How much yarn could you fit in it

You know what Monday needs? A giveaway. That’s right folks, it’s trick-or-treat, knitting style. The lovely folks over at Jordana Paige designs have given me the chance to host a giveaway for one of their beautiful bags, and were kind enough to send me a Rio to road-test (or knit-test?) on my own.


I’ve owned a few knitting-oriented handbags in my time, and I have to say I really tip my hat to companies who take on the task. Handbag shopping is a minefield of personal preference and style, lifestyle and cost, and when you add in knitting to the mix, well. I’m glad it’s not my job to try to make those decisions. The Jordana Paige bags are striking a balance between knitting carryall and stylish handbag – they’re made with vegan-friendly faux leather and finished with careful details.

So far, I like the Rio. It’s a sizeable bag – at 14″ x 10″ x 6.5″ it’s larger than a purse, and a bit larger than their popular Satchel bag. I gather that it is designed on purpose to be able to accomodate larger amounts of knitting (or whatever) on the inside. For me this is a big bonus, because I’ve never been a person who can manage to travel very lightly. I like having things on hand to busy myself with for whatever place or scenario I’m in, and while that includes having a minimum of 1 knitting project with me, that’s really just one piece of the puzzle.



This is the empty bag (feet included for scale), so you can see the internal division in the middle. The little side-pockets are nice for small, frequently-reached-for items. I have my pocket camera and keys in one, and iPod tucked into the other. There is a zippered pocket (I stuffed my Altoids tin knitting kit in there, along with pens and a calculator – it has been fashioned my knitting notions pocket) down the middle which divides it into two purposeful sections. You can also see that there are no exterior pockets except for the two at the sides. At first this threw me off, because I’m used to having a pocket at the front below the clasp, or at the back on the section worn close to the body. However, I like this better because it ends up adding less pocket bulk that would make it awkward when you hold the bag around your shoulder.


Even when the bag is stuffed full, it still sits on my shoulder comfortably. That is pretty darned cool. And how ‘full’ is full? Well, here’s a shot just as I departed Starbucks’ after a couple of hours of cafe time last week. I treat Cafe time like a mix of work and play time, so I come with everything. Here, along with wallet, sunglasses, and cell phone, I’ve got my novel, notebook, 11″ Macbook Air, two knitting projects (gloves and socks – this weekend I traded out the socks for a scarf-in-progress on its 4th skein of Ultra Alpaca, so that’s a bit bulkier), and even a pound of coffee that I bought that day because I remembered I was running out of espresso for the machine at home. This bag is not fooling around.

I’m curious to swap in a sweater project in the knitting half of the bag, to see how that sits. I think it’ll do fine, though I might have to leave the super-bulky knits at home. The only downside I’ve found with this bag is figuring out a place for the cell phone. My Blackberry usually sits in its own holster, so its found a home clipped to one of the inside flaps. I believe the outside pockets are intended for this purpose, but for me, I like the easier access on the inside of the bag.

In any case, the happy news is that one of you dear blog readers can have a Rio of your very own! To enter to win, please leave a comment on this post sometime between now and Noon (Toronto time) on Wednesday, telling me what your “must have” items are in your handbag. What are you unable to leave the house without? OR, even better, tell a story about how taking your knitting with you turned out to be a really great decision.

Happy knitting today, and Happy Halloween!


  1. Can one ever have enough bags? This one is LOVELY!

  2. Great Bag!!

    I cannot leave the house without my Burts Bees lipgloss.

  3. I need my bus pass and my house key. Those are the things I compulsively check for each time I leave the house!

  4. Janene Reeves · ·

    Definitely need my keys and my phone. I’ve not been able to take knitting with me when I travel, as I’m always the driver, but I take a little sock bag with me for the motel time! Love it…

  5. What I beautiful bag. My two must have items in my bag are my subway card and my knitting. My subway card gets me where I’m going, and the knitting occupies me on the way. (I also assure my protective grandmother that the DPNs deter pickpockets and purse snatchers.)

  6. I am fairly addicted to my Blackberry so that goes with me everywhere. That’s a beautiful bag by the way – I’m sure I could give it a good home πŸ˜‰

  7. I need room for my knitting, wallet, keys, and I especially like little slots for my bus card, elevator access card and phone. This bag looks beautiful!

  8. Ohhhhh, I love this bag! I am always carrying little cheap tote bags that I pick up wherever and my needles invariably poke holes in them! I really need a nice one to carry my stuff in!

    I don’t leave the house without my keys or my chap stick.

    I always have knitting or crocheting with me and a good thing too-they recently did construction on a bridge that I have to cross to get home and a few times it took an hour to an hour and a half to get to and over the bridge. Traffic was stopped more than it was go and to keep myself from getting frustrated I worked on my knitting and crept along. I kept a cool head, time passed faster and I got a lot of work done!

  9. I take everything but the kitchen sink πŸ™‚ Actually, looking inside my now rather worn out and battered Shaun the Sheep bag, besides my purse, the main thing I seem to need to take everywhere is receipts. Maybe it’s time for another clearout!

  10. Mary Deeter · ·

    Let’s see…must haves…wallet, comb, keys, phone, camera, knitting project, Kindle…yep…ready to go! That bag looks delightful! Wish I had one of my own! Thanks for a great give-away!

  11. I cannot leave the house without my house/car keys, cellphone and my portable knitting project (almost always socks)

  12. Well, it has happened that I’ve forgotten my phone a time or two, but I never NEVER forget my knitting! Even if I’m making a quick dash to the grocery store (I have one shorter and one long traffic light on the way). Ideally, keys, phone, lipstick, hand salve, and knitting must come with. Thanks for all your lovely knitting inspiration, Glenna, and for the chance to win!

  13. Oooooooohhhhhhhh……… The beauty.

    Must have my current sock project, my iPad, my small notions bag, my notepad, and my Panera card! It’s awesome when you’re stuck in traffic to pull out a knitting project and keep calm.

  14. Keys, wallet, & iPhone are the things I must remember to transfer between bags, but a whole host of other stuff is usually doubled from bag to bag (pens, small notebooks, lipgloss, kleenex, etc.)

    I love having some sort of knitting with me as often as possible, because I always find there are times when you just have to wait… Waiting in line, for the subway, before an appointment, or whatever; the time always passes more quickly when you can knit!!

  15. What a lovely bag! I can’t leave home without my iPhone, my lipgloss & a small packet of Kleenex.

  16. My go-to item is usually my knitting or crocheting, with the knitting kit included (I sometimes even forget my phone, keys and ID in favor of what-ever project I’m working on.)

    If I can’t have my knitting I begin to hallucinate, suffer from restless leg syndrome and doodle. (If I can’t have my project, I usually take a ‘professional-looking’ sketchbook and draw my projects.)

  17. When Summer is showing signs of being over, I always throw a hand-knit hat and fingerless gloves into my bag. I never know when I’ll be stuck outside with cold ears or hands! (sometimes I throw two hats in, since I’m not sure which one will match my outfit best – it has worked out when a friend’s head got cold too!)

  18. I can’t leave the house without my wallet, keys, and lipstick. It would be great to have a bag that fit my current WIP.

  19. Wow! What a brilliant idea for a hand bag. Brilliant to be able to take your knitting with you and have it not get all jumbled up in your keys! Those folks should win the Noble Knitting Prize. My handbag always includes: wallet (heavier than seems normal), keys, cell phones (one for work and one for me, groan), lip gloss I always forget to use, food journal I always forget to use, a couple pens, and a few bobby pins. Happy Knitting!

  20. Must haves include my kindle, my phone, my house keys, and something to knit. This is my favorite story of knitting in the New York subway.

  21. This is my first time posting but I have been lurking for about a year!

    I don’t change out my purses too often so the contents stay pretty constant, but I always make sure to have a little notepad and a pen. Often I also stuff in a small book and a knitting project, if I know that I am going to sitting and waiting.

    This bag looks great—I need pockets. I have a very handy outside pocket on my current purse that holds my keys, lip balm, and cell phone.

  22. Oh goodness. I have my must-haves:
    -BeerSox (yes, I know that I make them, but I’m so addicted to them now that if I forget to transfer one to a new bag, I feel ridiculously inconvenienced when I choose to have a drink, hot or cold)

    -my knitting kit (spare stitch markers, mini scissors, and darning needle) These scissors have made it through many a TSA screening checkpoint and even when returning from Peru, they took them out of my bag, laughed at their tininess, and gave them back (much to my relief).

