Just in time for some colour

I think it’s safe to say that fall has arrived. The chill blew across Ontario this past weekend and I’m sure more than a few knitters were happily reaching for their knitted socks and sweaters. I know I was! Uh, how quickly do you suppose I can knit five more sweaters?

Last week several of you were asking about the hat pattern I was working on, and I’m pleased to announce it’s here and available for sale! The instructions give you not just a hat but a hat and mitten set, and the option of working the hat as a plain cap or with earflaps. (And also the option of the pompom. I know people have very strong opinions about pompoms.)


The Frostbite set is available for download through Patternfish, or in my Ravelry store. Let me tell you, this is a pretty quick little undertaking. The plain hat took me about an afternoon, so if you’re new to colour-work and want something to ease you in slowly, this would still be a project you could have done in short time! In the pattern notes I also offer resource suggestions if you are new to the technique. If you’re already familiar with colour-work, though, you’ll easily have this done in a weekend. And once you’ve got the hat, then, well, of course you need the option of matching mittens, right?


This is worked up in bulky yarn – here, Mirasol Kutama, a 50% wool/50% alpaca blend that is pretty delicious to work with – and a variety of yarns suitable for 14-16 sts/4 ins would work well, like Araucania Nature Wool Chunky, Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky, Cascade Eco, and probably many more that I’m forgetting at the moment.


I need to thank Bridget at Needles in the Hay for her hat modelling turn when I was up in Peterborough this past Saturday. I must have done a good job of getting her used to being accosted for knitwear photography when I lived there last year, because this time she didn’t bat an eyelash.


I was there this past Saturday for a fabulous all-day teaching extravaganza, with colour-work in the morning and then steeking in the afternoon. It was a ton of fun and we practiced lots of technique, talked about colour, and then cut up some knitting at the end. All in a day’s work.


If you’re interested in joining me in a class, I’ve got several more coming up this fall and my Teaching page is up to date with several in the Toronto area.

And finally, I hope your Monday is getting your week off to a good start – or at the very least not too painful a start. Keep the knitting close by!


  1. I love the new pattern!! The hat and mitts look so cozy and awesome, makes me excited for the chilly weather to come! Cant’ believe I just said that….

  2. LOVE!! I’m going to buy it right now. πŸ™‚

  3. Definitely puts me in the mood to start a new project. Good job Glenna as usual. Every time I check in – you motivate me to continue on with my knitting addiction.

  4. Fabulous hat and mitt design … and just looking at the photo of steeking made my heart jump!

  5. Love the hat and mitten design, the idea of cutting my knitting still makes me very nervous.

  6. Thank you! Luckily not all colourwork (like this hat) involves cutting, though, which is very handy. πŸ˜‰


  7. Pictures of steek-cutting always make me a bit breathless. This one is awesome!

  8. I love the color work pattern. It’s so bold and fun,

  9. I love your colorwork design! Incidentally, I’ve been working on my own as well.

  10. I love your hat in the pink and brown with earflaps… fab πŸ™‚

  11. I bought it! I am totally making this hat. (With a pom-pom.) Everything I’m working on right now for other people is fingering, and I feel slow! Bring on the bulky, baby!

  12. Love the combo…it will be a little while before I can knit something that intricate (for me) but it’s on the list, for sure πŸ™‚

  13. Oh, trust me, this is as close to not-intricate as colour-work gets! πŸ˜‰ 2 colours on bulky weight yarn is pretty darned awesome.


  14. Love the purple hat and mittens.

  15. The Longbottom cardigan is stunning! Will you be posting a pattern eventually; or will this be a “limited edition”? Can’t wait to see it finished…

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