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I know there are lots of people who welcome the return of fall, but I think if you’re a knitter you have a bit of an edge on that. It’s been pretty fun watching the knitters on my Twitter feed exclaim about the return of cool weather, or talk to other knitters who are saying things like “I can wear my socks again! And sweaters! this is so great!” I mean, I know there are some people who are probably agreeing with the weather guy on TV calling a 23C forecast for the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend “really nice,” but in my head I’m thinking “are you kidding??? We want sweater weather! GIVE US BACK THE SWEATER WEATHER.”

We’ll all be eating these words round about Februrary when we have had just about enough of sweater weather thank you very much, but I digress. SWEATERS.


I’ve been slower than I’d like to progress with my Gwendolyn cardigan (the hazard of working several projects at a time), but breaking into the second sleeve this past weekend gave me a bit of nice momentum. But I’ve got to turn my attention to my Rhinebeck cardigan over the next week and a half, because it turns out that’s all the time I’ve got left in between now and then. And you know, I don’t mean to brag about my progress or anything, but I’ve got both sleeves done. And the hem of the body. Yeah, so that’s totally almost done. Maybe another day or two and I’ll have it licked.


Okay, so it’s going to be close, as per usual, but I’m loving the yarn. Manos Maxima is pretty close to Malabrigo worsted, and I don’t think I need to tell you how soft and squooshable THAT is. It’s like knitting with kitten purrs.


I’m making this up in my head as I go, but I think I’ve got the plan for the body down. Going to throw in a few more cable details along the edge as well as down the back, and I think it’s going to work out nicely. And it’ll be so cozy. Once it’s done the only thing left will be to cross my fingers (along with 1,000s of others I am sure) for sweater weather at Rhinebeck. Here’s hoping!

Lots of great knitting weather to come. Goodbye summer! It’s time for wool season.


  1. “Knitting with kitten purrs…” I love it.

  2. Ohhhh, that blue is absolutely luscious! Your sweater will be gob-smackingly gorgeous.
    I’m currently knitting with Malabrigo worsted. Mmmmmm.

  3. OK, caught. I’ve been rooting through my stash for a week now, not to mention going through my vintage patterns looking for the perfect companion for fall :}

  4. Need a free housekeeper. It falls to 50F at night but has made into the 80Fies every day this week in St. Louis. It’s October I want cold.

  5. pawdua Come on over! It’s FREEZING here, expecting the first frost this evening…. :{

  6. Mmmm, it look so squishy and cosy!

  7. Awwww, knitting with kitten purrs? Really? That’s just too sweet! Thanks for that image ♥

  8. Loving the cardigan! I’ve 100g of Manos Maxima and am trying to decide what to make with it… it’s beautifully soft 🙂

  9. Brag away … so far the Rhinebeck cardi is gorgeous. I’m a huge fan of Malabrigo but have never knitted with Manos Maxima so will now have to give it a try. Squooshy and kitten purrs are totally my thing!

  10. love the cardi and sweater how gorgeous

  11. I’m using the same yarn in the same color for a sweater in the Rowan Cocoon booklet – “Kari”. It is unbelievably soft. One note though – it did expand a little when I washed my swatch.

  12. Yep, I did indeed swatch & wash before beginning! It does bloom a bit, you’re right. 😉


  13. It’s looking beautiful so far!

  14. “knitting with kitten purrs”. that’s fantastic. the manos maxima looks de-light-ful!

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