    -at least one knitting project (in absence of shawl and christmas knitting time, it’s at least three balls of yarn for BeerSox)

    -wallet and phone
    -sunglasses and case
    -med kit (I rarely take my meds at home, so I have to keep them with me at all times)

  23. debbieamy · ·

    I was just wishing for something exactly like this yesterday. My husband and I are in the process of moving from the Chicago area to the Pittsburgh area. Yesterday I flew to Pittsburgh with a purse in one hand and a carry-on bag with two knitting projects in the other, and I wondered why someone didn’t event a bag that could hold everything. I had a wallet, keys, phone, lip gloss, hair brush, and checkbook in my purse, and two knitting projects (because the rest of my yarn and needles are in storage until they can be delivered and it scares me to run out of knitting), a book, a handheld solitaire game, my laptop, and a hat and scarf (handknitted, of course) because it had snowed in PA. That Rio looks like it could hold it all. I am not planning on moving again soon, but I will be making other trips.

  24. Too much stuff in my purse, all the time… I need my wallet and phone; I usually have a small bag with ‘health’ type stuff like my inhaler, nail file, bandaids (once a mom, always a mom); and cosmetics. But really anything I don’t want to lose stays in my purse. But Jordana Paige… I have been lusting after one of those for a long time πŸ™‚

  25. I am often around youth so I never leave home without my bandaid box and neosporin, hand-wpes, flash-light, pencils/pens and Beauti Control Lip Balm! If you need a rubberband or paperclip, I can probably hunt down one of those for you.

    My knitting came in handy at a Boy Scout bridging ceremony. The boys were wearing glow sticks around their necks because it was dark and a sibling had a glow stick but no more string……….voila! Yay for the lady with the knitting project…………….she gave up some yarn.

  26. Rachelle Mathews · ·

    I also travel with my knitting but I also love to take it with me when I indulge my other passion, community theatre. So my bag usually has my wallet, key, and of course my phone but when going to rehearsal or a performance it also has at least two projects, a flashlight, my script, knitting magazine, mini sewing kit, and a package of twizzlers. I find time to knit in between scenes and during downtime. I have found several other knitting buddies in the theatre and we started a “stitch n bitch”. Some of my projects have been used by the costume department and generated several custom orders to help sustain my yarn habit, lol. I find that people are fascinated by knitting and just love to watch what the fiber turns in to!

  27. Must haves…. hmmm… Ipod, mints, Burt’s bees, a little bag of almonds, tissues, and a project!

  28. May Bingham · ·

    What a lovely bag!! and so functional!!
    My current knitting, a little notebook, a pen, my lipstick, and cell phone have to be with me. Prepared for any waiting, prepared to take notes, make an emergency call and look presentable.
    May in Atlanta

  29. My current purse (a wonderful gift from my daughter) isn’t that big so I am lucky to fit in my necessities – wallet, sunglasses, cellphone and keys – how come in a small purse I can never find my keys? That means a separate bag to carry my knitting, normally a small sock project and knitting kit. This bag would be perfect to hold it all!

  30. What a beautiful bag-
    My current list of can’t leave home without-money, little notebook, pen,sunglasses and camera. I find I often see something I want to photo so carry a small point and shoot with me at all times.

  31. I don’t normally enter give-aways, but I really could use a good bag to travel back and forth to work.

    These days I need to take my knitting for long bus rides and wait times. My phone, work folders, and a bottle of water.

  32. sometimes I feel like I could leave the house without my cell phone….but never without lip balm!

    Thanks for the giveaway

  33. I carry a knitting project and the current book I am reading. I am always ready to be stuck somewhere with some spare time but it does rarely happen. My husband had a procedure at the hospital recently and I had a bag that held all of my necessities for the day!! The time just flew by.

  34. I usually carry a massive bag with me (my current one is navy blue canvas with a TARDIS on it – and yes, it’s bigger on the inside). My wallet, lip gloss, cell phone and at least one knitting project are always in it. The rest changes as needed.

    The best story I have about bringing my knitting with me is from college. I lived in London, England for a semester to study theatre, but was nervous about knitting in class there so I didn’t do it. One night our class went to see a play at the National Theatre, and I sat behind my professor and started knitting before the show. He turned around and said “Are you knitting?!” I confirmed that I was, and he replied “Why don’t you do that in class?!”

    I knit through the rest of the semester, no problem. I was the first knitter in his class for 10 years.

  35. My bags (yes, I usually carry two!) have wallet, asthma meds, notebooks, e-Reader, iPod and cel phone.

    My knitting bag has at least two projects…and a small knit kit type thing (a tin with necessities) plus usually random needles and a book or two.

    I should really hire a pack mule.

  36. WOW! That’s a gorgeous bag!!!

    My must haves: Kindle, knitting project or 2 (usually a hat, since I’m still afraid to try socks….), wallet, smartphone, lip balm, and of course something to keep the kiddos occupied. (Thankfully right now that’s only a notebook and a pen!)

    My knitting always keeps me calm when having to deal with the kids on our long trip home to visit my family! Nothing like an 8 hour drive with an 8yo and a 3yo to test your patience!

  37. I can’t leave home without my sunglasses, wallet, chapstick, gum, water bottle, sock project, PlayBook and BlackBerry. My current purse is too small for all of these so I usually end up taking another bag with the bulky stuff. This seriously hurts my fashionable side so this bag would definitely come in handy!

  38. Oooh, lots of pocketses. Looks fantastic too!

    Besides the obvious, i.e. wallet, keys, cell phone etc, I have to have a small notebook or sketchbook with me at all times.

  39. Ok. In the handbag it has to be purse, camera and keys. On the knitting project front, I was once flying from London to LA to visit a girl friend recovering from leukemia and I hummed and haahed about taking my knitting with me. At the time I was knitting a HUMUNGUS jersey in bulky yarn and the thought of lugging it halfway round the world did not fill me with glee. However, (and this is a BIG however) I decided in the end to take it and thank the Lord I did cos I was delayed at Heathrow for four hours going out and for two hours at LAX coming back!! Serious knitting time! That’s not to mention all the hours I knitted whilst I was there when my friend was sleeping…… That’s my story. Hope you like it! lol x

  40. When I went to the midnight premier of the first 7th Harry Potter movie I got there plenty early, so I pulled out my project: I pair of socks in a green/brown/yellow hand-dyed yarn. The male half of the couple sitting next to me (who was apparently drunk) declared me a Slytherin-sympathizer, sparking a long conversation between him, me, and his slightly more sober girlfriend where I convinced him I was actually pro-Gryffindor, like any normal person πŸ˜‰
    Thanks so much for the give-away- that bag looks gorgeous!

  41. My current carryall is actually quite small. It’s an MEC bag which I bought for an overseas trip some years ago, and became indespensible afterwards. I’ve carried necessities like wallets and glasses as well as books and small knitting projects like socks. However, it is small enough that cramming all these things together is never a good thing (needles get broken, glasses get scratched, drug bottles open at the bottom of the bag) and so I have an old Hampstead House book bag that velcros closed at the top for carrying around projects. But it is only one main pocket with one outside pocket that is too small for many things. And the sharp velcro side is a pain when it catches the yarn. I’m still not sure I’d carry my regular necessary items in the same bag as the knitting requirements, but I’d sure be willing to try some different options. Thanks for offering it!

  42. Deb Kegelmeyer · ·

    Took my knitting on an overseas trip with co-workers and was getting nothing but grief. then we got on the plane and I made many friends as all my fellow knitters stopped by to chat and share knitting stories. One poor knitter hadn’t brought her stuff as she thought the needles weren’t allowed on planes. She was quite jealous of me! Now if I had this bag I could have also been stylish.

  43. I had one of these bags before great bag!

  44. I need my phone, wallet, reading glasses, ipod, and a tin of altoids. And knitting if I’m liable to have to wait somewhere,

  45. I never leave home without a good book and some knitting. Just the other day I was meeting a friend at our favorite bar. She was running so late so I ordered a cocktail and pulled out the knitting. I got some awesome looks from the bartender. I don’t think he really knew what to do with me but it was the best time killer. Can’t leave home without it!

  46. I’m a knitter with 3 kids under 4 years old. I have to leave the house with diapers, sippy cups, snacks and a knitting project. Those are my necessities. If I also remember my phone, wallet, keys, kindle and my kids – well, that’s a good day. To have a bag that would carry everything comfortably is my dream. I usually have a bag that is stuffed to the brim and uncomfortable to carry or two bags and that’s also a bit of a pain. πŸ™‚ Love the Rio – beautiful bag!

  47. Gotta have my knitting, my phone, my glasses, my wallet and my Kindle. Love that bag!

  48. I looked at my purse before writing this – I obviously NEED:
    wallet – camera – sock knitting – small toiletry bag (that I never seem to use…) – lip balm (Burt’s Bees) – and a ton of assorted papers and crap.
    Keys and Blackberry get toted separately, usually in pockets. Novel sometimes gets shoved in, but because I read hardcovers from the library, not always enough room for day to day carrying.
    The Rio bag would suit my needs perfectly!

