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My Rhinebeck shopping this time around was fairly precise. I made a list going in, and stuck to it, and then stopped shopping and browsed and chatted and ate food the rest of the time. All good too, of course! I often get taken in by the pretty things and buy one or two skeins (especially the sock yarn, which is so beautiful and tempting), and then regret not saving more of my budget for a really great amount of sweater yarn.


In addition to 2 more Signature circulars, a book and a hug from Stephanie, and a really great mug from Jennie the Potter (for which I have to thank fellow Rhinebecker Abbie, who stood in line for me and may have snagged one of the very last mugs there, I did indeed get some lovely yarn. (The mug is my 2nd from her, and I can see why everyone mobs her booth – they are just wonderful for a cuppa or a latte at home, and have such pleasing hand-painted designs.)

I’ve gotten a few lovely skeins of sock yarn from Miss Babs before, and at Sock Summit this past summer I really strongly considered their worsted weight yarns but didn’t have room. This time, I made a beeline for the display of Yowza Whatta Skeins, and brought home 3 in a lovely brownish grey colour called “Field Mouse.” It’s about 1600 yds altogether, and I think it might be destined for the cardigan sister pattern to Royale, which I’ve been wanting to work on for the last year.


I also brought home 2 more giant bumps of yarn from Briar Rose, in this bulky and flaming red shade of Abundance. I think it’s going to be something big and cozy and cabley.


It’s a big world of yarn out there, and I love what I have access to through the yarn shops and dyers here at home, but at Rhinebeck there is always the thrill of getting to see a different selection of indie dyers and craftspeople, and it is wonderful that so many of us can benefit from this big yarn world in so many different ways.

In conclusion, yarn is awesome.
What yarn are you waiting to pull out of your stash – new or old?

Happy knitting today!


  1. The yarn looks absolutely lovely. I cant’ wait to see what you make with it!

  2. “In conclusion, yarn is awesome.”

    That may become my new motto.

  3. I really like the yarns you purchased and I love that mug!

  4. Gwendolyn · ·

    I love the red.
    I am waiting to pull out some re-stashed to me Dherp shop number 1 in a green color. It will make something for the man of the house.

  5. I have some Jamiesons all ready for a steeked colourwork sweater in grey, black, and yellow, and I can’t wait to start knitting that one. But, I want to finish my current sweater first.

  6. Love what you found at Rhinebeck. Someday I hope to make it there. In my stash there’s some handspun llama that wants to be made into a pashmina-type wrap, but it will have to wait until Christmas gifts are finished.

  7. Lovely acquisitions!

  8. Your Rhinebeck haul looks *awesome*! Love the shaded red, the “Fieldmouse” looks like it’s going to be cozy awesomeness, and the mug — is simply delightful. Strangely, I think Jennie the Potter is sort of local to ME. Hmmmmmm…. *starts to hatch plots*

    I am looking forward to jumping headlong into my Berrocco Jasper ‘Rojo Coralita’ — I’m making their ‘Joyella’ sweater, which is knittery without being too weird to wear around muggles. 😉 I’ve had the yarn for really too long, but I keep getting distracted. Going to be going on a looooong plane trip in a few weeks, though, so that’s going to be my travel knitting. Big knitted granny hexes. So. squishy. warm. *glurgle*

  9. Gorgeous yarns! Did you see all the shades of grey that Tess Designer Yarns had? I didn’t get any, but had no idea there were so many shades!

  10. woolythinking · ·

    *ears prick up* I’m sorry; did you say a cardigan companion to Royale?!


  11. That Briar Rose yarn looks gorgeous!

  12. I wish I could have been there but I’m rather a long way away. I live vicariously through blogs like this instead! That briar rose yarn looks delicious; such lovely colours.

  13. Lovely that you got a crafty hand-made object besides yarn — your new mug is so special. As for the yarns, they are irresistible.

  14. I am sorry about your grandfather. One soul leaves, another comes in. My granddaughter was born today. I hope she will be as accomplished as your grandfather.

  15. I missed out on Miss Babs this year but I won’t next year!

  16. Cynthia K-R in Canada · ·

    So sorry to hear about your grandfather. I’ll bet my dad and your grandfather knew each other. They worked on very similar chemistry!! Interesting, eh??

  17. So sorry for your loss.

  18. I went to Rhinebeck with my sister, and we had a really good time. This was our very first time and we to came back home with several hanks of the briar rose yarn, It was one of our favorites. Going back next year. P,S. its funny that we have the exact same color scheme from briar rose.

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