That flirtation with cool weather we had at the very beginning of the month which then gave us a fake-out of warm weather a week or two later, has now returned in earnest and we are definitely settling into the chilly times. The thermometer is starting to dip below freezing overnight, and I heard tell there have been flurries sighted in NYC to the south of us, so, you know. That means Serious Knitwear Times.

A few days ago I finally rifled through my stash of winter accessories, and as usual came up a bit more empty-handed than I thought I should. I always end up losing a few small hand-knits in the to-and-fro-ing each season, despite the fact that i should know better. This time I’m remembering that I lost my dear Noro Silk Garden striped scarf, and I remember having at least one more pair of gloves than what I found in the basket, which means I’ve got to amp up some accessory knitting plans to include amongst the ongoing deadlines. I was happy to see, however, that my darling Podster mitts (available as a free download – either in my Ravelry store or from my blog post here) are still there and still a pair. I pulled them out and have been glad to have them around this week as a transitional mitt – it’s been chilly enough to want a bit of something extra, but not so cold I need to get out the worsted weight gloves.

And you know, I’m proud of these little guys. They’ve held up nicely.


Two years later and they’re still going strong – especially well considering that last winter I wore them pretty steadily for running, which translates to 3 days a week for 4 months of sweaty hands and wrists and maybe a few swipes at a drippy nose (what? sometimes I forget Kleenex, okay), and lots of washings in the sink. They look like I could have just made them last week and I am super pleased about that. Dream in Color Smooshy, you’re all right.


It’s a nice reminder that all this wonderful squishy superwash stuff and merino and sometimes luxury blend yarn that we’ve come to take for granted now as ‘sock yarn’ – and happily knit squishsy and merino and sometimes luxury socks with – doesn’t always need to go on your feet. Of course, it’s not as though I haven’t already gotten that memo, and you may have already too, but it’s true that my first impulse when I look at my sock yarn stash is to think, “what socks will I make with that.” And I don’t know about you, but my hands appreciate a squishy bit of yarn every bit as much as my feet do, and they do it without giving the yarn the beating of its life against my shoes and my jeans cuff and the occasional too-abrupt pull when coming on or off my feet.


So I decided enough was enough, and did what I’ve been saying I was going to do for the last year, and cast on a new pair of Podsters for myself for everyday wear. I had a skein of Tanis Fiber Arts cashmere sock yarn (teal) wound up for quite a while and it’s been waiting ever so patiently, so here we go. It’ll replace my travelling sock project for a bit. Perhaps it’ll be followed by other accessory knits after that, while my full sock drawer contents itself with its ample supply for the time being.

Yep, i’m pretty sure cashmere sock yarn will make a pretty awesome and snuggly pair of gloves. I’ll take it.

In my last post I alluded to doing a blog giveaway – and I do indeed have one coming! But will wait until next week. Have a lovely and restful weekend, and I’ll catch you on the other side of it. Knit some awesome things!


  1. I know what you mean about feeling short of knitted accessories. The sweater/sock thing took over my brain to the exclusion of all else. Then this past summer, I started with knitting a pair of your Nouveau Gloves and just kept on with accessories all summer and into the early fall. Now I’m so excited and ready for the cool days we’re finally experiencing now.

  2. Love both of the yarns in the post above! Beautiful, and you are right. Hands deserve warm, cushy, comfy stuff just as much as feet do. Right now I’m wearing some wonderful warm socks I made in your “default”, k3, p1 rib and I love’m!!

  3. love the yarns! I love love love the fact that you really tested the yarn and told us about it. Those are the type of yarn reviews I wanna know about.

  4. Just got (in the mail! Such a lovely thing!) some Socks That Rock Lightweight with which to make a Sockhead Hat. Because I lost *another* handknit hat last winter — at least it wasn’t made out of Silk Garden this time — and I need a warmer one anyway. Soooooooo squishy and lovely — I can’t wait to get my hands into this project. I want bamboo/wood needles for this, though, so darn….gotta make a trip to the LYS. 😀 It will make excellent travel knitting (along with big hexagons for a Berrocco sweater) when I head out in 3 weeks.

    I’m eyeing up your mulled wine mitts. I have 2 pairs of decent mittens, need liners for a pair of leather choppers, and would love to have some wristwarmers/fingerless mitts for inside my chilly house this year. Your pattern seems to fit that bill nicely. *grin*

  5. Ooooh, cashmere mitts! I want a pair now! It’s been pretty mild in England so far – the only knits I have been wearing are handknit socks. Is it weird to say I am jealous of your colder weather at the moment? I’ll probably regret that later, but then I can blame your cashmere for that. Love those colours, too.

  6. I keep having to remind myself that, as a knitter, there’s no sane reason for me to be chilly at all! I was looking at your Podster pattern just the other day, too. Mitten season is here!

  7. Those podsters look fab! Just starting Summer here so I’ve got no excuse not to make a pair before our Winter sets in …… lol x

  8. I’m working on my first pair of mittens right now, and I hope they last as long as your Podsters do. The color for the next pair is *awesome*!

  9. I’ve been meaning to knit a pair of these ever since you first posted about them! Maybe this year will be the year. My knitting to-do list is growing everyday and my hands can’t keep up. If only I could knit in my sleep.

  10. It’s so good to know that Dream In Color wears so well. I’ve never used it yet, but this tells me it’s well worth its price! I’ve never knit a pair of socks for myself (not yet, anyway) so most of my sock yarn ends up as shawls. Maybe it’s time to treat my hands to some squishyness!

  11. “Tanis Fiber Arts cashmere sock yarn (teal)”

    That’s my Tanis Holy Grail. Can’t wait to see how the Podsters turn out in it. When I knit them for hubby I will have to leave off the flap…but I am looking forward to it!

  12. this is a lovely pattern and i’m making a pair for my husband now! i had one small question about the pattern – i’m working on the left glove and have completed the bulk of the body and am about to use my larger needles to knit the requisite 31 stitches that will be the stitches i eventually pick up for the mitt portion.

    the instructions prior to changing needles state to work in even rounds, which puts me smack in the middle of the thumb (in between the 4 cast on stitches). how many stitches would you recommend knitting before switching to the larger needles (to position the mitt over the knuckles, not between the thumb).

    i’ve actually run into this same issue with other patterns and while i can try to guesstimate, it feels a bit off when i reach the end.

  13. Brilliant, looks comfy and warm! Winter is definitely here, I’ll give it a week till I am scrapping ice off the car…now where is my mulled wine 🙂

  14. Hi Shannon

    Thanks for the message and comment! When you are placing the row that will become the mitten top, it should ideally sit just below your knuckles. I believe the pattern instruction recommends 7 rounds for the small size, and 9 for the large – I would say work about 6 rounds, try it on, and knit a few more if you need to!

    All the best, Glenna

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