  49. In addition to being a knitter, I’m an avid reader. I don’t leave home without my Kobo. Wallet, I’ve forgotten. Keys, don’t get me started on keys. But something to read? Never without it.

    It’s quite handy when you are waiting for a locksmith because you’ve locked yourself out… again.

  50. my purse essentials: Keys, moisturizer, phone, ipod, chapstick & money/atm card.

  51. Stephanie · ·

    My phone! and a water bottle…..

  52. I used to always have a book and a knitting project in my purse. I was always losing my copy of the pattern. My kids got me Nook for a present and now I always toss my Nook in my bag, along with my current knitting project. I load my current knitting patterns in PDF format and download them to my Nook. That way, I always my “book” and my patterns with me. My Nook never blows away when I get out of the car either and I have more room for bigger projects in my purse πŸ™‚ That bag is beautiful.

  53. My wallet and my knitting come everywhere with me. I spend lots of time at the doctor’s office waiting for my husband and I ALWAYS have knitting. Not only does it entertain me as I wait but it also entertains other people who forgot to bring something to do because there are always a million questions about what I’m making etc. One time a small girl was fascinated by my knitting. She stood there in front of me watching every move I made, mesmerized. I was knitting a hat. We were in the office waiting so long I actually finished it. When I held it up to show it to her she smiled so wide she stole my heart so I gave her the hat. You would have thought I gave her the address to Santa’s workshop! So cute! I had to make another hat but it was worth her reaction!

  54. I cannot leave home without my chapstick, phone and wallet! I’ve taken to downsizing in the past year but really all that has accomplished is me having 4 smaller bags to tote around instead of one larger one! 1 for the items listed above, 1 for the smaller project I’m working on, 1 for the slightly larger one, and 1 for the other items I decided I had to have. This bag looks like it would solve my problem…and would be perfect for my upcoming travels!

  55. I always have my little altoids tin of knitting tools, usually also a book and at least 1 knitting project. That bag is awesome!

  56. That’s a beautiful bag. I carry just about everything but the kitchen sink. I have to have phone, IPod, debit card, knitting, maybe the Kindle–depending on where I am going and how long of a wait, lip gloss….I could go on but the list is long. Love the bag and I would love to have one.

  57. Kelly Garland · ·

    Must have’s in the bag are so many! Aside from wallet, checkbook, cell phone and makeup bag, which I don’t really think count since they’re absolute essentials, I simply MUST have my iPad (live in Chicago and spend a LOT of time waiting in places with free wifi and I can work on it), and whatever current book I’m reading, AND I usually have a small knitting project that I can easily carry, such as socks. Its the only way I can keep up with my monthly sock knitting! I cannot leave home without my book, though. The last time I did, I ended up dead stopped in traffic for an hour while they cleared an accident and NOTHING on the radio.

  58. a book and a knitting project, possibly a back up for either of those if i think i will finish while out. Also tea bags and my ipod, and a small measuring tape.

  59. wallet, keys, iphone, sock project.

  60. Lesley Badger · ·

    I walk to work most days so in addition to the usual culprits (keys, wallet and phone) one of my usual must haves is my lunch! This bag looks like it could be the ultimate bag, especially for travel time in the car πŸ™‚

  61. I try to make sure that I’m never too far from a knitting project, and try to always have a simple one in the car. Something simple that I don’t really have to think about. You just never know when you’re going to get stuck in traffic, on the wrong side of a train, in a Dr’s waiting office. A couple of months ago I was out and got a phone call from a dear friend – her husband had had a heart attack and was being rushed into surgery. Having something to knit with me kept me from getting antsy in the waiting room, and seemed to distract her just enough from what she knew was going on just down the hall.
    I learned how to knit for pain relief; my doctor told me it would be the best thing for my TMJ pain, and he was absolutely right.

  62. Gina in the San Francisco Bay Area · ·

    This bag is absolutely fabulous! It’s going on my Christmas wish list right now.

  63. I ALWAYS take my knitting with me, everywhere, because you never know when you’re going to need it. One of my mottos is “I wish I had brought my knitting” πŸ™‚ Other than a project, I usually need a notebook, my wallet, a pen, and that’s it – at minimum. It’s hard for me to keep things at a minimum, though…

  64. It is more like what do I leave home. I haven’t yet figured out how to carry the spinning wheel! I have to have my IPod, phone, yarn money, and so much else. Love the bag!

  65. Gina in the San Francisco Bay Area · ·

    The gotta haves in my bag include my glasses, wallet, knitting (+ accessories), a book, and the old ipod – not in that particular order. Having my knitting along when I commute to work on public transit has given me the opportunity to meet people that I would not have ordinarily connected with – particularly those with whom I only share the common language of knitting.

  66. I can’t leave home without my lip balm, cell phone, and lately some kind of snack. As a university student I spend a lot of time at the Library and it’s cheaper to bring my own food. I would love this bag to take everything around with me!

  67. When I go out with the dog, I need keys, a hat, and a bag that won’t come back into the house with me. Most other departures require more gear: keys, wallet, change purse, sunglasses, phone, daytimer, pens (erasable), flash drive (just in case), collapsible shopping bag, a novel, knitting (usually a simple sock — sometimes I can knit in meetings the way other people check their blackberries under the table), bus tickets. I like a bag to have lots of pockets (but not too many, because then I spend my time looking through the various pockets) and to be vegan and light and chic. It’s a tricky combination!

  68. My must-carry things are burts bees chapstick and my notebook. But then I usually have a camera, my cell phone, and all those other little bits of life in my bag too.

    I never leave home without knitting. But the time when this was most amusing was when I ended up knitting behind the wheel. In my defense the traffic was at a complete standstill for 20 minutes…

  69. Great bag! I always carry my cell phone, wallet, keys, a pouch with all the small stuff- chapstick, advil, etc., and a diaper, wipes and snacks for each of my kids and my knitting has to get it’s own bag because there’s not enough room!

  70. Linda Rice · ·

    That’s a beautiful bag, I’d love to adopt it! I never leave home without my wallet, keys, cell phone, chap stick, knitting project and Altoids tin with knitting supplies. Linda MTknitter on Ravelry

  71. Lately I’ve been carrying two knitting projects – just in case! I also have chapstick, keys, phone, pens, paper, and library cards.

  72. I never leave home without my wallet, keys, inhaler, sunglasses, iphone and my purse knitting project (usually socks). Thanks for the bag giveaway.

  73. Gorgeous bag!! Thanks so much for the giveaway. Aside from the essentials (wallet, keys, phone), I never leave the house without a knitting project. I hate having “wait” time with nothing to do. My kids tease me about my “emergency” knitting kit that I have stashed in the truck!!

  74. Kate in Toronto · ·

    As with all the other replies – knitting, keys, wallet, book. But this Thursday I am taking my 50th. birthday trip to Chicago, Yippee, and could sure use such a beautiful bag to carry maps, travel books, a camera and of course travel knitting.
    Just to tip the scale – I live in Toronto

  75. Sadly, my glasses. Without them, I have no need for anything else I could put in the bag – including knitting. Thank you for the chance to have that lovely purse!

  76. My goodness! What don’t I have in my purse at all times?

    I never leave home without the following items: wallet, checkbook, phone, keys, iPod, iPad, keyboard, camera, script for the play I’m currently working on, at least one knitting projects, my knitting toolkit, lip balm, lip gloss, headache meds, compact, bobby pins, lotions, hand sanitizer, floss, Tide pen, flash drive, pens/pencils, eye drops, tampons, camera cord, to do list, dog bags and a snack.

    I’m very particular about my bags because I rarely find one that is both stylish and has enough pockets for all my bits and bobs (I love pockets). This bag looks like it fits the bill!

  77. Keys, phone, and my visa card. Never leave home without any of those!
    I also have a pretty big bag, useful for bringing heels to work and wear wellies on my way to and from when it’s raining. Which is pretty much every day.
    And I have (though, only barely) room for a knitting project as well πŸ˜‰

  78. Phone, keys, chapstick, a pen. I have to admit that the advent of a smartphone has replaced some knitting in my life; it fills the times when I wait in the way a sock once did.

  79. I have to have my cell, wallet, sunglasses, iPod, lipgloss, and assorted things that belong to the boyfriend (glasses, sunglasses, etc.) with me. We went to the mall to shop with his teenage daughter this weekend and thankfully I had my knitting with me because I hate crowds and the mall was packed so while she shopped I found a corner to hide in and knit on a Christmas gift. This bag looks great!

