with less than 4 weeks from start to finish.

Other times, that challenge involves figuring out exactly how big (or not) and floppy (or not) you should make the pompom that’s going to go on top of your chunky earflap hat.


That knitting, man. It’ll keep you guessing. (And I do love the pompom, even if it might be a little bit too floppy.)


  1. I seem to have an inability to ever get pom poms right.

  2. CHUNKY EARFLAP HAT! EeeeeeEEEEE! Lurve it.

  3. I think it’s perfect, but I have a preference for floppy poms. What pattern is that? My daughter is agitating for an earflap hat, and since I’ve never done colorwork, that looks like it might be a reasonable staring point.

  4. Ann – thanks for asking! It’s actually a pattern of my own that I’m just finishing working up. Even with the extra fiddliness of the earflaps, it’s still easily finished in a weekend thanks to the chunky yarn! 😉

  5. Since my knitting time has diminished over the years, I love projects that you can finish in a weekend or so (even short projects take longer lately). Love the hat.

  6. I think your softer pom seems perfect on that hat! (BTW if you want to have a peek I just posted my FO of your “Nouveau Gloves”. I can’t wait to wear them – its supposed to be cold Saturday!)

  7. I love that pompom! It’s good to know that other people struggle with what size and shape to make pompoms as much as I do.

  8. I agree that our skills only getting wider and deeper as we knit and once we start designing (or at least start trying to), we add a whole other dimension to our love of the craft. Your pom pom is perfect in my eyes — and the color combo is really great!

  9. It’s so funny that you wrote about pompom sizes because I am facing the very same thing. How big should I go? And how big is TOO big? IS there a too big? Glad to hear that even real designers have these problems. 😉

  10. I like the floppy pom pom. I’m knitting a hat with two colors, and I can’t decide if I want a floppy pom pom or not!

  11. please please complete the hat pattern soon and put it up for sale. I desperately need one and don’t want to surrender to the commercially produced ones….please.

  12. Malini – thanks so much for the enthusiasm! With any luck it’ll be up within a week or so. 😉


  13. You can say the same thing about crochet, or sewing, or embroidery, or woodworking, or painting, or any craft — by no stretch of the imagination does that opinion make knitting unique in any sort of way.

  14. 1) I love love love the earflap/pompom hat!

    2) I also love that I have the exact yarn you used BECAUSE YOU GAVE IT TO ME. I feel weirdly excited by this.

  15. I’m loving the earflap hat, I love any sort of colourwork and this one just looks sooooo nice and cosy 🙂

  16. By any chance do you happen to have the pattern for this hat. My teenage son is always looking for a funky earflap hat!

  17. Great earflap hat sans pompom for me.

  18. Love this pattern and beautiful bright yarn! Perfect for fall!

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