  80. What I try to not leave the house without: keys, phone, crackers, sipper cup, baby. Often my hands are full with my 1-year-old, so I tend to not bring my knitting…. my son loves to pull needles out, so it is best left hidden at home.

  81. A must have in my purse…is my knitting of course!! You never know when you might need it!!

  82. ***drool*** i’ve been eying the rio bag for a while now! it’s soooo lovely! you can fit so much into it! must must have… because i never ever leave the house without my knitting. for realz. and i usually have more than one project to take with me πŸ™‚ gah! what a wonderful giveaway! thanks for the opportunity! xo

  83. My needs are simple: cell phone, wallet and sock in progress.
    That’s a gorgeous bag!

  84. Susan Larson · ·

    I need my purse and a kntting project – most often a sock, hat or cowl. It is not a good thing when I forget to bring something to knit. πŸ™‚

  85. My knitting bag must haves – project, notions case, camera, eReader, second project for when I tire of the first one (you know it happens – you wished you had brought the other one and now I’ve learned to just bring it always), book, water bottle, snack, brush, ponytail holder and crafting journal with pen.

    Yeah, I carry a lot of stuff but I know if I tried to thin it out, I would need it or want it and not have it… it’s the way of the knitting world.

  86. Hester Sturrock · ·

    I have gone from a too large purse/knitting bag to a too small one. This one looks about just right. MY WORST KNITTING BAG FASICO: I was sitting the middle of a long row at a professional symphony concert. In the kind of row that goes from one side of the auditorium to the other. I decided to leave in the middle of a piece of music, which I didn’t like, but also because I had to go to the bathroom. I didn’t realize it, but a ball of yarn had fallen out of my purse and stayed behind. About 20 people handed to ball of yarn one to the other until it reached me on the side of that long row. I was so embarressed. Hester

  87. I love this bag!!!! Knitting is definitely a must-have for me. That and the debit card so I can hit up a yarn shop wherever I’m going πŸ™‚

  88. Must-haves: Current knitting project, Burt’s Bees chapstick, cell phone, wallet, brush, planner…and my new one is the kindle my brother kindly handed down to me πŸ™‚

  89. Never leave home without my keys! I love this bag – looks perfect for carrying just about everything!

  90. I always need keys & wallet. My purse is fairly small; I don’t carry much in it. My knitting bag, however, is ginormous. I’ve always got multiple projects because I never know what I’ll feel like knitting. πŸ™‚

  91. I’ve had a problem finding a good take-along knitting bag, this one would work! I really don’t like having multiple bags to lug around. As far as don’t leave home without items – it would have to be my iPad and my house keys. After that, everything else is optional.

  92. Marie-Louise · ·

    I carry a small bag which really only fits my wallet, change purse and keys. I often forget my phone. I usually carry my knitting in a small black bag, I would love something bigger.’ this bag looks gorgeous.

  93. I don’t carry a bag if I don’t have to….. too many years of carrying a diaper bag for 2 babies…. that’s alot of stuff! so money, cards and keys… and I carry that in a wristlet. Don’t get me wrong though, I can totally use this bag for my knitting stuff! Pick me pick me!

  94. I never leave home without a traveling sock, of course! I’ve never needed to knit a sock at the grocery store, but as far as I’m concerned it’s better to carry around a sock you don’t need than to need a sock and not have one!

  95. Besides the obvious – wallet, phone, keys – I always have knitting and a book. This bag would be perfect for carrying all of that!

  96. Must have my wallet, keys and a knitting project. I knit quite a bit on errand day…line at the bank, line at the fabric store, line at the restaurant…

  97. I haven’t been using a “purse” for a long time. My knitting bag now is a canvas bag from Disney. it has a small pocket on the side and a large interior compartment. I carry a small purse at the bottom for all my non knitting stuff and my ID/credit card purse clips to the handles. Then the rest of the bag is stuffed with knitting/notions/knitkit and multiple projects.

  98. Thanks so much for this giveaway! As I now have a boy under 3 and a dog, my wallet, phone, keys, sock-in-progress, and occasional lip junk is now also accompanied by a spare pair of training undies, some thin pants and a doggie poop bag (either for the dog or the wet drawers). A little knitting is always necessary as I’m able to sneak a few rows in sitting in the car if the kiddo has fallen asleep while driving somewhere. I usually don’t drive during nap time, but sometimes little people get tuckered out.

  99. I’ll be honest, I can’t leave home without my Kindle. When I was younger I would carry around old dog-eared novels, but having a Kindle is better because I can have all my books with me at once! It does make it hard to choose what to do while waiting: knit or read?

  100. I went to a book reading by a local author in San Francisco the same night an aftershock from a recent earthquake occurred. I was on the MUNI metro train and got stuck for 20 minutes sitting and listening to the same “We’re sorry, we’ll be running again as soon as we check the tracks” message over and over. Luckily, I had the sweater I’ve been working on with me, and I managed to get a few long rows in. πŸ™‚ I can’t leave the house without SOMETHING to knit or crochet!

  101. Other than the obvious, I can’t leave home without my iPhone, knitting project and lip balm. I would be totally in trouble (not to mention bored) without these three πŸ™‚

  102. I’ve never used a knitting bag before. I’d like to try one please!

  103. I’m a bag lady. It’s true. Years ago, an ex said that if he had to find me, he’d look for the smallest person with the biggest bag. That was back in my 20s and now I’m in my 40s and it’s been worse since I took up knitting three years ago. I never, EVER, leave home without my iPhone, my knitting (despite the fact I never get to knit at work, but just in case, you know), my wallet (which has a crochet hook for fixing mistakes) & my keys.

  104. I never leave home without my keys, tissue, lip balm, and debit card. Those three things can fix most problems in my life!! I also have more secondary things, like travel blush (I am a pale person), change (for tolls, etc.) and eye drops. However, I would love a bag that holds my knitting. I have tried a number of bags, many of which were made by me. Nothing feels right. The bag you are giving away is practical and stylish. Good luck to everyone!

  105. I could totally use a bag like this! I’m going on a trip in a few weeks, and this bag would be perfect for storing a knitted mitten project, my camera, plus the necessities like a couple of bucks and extra skeins of yarn.

  106. I usually have a wallet, a knitting project, gum, a notebook, a book (or two or three…), a bag of small toys for geocaching, bus pass, a lunch or an empty lunch container, and a phone. I always have at least one knitting project with me because it makes getting stuck in a long line or a stalled train a good thing — more knitting time.

  107. What a great bag. My current contents for a work day: ipad, iphone, kobo (if taking subway), knitting project bag (currently a hat), cloth bag for shopping, moleskin notebook, pens, stylus for ipad, wallet, keys, bike lock keys (if biking), coin purse with tokens, “girl bag” with lipstick, powder, tampons, bandaids, etc, gloves, sunglasses, lunch, beret.

    I always buy bags that can accommodate a knitting project. This was a lifesaver last month when I was hosting a drop in “lunch and learn” computer session for 2 hours and only one person showed up for a 5 minute lesson. I knit 4 fingers on a glove that afternoon.

  108. I’m one of those people that needs EVERYTHING at all times. Currently in my purse I feel I cannot do without knitting (currently fingerless mitts), pens, small notepad, lotion, tissues, several chapsticks, headphones, my sunglasses, my wallet, my keys and some wet towelettes. I frequently have a water bottle in there too. I guess the main essentials are the knitting, the chapstick, the lotion, and the phone and keys, but that’s still not a small bag. I’m loving the Rio bag though!

  109. Happy Halloween!

    I can not leave the house with-out:
    cell phone, keys, nook, samsung tablet (I have Kindle on that) and a knitting project.

  110. What I must have: wallet (driver’s license, medical insurance card, 2 credit cards, cash); comb; small bottle hand lotion; chapstick or similar; cell phone; sunglasses.

    Sometimes I have a pen & a nail file & dental floss.

    Depending on where I’m going & what I’ll be doing…
    Knitting project; iPad2; laptop & mouse

  111. I can’t leave the house without my wallet, checkbook, lip balm, a book or my Nook color. I would love this bag. thanks

  112. I am an ‘over-loader’ when it comes to bags and I started knitting recently. So the need to carry my knitting around added to my woes. Subsequently, I let some of the things in my hand bag to go, to keep the knitting intact. But couldn’t live without either. So I switched to bigger bags (read the size of a carry on) but it stated hurting my shoulders. I din’t know before this that such bags come, I would really like to have one!!!

  113. For me, purse must haves are keys, phone, wallet, Bach Rescue Remedy, Avalon Organics lavender hand lotion, and a favorite pen. Purse knitting is (always and forever) socks. If I’m travelling far from home, I take along a shawl project, too. I rarely carry tools like scissors or a darning needle because no matter where my projects go, I like to finish them at home.

  114. Amanda Hill · ·

    I carry along the usual must-haves; cell phone, keys, wallet, ipod, the knit kit and a small project. But I also have to carry a couple of diapers and wipes and a few toys. I hate carrying a diaper bag and a purse, so I make everything fit into one bag. I also hate big bags, so I carefully consider every item before I allow it in.

    Happy Halloween!

  115. Must haves… chocolate, wallet, book, mittens, sippy cup and wipes. More or less in order of importance.

  116. My must-haves are lip balm, hand cream, my current on-the-go knitting project (socks or scarf), and my cell phone. Beautiful bag!!

  117. Must haves in purse, wallet, tissues, keys, iphone. Much more in my purse now… in winter, must also have gloves/mittens, scarf and hat πŸ™‚ Canadian winter.

  118. I used to have to carry a lot of things with me, but I’ve quit carrying most of them since I decided my knitting has to go everywhere! I always carry my phone, my wallet, my knitting kit (stitch markers, scissors, etc), at least one knitting project, except when I’m going to work. If I took my knitting there, I’d never get anything else done! This is a gorgeous bag.

  119. Anastasia · ·

    Other than the obvious (wallet, sunglasses, keys) I always carry calendar, small notebook, make-up case, brush, re-useable shopping bags, pens & pencils, sodoku book, gum, kleenex, hand sanitizer & travel wipes, & there is usally an extra set of keys as the car keys are seperate from my house keys which is actually just a key & a lot of keychains. My current carry everywhere knitting project is a nearly complete shawl with a garter stitch edging. I’m glad there’s always a project in my bag because one day I left the house for Drunken Knitters & forgot to take the project I intended to work on.
    Also there was this one time I wished I had brought knitting with me. I had asked a friend to come with me to Ikea to help with my purchase. I was buying a wardrobe so it was big & heavy & in many pieces. because of how they had stored one of the pieces (sides & top & bottom) a staff member had to get it down with a forklift but this could not be done until all customers had cleared the self serve area. I didn’t bring my knitting because I thought I would chat with my friend, but he complained the whole time about having to wait. Really wished I had brought my knitting.

  120. Sarah Perkins · ·

    I have found that taking my knitting with me or not is a curse. If a bring it, I don’t have an opportunity to knit but if I forget I always have down time. besides knitting, the two things I always have with me a hair tie and tea (both in bag form and actually in my mug).

  121. Absolute minimum is wallet, lip balm, camera, phone, a handful of Sharpies, gum. Then add in a couple of random balls of yarn, too many needles, stitch markers, graph paper, a crochet hook, yarn needle.

  122. I always have: chapstick, phone, wallet, a book and/or newspaper. I don’t travel a whole lot with knitting because I drive everywhere and I’m at school i need to be working a not knitting. haha πŸ™‚

  123. My must haves are of course keys and cellphone but I also take sachet coffee in case wherever I am going does not have coffee. Then I can just get a cup of hot water and tip in the sachet and I am DONE!! I never used to take knitting but I always have a sock on the go in my bag which I got into a panic about the other day as it was not in there and I was stuck out of town on a course for my lunch break – no panic. Had left it in the car (won’t do that again) so I was able to get it and get through the lunch hour as well!!

  124. My list of must-haves made a massive shift when I started leaving the house with the kids. 5 years ago, I didn’t need a bag, just wallet and keys in my pocket. Now I need my phone, and at minimum: diapers and wipes. The diapers are soon to be behind us (har har) but the wipes will stay. So much nicer for cleaning hands and faces than either a spit-wash, or my mother’s patented vinegar-on-a-napkin trick. Not long ago, I also need toys, papers, crayons and books. Now the 3yo can be entertained at astonishing length with Mommy’s other new must-have: the iPad.
    Then there was that first day I rode my bike to the new office, and realized that just because I’m not driving to work doesn’t mean I don’t need my keys.

  125. Must-have: cell phone, wallet & keys, sock-in-progress
    Highly desirable: lip balm, hand creme, knitting accessories bag (you know: tape measure, darning needles, extra stitch markers, crochet hook, scissors, etc.), iPod, chargers for iPod and cell phone

    That’s one lovely looking bag!

  126. For everyday around town, I try to travel light (my pockets are stuffed but I’m not carrying anything when I leave the house – hurray for cargo pants!), but I have to have my reusable shopping bags with me in case I find a great deal at the thrift shops or something special for dinner.

    On the other hand, if I’m going to take knitting with me, I want everything right at hand. Crochet hook, darning needle, a couple spare sheep and an alpaca in case I need to spin some more yarn, oh and I guess that means I need the spinning wheel too.

  127. danadoodle · ·

    A few times I have found myself at an airport or doctor’s office incredibly grateful for my knitting. I see all the other people waiting and bored and I feel bad that they don’t have knitting to keep them busy!
    My must have in my purse is my hand lotion, especially during winter!

  128. I’m a bit like a snail, I take EVERYTHING with me in my knitting bag and that includes my complete set of interchangeable circs, my pouches with all my necessities, my current project plus 2 or 3 back-ups. This bag would be great for me — the bigger the better!

  129. A few years ago, I bought a larger purse with two main pockets and several smaller pockets, so that I could carry emergency knitting at all times (usually a plain sock). I also have a nylon shopping bag, wallet, calendar, pen, pencil, notepad, lip balm, nail file, magnifying glass, 15-puzzle (for my kids), eye drops, tape measure, comb, hand sanitizer, Swiss army knife, mini flashlight, and usually a snack. Keys and phone are on my person. I carry a second bag with whatever knitting project I’m working that best fits my mood and the occasion I’ll be kitting through.

    I once pulled out my emergency knitting while in line at a department store. The person ahead of me had a ton of stuff and everything seemed to have a problem – missing tag, “the display said that was on sale, would you check on it,” “I’m returning this,” etc, etc. If I hadn’t had the knitting, I don’t know what I would have done. The checkout lady apologized (a lot) for my long wait and thanked me for my patience. Yea knitting!!

  130. I gave a giant bag with:
    Wallet, sunglasses, bottle of water, knitting project du jour, passport (for id and because you just never know, iPad (for the pattern), cell phone lipstick, tissues and a pen.
    I love the color and all those pockets!

  131. What an absolutely stunning bag – love the color of the outside and
    lining together. It would absolutely hold: wallet, checkbook, lip gloss, brush, water bottle, motrin, kleenex, hard mints, several patterns in case I stop into a knit store, current knit project that is totable, notebook, pens, pencils and probably more.
    Would love to have it!!!

  132. BEAUTIFUL bag!! I LOVE me a big purse!! I never leave the house with out my phone, chapstick and sunglasses, but my purse has wallet, paper and pens, coupons, gum, current book, and usually a knitting project. I don’t like to get stuck waiting with nothing to do.

  133. Georgiana · ·

    Other than the usual wallet, keys, etc., I try to never leave home without my water bottle. This makes for a big purse!

  134. I can’t leave home without my keys, cell phone and knitting project. I change bags almost as often as I change my undies trying to find one that works to hold my knitting. πŸ™‚ This bag looks perfect.

  135. Meredith MC · ·

    I’m a regular lurker around here so I was curious to see what the giveaway would be. What a gorgeous bag. I would have to put my notions bag, current book, sketch pad (you never know where inspiration will strike), and current project in there. Thanks for asking.

  136. Keys, phone, wallet, lip balm, comb, sunglasses, pen, sock project. Gorgeous bag! And purple is my favorite color. ;o)

  137. I have to have my knitting and my camera! You never know what time you may have or the perfect photo op!

  138. I have to have my wallet, keys and knitting. Last errand run, I got a surprising amount of knitting down while waiting in line at the bank, the fabric store and the restaurant!

  139. Since I’m usually running small people around, I have to have sunglasses (I live in TX), water, snack (preferably something that is squish-proof), wallet and a small project (never know when I’ll be waiting for one of the aforementioned small people). Ironically, I was eyeing up a random woman’s bag at the store today…might be time for a new one πŸ˜‰

  140. My “must-have” item is my knitting. You just never know when you’re going to need it. One day I had an appointment in Schomberg and just got onto the Hwy400 when all traffic was at a standstill. There was a car fire on the shoulder but they shut the highway down for over an hour. It was winter time but luckily the sun was shining because we had to turn off our cars and wait. Perfect time for knitting for 2 reasons; 1) to keep busy and help time pass and 2) it kept me warm when the car wasn’t on. My motto is “never leave home without it”.

  141. jennybookworm · ·

    Well – that is a lovely bag – it would look fantastic on my shoulder!! When I leave my house there are many thing I LIKE to have with me: book, iPod, knitting, prescription sunglasses, wallet, and on and on – but the one item I really don’t like to leave home without is at least one tube/stick of lip ‘stuff’ – usually something made by the nice people at Burt’s Bees! Thanks to you and Jordana Paige for the chance to win this Rio bag!

  142. I, too, have to have everything with me when I leave the house. You know, just in case. So, that includes: current travel sock, nook, MP3 player, cell phone, healthy snack, whatever my 6 year old doesn’t want to carry (but swore to me that she would carry before we left!), and towards the end of the day, all the stuff my husband doesn’t want in his pockets anymore.

  143. Must have: knitting (needles, yarn), crochet hook, glasses, book, keys, wallet w/ credit cards and ID – no cash, pen, another book, more yarn for next project, small scissors, asthma inhaler, lip balm. But you should see my backpack! I filled it based on the Batman belt principle – be prepared for anything. Big bags are SOOOO useful!

  144. Hot damn, that’s a sexeh bag. It even looks like it would hold, and match, a certain purple netbook I know…

    Currently, in my slightly-aging Namaste bag, I have: wallet, blackberry, insulin, needles, glucometer, dextrose tablets, Rockets candy, miscellaneous halloween chocolates, kleenex packet, notebook, business cards, Moo cards, lip balm, mini-sock keyring with assorted keys, sewing kit, tylenol, antacid, cough drops… and a mitered-square-on-the-go.

    As for your question about when it has proven to be a really good thing that I’ve had my knitting with me… the question is, rather, when has it ever NOT proven to be a good thing? I can think of plenty of times when I’ve not had it and wished I had, but not a single time when I’ve had it and wished I hadn’t.

  145. Love that bag! I always have to have my wallet (or at least driver license/id and a credit card), phone. I almost always have a knitting project too because I’ve never sure how long I’ll be hanging out in the car waiting for one of the kids to finish up whatever practice their at. But that is usually in a separate bag. See, I do need that bag!

  146. Such a gorgeous bag! I can’t leave the house without my entire handbag, which isn’t very big, so I’m sure all the contents would fit in the Jordana Paige bag. I also always have my travel project in the car, in its own bag, which is not convenient, large or sassy. However, it goes where I go, and I’m always happy to knit while watching my daughter at swim club, where I get looks, and maybe one day I’ll get questions and be able start a group. I’ll be a train commuter starting in December and it would be sooooo nice to have everything in one bag! :O)

  147. Patricia in OH · ·

    My wallet, keys, and suglasses. I can not fit my knitting too, even a small project so I carry two bags. I would love to try this one out.

  148. Dawn Wallace · ·

    I never leave the house with a sock on the go project, even if it doesn`t get worked on during the day having it with me is important!!

  149. Gretchen Henderson · ·

    Must haves? Iphone, wallet, keys, small knitting project (usually in one of those knit go pouches snapped to the ring of my purse).

  150. Seriously? I never leave my house without a knitting project (really). I always seem to find a few minutes somewhere in the day when I can knit a few rows. I also never leave the house without some type of lip gloss — I feel naked w/o it!

    Love the Rios bag … hope I win!

  151. I have to have my iPhone with my Knitminder app so that I know what I need to buy at the next yarn shop! Besides knitting I love purple!

  152. I cannot leave the house without any knitting. I need at least two projects, currently a vest for my mother for Christmas/Channukah, and a pair of socks for me. I need my thread scissors, three measuring tapes (I can never seem to find them when I need them, so I stock up :)), my wallet and keys (of course), my schedule book, pens (to mark my place on my patterns), and whatever notions I need in my bag.

    This is actually a story of when I forgot my knitting and things turned out ok. The other day, I left my knitting at home because I was going over to my mother’s and I didn’t want to have her see her present early. I was dropping something off, so I didn’t think I would be too long. Well, she was out, so I decided to make her cookies….. 12 dozen of them. I didn’t have knitting, so I ran out to the store to buy some yarn (she has a knitting store about 10 minutes away) and ended up staying there for half an hour to help untangle some yarn (which I find fun, oddly enough). I got some great sock yarn and 10% off for helping with the yarn. I got back to my mother’s and finished the cookies and got started on some socks for me. It was a good day.

  153. Would so love this bag- I loved to death and destruction a Satchel- the best bag i’ve ever owned- I never leave home without small mindless knitting- my special tin of notions- my ipod with current Audible download- my Moleskine journal and my pencil/marker/crayon case. I relish unexpected and unplanned down time!

  154. Always in my handbag: wallet, cell phone, water bottle, make-up bag and a small knitting project (usually a sock). Would be so happy to win this beautiful Jordana Paige bag.

  155. I often get mocked by my family for the size of my bag!!

    Little do they know that I can’t leave the house without 2 knitting projects(one easy, one more complicated) and a spindle. Plus the usual wallet, keys, phone, lip balm, book and all of their stuff….dinky cars, DS, crayons and paper.

    I spend a lot my life waiting (usually in hockey arena’s and karate dojo’s) so it’s great to have some knitting or spinning with me to pass the time.

  156. Lila Guterman · ·

    Wow! What a great bag.

    Always in my bag: keys, wallet, two phones, work ID, camera, Metro pass, several pens, and one pencil. Oh, and a few napkins. Why yes, I am the mother of small children.

  157. The purse type items are minimal, like a lot of the others. Phone, keys and wallet. But the knitting bag has to have a copy of the pattern, an extra skein of yarn, a crochet hook and tape measure and of course, extra stitch markers! And the project of the moment!

  158. I was flying from London to New York. I had just gone to the wonderful
    I Knit and was happily working with my first lace yarn (and yes, I got through security and onto the plane without incident). Of course, there’s nothing new here. I always carry knitting with me, especially when traveling. But what made it so sweet was that sitting next to me was the nicest little old lady. She asked to see what I was knitting and then we swapped knitting stories until she fell asleep. It was a really lovely flight.

  159. What a gorgeous bag! That looks like something I would love to have.

    Stuff I’ve always got with me: phone, wallet, keys, work ID, stethoscope, bandage scissors, many pens and Sharpies, a small notebook, pads, Excedrin & Aleve, glasses case, knitting project with notions in a smaller case, gum, mini hairbrush and hair notions.

    On longer trips I throw in my Kindle, sometimes my laptop, and often a second or even third knitting project in case I finish the first. By this point I’ve usually got to switch to a backpack versus and actual purse.

    Best time I’ve ever had my knitting on hand was during Hurricane Irene–we lost power at work and had to sit in the concrete bunker of the radiation room with all the patients stuffed into portable cages (I’m a vet tech, not a human nurse πŸ™‚ and we weren’t allowed to leave the room, so in between treatments I got to knit to my heart’s content!

  160. Ooooh! That’s lovely. Yes, please! πŸ˜‰

  161. I am a bag ho. Could always use another. But it sounds like I may not be able to fill all the space provided in this one! but i could try.
    Besides the usual wallet/sunglasses/ipod, I tend to carry around many items that have their own knit-cozies – including my camera (“camera sock”), kleenex (“sweater for purse-size tissue packets”), and travel mirror (wung it).
    Actually, there are lots of additional cozies to make for my purse contents; key cozy, tampon holder, chapstick cozy, earbud & earphone cozy, hand sanitizer clippy; the list goes on.
    My new goal; to envelop all purse items in yarn!!
    Thanks Glenna!

  162. I’m not a gum chewer, but I always keep gum in my purse for my husband and DD who are always asking if I have gum. This bag looks amazing. I’d love to pack it full of knitting goodies.

  163. I loved reading everyone’s comments. I was reminded to stick some lip balm in my purse. I bring my wallet, sun glasses, kindle, phone and a hat in progress everywhere. Also emergency granola bars and a water bottle.
    Right now I am doing a lot of knitting at the vet’s office while my golden undergoes chemo. It’s nice to do then, I am too worried to work on school work and the knitting is comforting.

  164. Such a lovely bag! My must have’s: wallet, chapstick, keys, phone, iPod, pen, gum, notebook, to-go mug, something to munch on, and small knitting project (usually socks).

  165. I always need to have my cell phone and wallet in my purse – but carry a separate knitting bag since my purse is too tiny. Would love to have a snazzy bag that will hold it all! Especially love that it stays on your shoulder.


  166. That’s one awesome bag. I must have my wallet, phone, iPod Touch, lip gloss and a small knitting project in a ZipLock bag.

  167. Love, love, love the Jordana Paige bags. My own carry-all bag has to have a pen and pencil, note paper, emery board, Dr. Pepper flavored lip balm, tissues, mints, comb, hand lotion, hand sanitizer and calendar. It almost always has a book and knitting, too. I think there would be room for all thise and plenty more in that Rio bag.

  168. First of all, I love the bag. I’m always on the look-out for a stylish to-go project bag.

    Secondly, I can’t go anywhere without my knitting. I’m not a patient person and it really helps my demeanor if you know what I mean. I’ve taken my knitting with me to doctor’s appointments, BMV or when I’m in the car as a passenger.

    I absolutely cannot live without my tape ;measure, stitch markers and row counters in my project bag.

  169. I have been bag shopping and would love to get my hands on one of those bags! I typically carry with me: mindless knitting (bank lines, etc), complicated pattern knitting for longer down times, wallet, keys, sunglasses, all purpose zipper pouch (asprin, lip balm, hair ties), ipod, calendar, book, and other stuff.

    My knitting has saved me on countless occasions when lacrosse practice, volleyball practice etc goes on too long and I am waiting endlessly in the parking lot, but I really don’t care because I have my knitting and a book on tape on the ipod!

    Terry (aka pickledpurls on Ravelry)

  170. My knitting tote (my purse is way too small for me to actually use) usually has a project in it, of course (currently both socks and a sweater), books for homework (currently my English poetry anthology, Erasmus, Descartes, and Kant), my handy-dandy book holder (so that I can knit while I read), various papers, and, when I’m off-campus, my wallet, sunglasses, sunscreen, a notebook, bouncy balls, phone, iPod, bags of candy, neosporin, etc…

  171. I’m boring — my cellphone, ATM card, and a ziplock bag with my latest sock project.

  172. Wallet, cel phone, knitting, keys, daybook (yeah, I’m old-school), reading glasses and strangely enough, camera. You just never know when you need a camera. Yeah, my cel phone takes pictures. Crappy pictures. I need a real camera.

  173. I always carry a travel size toothbrush and toothpaste.

  174. Hand lotion and lipstick/gloss are musts for me!

  175. I can’t go anywhere without my ipod, chapstick, kindle, phone, and knitting of some kind. I’m a commuter, there is so much time spent in a pattern of sit and wait. Its sadly not rare that on a long day of travel, I finish one thing, or am on a train too full to knit, where the kindle comes in handy.

  176. Patricia S · ·

    I always carry my wallet, sunglasses, phone, and Kindle – loaded up with all my pdf knitting patterns in case I need to work on a project, cast on, or find the yardage requirements while at the yarn store.

  177. christine m. east of toronto · ·

    OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH! that bag is amaaaaaaaaazing! whew… ok, i have to focus now! hmmm…. what must go with me in the bag…? well, in my basic purse, i can’t leave the house without my debit card! i mean, what if there was an amazing surprise yarn sale and i didn’t have access to my account? EEK! doesn’t bear thinking about! and as for my knitting bag (and how awesome would that be if the both could be combined into one?!). i would have to say (assuming i already have yarn and all the necessary needles)…. i can’t leave without a pencil and paper for taking notes to remind myself to either look up a new pattern/website/yarn i read/saw/learned about or a tape measure. I hate not being able to find out if i’ve knit far enough to move on to the next step of a project!

  178. the contents of my purse has changed from when I was a subway rider to now a car driver. for example, i don’t carry my ipod w/ me anymore – or my knitting as often. but always carry tampons and extra glasses. i’m terrified of getting into an accident and smashing the glasses on my face and not being able to see – so I want a back up for emergencies.

  179. What a cool idea! I just knitted a bag…and then use that to carry knitting projects with me lol

    I CANNOT leave the house without something to keep myself busy. I absolutely hate waiting, but if I have a knitting project, or a book to read, or even a notebook to sketch ideas in then I am ok.

  180. What are the must haves for my purse? Wallet, computer glasses, cell phone, ipod touch, (next time I hope to get an iphone so I only need to carry one of these two items), pen, pencil, highlighter, keys, lipstick. And if there is any chance of downtime – a small knitting project. Occasionally my Nook also jumps in.

  181. I’m definitely one of those everything-but-the-kitchen sink types. If I’m just walking to work and back, I have keys, security pass, wallet, pen, BlackBerry, iPod, umbrella, fabric shopping bag, various health and beauty implements (lip balm, Advil, nail file/clippers, pressed powder, kleenex packet, hand sanitizer, tampons/pads, etc. etc), and now I have a pair of cheap gloves for cold weather. I often pack a lunch in there as well. Today I threw in my camera so I could take pics of my boy in his Halloween costume, and a container of homemade shortbread for the Halloween potluck at work. If I’m travelling, I add a knitting project and reading material (book and/or magazine) too. I have a separate bag for my boy (diapers, wipes, bottle, snack, toys) if I’m travelling with him. πŸ™‚

  182. Sherry Regel · ·

    That is a spectacular bag.

  183. What a great give away – I have coveted the Jordana Paige bags for a long time! I have to have my keys, cell phone, knitting & chap stick! Thanks!

  184. I try not to forget my phone, chapstick, book and project. Having everything in one bag would certainly help!

  185. I have a little chant everytime I leave the house, chanted to the tune of “head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes” I look for my “chapstick, wallet, keys and phone, keys and phone”


  186. i to can not leave the house without my bus pass and key. on a real good day i just might have a couple of bucks tucked in my bus pass as to hide it from hubby. if i know there will be more than 1 bus i to for the most part will bring a book. not confident enough to knit on the city bus. but on the Greyhound to Toronto i will bring some cross stitch if its small to go along with my book

  187. It looks like that bag would hold all the stuff everyone else wants me to carry, too! Super!

  188. What a beautiful bag. I cannot leave home without my car/house keys, my iPhone, my wallet, chapstick, 1 knitting project (usually a scarf), kleenex, hand sanitizer, a mini maglite, flashlight, and an umbrella. You know…all the things that would look GREAT in that Jordana Paige bag!! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  189. This bag is awesome. I cannot leave my home without my keys, wallet, phone and a knitting project. Three weeks ago this came in very handy. My daughter-in-law went into premature labor (29 weeks out of 40) with twin sons. We ended up at the hospital for quite awhile. I had my knitting project with me — booties for the boys! Good news – the doctors stopped the contractions and she is 32 weeks along. We are praying for several more weeks!

  190. Beautiful bag. I always have to have lip balm, hand lotion and my knitting in my bag.

  191. Oh, I hate to admit it but my glasses are the most essential element. I really need them for distance and I’m always forgetting either my sunglasses or my distance glasses. The other necessities are lip balm/lipstick and pen and paper.

  192. What a stylish urban bag! Looks excellent for so many reasons. I’m currently using the larger Roots bag which I love as it goes across my chest and leaves my hands free BUT it only holds small knitting projects – which are always there, along with: wallet, cell phone, lipstick, keys, & hand cream (a must have for those of us with eczema!). On the plus side it also looks like this nice bag could also hold the weekend bottle of wine too!!

  193. Audiobook! So my iTouch is always with me when I leave my house. Knitting – not always 😦 I have a talkative child and if he is with me, I am fully entertained.

  194. Goodness, Must haves….
    Well, my wallet (kinda bulky itself…)m my camera, cell phone, eye drops, compact, lip gloss, a knitting project (changing often…), a book, a drink (usually my water bottle from home), a nail file (knitting…) a small noteboook and pens, my travel calendar, a business card holder with my hairdresser’s cards in it (I’m related, so I market for her), and some gum or mints, just in case.

    I am on the look out for the perfect bag so I am not lugging my purse and a knitting bag with me everywhere.

  195. Julia in KW · ·

    I have a few must haves…the obvious…wallet, keys, phone…and Kobo Touch, sock bag, yarn requirement folder (how much yarn for whatever you want to knit – you never know when I might come across a yarn shop), eye pencil and lipstick, clip to keep the curls back and a pen/cil…

  196. Today I threw in 2 projects to take to the library..we are on our 3rd day of no power because of the freak snowstorm. So off to the warmth of the library…and being able to charge up my devices…I was able to almost finish my has been too cold to work on it at home…

    My must haves would be lip balm, eye drops and I try to remember to throw a book in there…..

  197. Hmm purse must haves….. Key to the office, latest read, cell,ipod, and of course a pair socks I’m working on. Best time took my knitting with me was to SC for my friend Megan’s wedding. There was a new TSA guy on the scanner. M my knitting bag was scanned nine times! Not only did I get a ton og knitting done but I had a goo laugh too.

  198. I can’t go anywhere without my keys, cell phone, and hand lotion! These are really neat bags!

  199. Lovely giveaway!
    I can’t leave the house without my e-Reader, fully-charged. Heaven forbid I get stuck somewhere without at least 30 books….

  200. What a generous giveaway. What I need depends on where I’m going. So at least my house keys.

  201. Great giveaway! That’s a beautiful bag. I can’t leave my house without my knitting, because I’m chronically early and usually have at least 10-15 minutes to kill before whatever I’m doing. Other than that, I always have my keys, wallet and Bath&Body hand sanitizer with me.

  202. Uhhh, I’d say wallet and cell phone. I tend to have very eccentric items in my handbags like parachute men, or small dinosaurs. Also left behind lip sticks or glosses…..If i plan, small portable knitting comes too:D

  203. Cute bag! My must have items are my wallet, keys, cell phone, knitting project, mascara, lip balm, notions bag, planner and a little notebook with pens. And sometimes my Kindle

  204. I have a Tom Bihn medium cafe bag that I absolutely love! In it, I carry my wallet, cell phone, iPod, agenda, a small notebook for notes, a cosmetic bag for small items (hand sanitizer, gum, lip balm, etc), a book (currently _Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?_) and my knitting! My current project is a simple ribbed beanie. My usual knitting is a pair of socks. The best time for my knitting is always when I travel. Last year, I traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico and spent a lot of time knitting on buses in between towns.

  205. Bobbie in AK · ·

    Great give-away! I wil not leave home without chapstick, CO Bigelow lip tint and my watch. Of course, wallet, keys and cell phone are a good idea too!
    And like Jackie (above) I also have a Tom Bihn (medium sized) Cafe Bag. I love it!!It will hold a ton of stuff. With that said, I still have to carry a separate knitting bag where I must have my 3-ring binder filled with patterns, knitting notions and at least 3 projects.

  206. Oh, goodness. My ‘purse’ is really more like a messenger bag. Ideally, if I leave the house, I like to leave with my phone, keys, wallet, laptop, knitting, novel, lotion, chapstick, a thermos, my journal, my pen and pencil case, camera, iPod and headphones… I also tend to collect oddball things in my bag, like tea packets, crochet cotton, a flashlight, and even once a squirrel skull (although I really don’t know how that ended up in there).

    Needless to say, my shoulder hurts sometimes from carrying my bag around! I’ve been thinking of just upgrading to a backpack…

  207. Let’s see what needs to go out the door with me, keys, phone, swipe timecard/work key, safety glasses, earplugs, sun glasses, kindle, sock in progress, folca, hand cream, lip balm, meds, (allergy, migraine) additional knitting project of the moment

  208. My purses at the very least need room for: my iPhone; my little hexipuff knitting bag; my pile of keys; far too large wallet; and a Jack Black lip balm (best lip balm ever, seriously). Now that’s it’s colder out, I also need room to stash my hat and other knit accessories so I don’t have to wear them and roast on the T. This looks like it would fit all that and then some!

  209. Lip balm, wallet, bandana, knitting – not necessarily in that order.

  210. Let’s see – cell phone, keys, flashlight (which I started carrying after the last hurricane left us without power for two days), glasses, a small knitting project ( don’t leave home without one you never know when you’ll be stuck in traffic) and oh yes – my wallet.

  211. I love the bag. The things I must have with me (besides the obviousβ€”wallet, keys, phone) are my Kindle and/or a book, chapstick, a tiny umbrella, a notebook, and sometimes even a knitting project (I always carry big bags for this reason). I live in a city where I’m on transit or waiting on line or waiting for things to happen often enough, and it can be handy to have knitting to help pass the time. (I knit during long meetings sometimes, too!)

  212. First time I leave a comment, since I started reading your blog last Juli. Like you, I knit to stay sane while completing my PhD in linguistics πŸ™‚ Until recently I’ve always kept my knit-dreams at bay :} (because I self-taught myself and know basically nobody who knits! and could help …) but this is changing now…blogs and tutorials online are great support! So I have started trying more and more challenging projects, the first of the sort for my level was a pair of mittens based on your free pattern! Bringing my knit-projects with me is fundamental since I moved to a new city, and knitting in a cafe is just a favorite way to pass the plenty time on my own. One cannot be sad or lonely while cuddling some lovely yarn and looking forward to the contribution of the finished project to ones wardrobe and style !


  213. Hrm… Must have items in my purse?
    I have a plain sock project and a fancy sock pattern, wallet, sunglasses, keys and wallet. I’ve been traveling sans notions, but can’t leave home without my measuring tape….
    And honestly… who doesn’t leave the house without their knitting….geez….

  214. My must haves are my smartphone, my wallet and at least two kinds of lipgloss.

  215. Current knitting project of course, planner, chapstick, wallet and enormous amounts of papers/receipts and other things that never seem to leave my bags.

  216. Janelle Vogler · ·

    I can’t leave without my iPhone, lipgloss and, of course a knitting project! Love the bag by the way!

  217. Phone, wallet, keys, pillbox (w/ibuprofin), moleskin, pen…at a minimum.

  218. Laura Maclure · ·

    Other than the usual phone, wallet, keys… I always have lip balm. lip gloss, pens, a book or recently my kobo reader, a mini umbrella (except in winter), a small knitting project. Now I always have a square from my log cabin blanket in progress…

  219. I need to have a spot dedicated to “keys”. I hate fumbling around in the bottom of my bag for my car keys / house keys.

    That bag is gorgeous and roomy. It would need to also fit at least one knitting project (probably socks), wallet, Blackberry, mini cosmetic bag, pen, notebook.

  220. For many, many years I have had a diaper (of one size or another) in whichever bag I left the house with. Now that my 4 kiddos are out of diapers I find I miss the endless supply of wipes! So I have started to stash a few wet wipes in my purse – handy for more than just kids! I also always have paper and pens/pencil crayons with me at all times – whether it is as a distraction for the kids or to write lists – never have to search!

  221. I’m sad to say that the must-have in my handbag these days is my reading glasses. Especially if I have knitting with me. Sigh.

  222. Hmmm- I always have my phone, wallet, lip gloss, subway pass, sometimes my kindle and knitting. This summer we were going out for dinner w/my family and I ran back into the house as we got in the car to get my current WIP. Everyone made fun of me for grabbing knitting for the 15 minute drive, knowing I wouldn’t be knitting AT dinner. Halfway there, a freak storm blew through DC and trees went down on the GW Parkway left and right. The road was shut down and we were stuck between exits for over an hour. I smiled quietly to myself and knit away while everyone else complained. πŸ™‚

  223. (edit) I always have my knitting, don’t always have my Kindle.

  224. imnotyourstar · ·

    I always have my cell phone, keys, wallet, Nook, purse scarf (that’s the knitting I carry with me), a notebook, gum, pocket-sized nail kit, hand lotion, chapstick, and hand sanitizer. I also have three kids, so at any time I’m carrying their “must haves” in my satchel.

  225. Books! I must have books when I leave the house, usually two in case I finish one. Being a uni student, I also have my text books and notebooks, pens, smart-rider, uni card, wallet, keys (I have so many they should have their own bag!). I can’t usually take my knitting around as it gets dirty, and I’m really bad for dropping things. Also, the one time I did take it to uni, I had my bag on my shoulder and sat down without taking it off, and I got stabbed through the thigh with a dpn. not exactly the happy knitting story you were after I think! :p I prefer to knit while watching Castle, or Bones, or QAF. That bag is gorgeous, thank yhou for offering it to your readers. πŸ˜€


  226. Michele K. · ·

    I always have my wallet, cell phone, Kindle, small knitting project, notebook, IPod, and my medication, Altoids….hmmmmm that’s the main stuff!

  227. First time posting…I can never leave home without my netbook, a small WIP (currently diamond socks for the husband), visine and allergy pills, cell phone, wallet & key combo. — Diana

  228. Helena Dias · ·

    I would say that I cannot leave the house without my phone, car keys and obviously some money. Great bag by the way

  229. My must have item in my handbag is my piccolo, it’s so small and cute and I love to take it with me just in case I want to “jam out”! (: I’m only thirteen so I don’t really have much to put into my purse (wallet and cell phone) but I’m a knitter and would love to be able to take Christmas knitting with me on the go. I have three pairs of socks to make before Christmas and transporting them is one of the ways that I could get it done quicker.

  230. My must have item in my handbag is my piccolo, it’s so small and cute and I love to take it with me just in case I want to β€œjam out”! (: I’m only thirteen so I don’t really have much to put into my purse (wallet and cell phone) but I’m a knitter and would love to be able to take Christmas knitting with me on the go. I have three pairs of socks to make before Christmas and transporting them is one of the ways that I could get it done quicker.
    Sorry to post twice, but I misspelled my name…

  231. What a great bag nice and big and everything would fit in it and I would’nt have to carry two bags because i need a wallet,cellphone chap stick datebook car keys in one and my knitting project with my knitting tools another bag. It would be nice to have only one bag.

  232. My family laughs at the weight of my purse. But I have to have my I-pod, my wallet, my phone, a book (often 2) to read if I don’t feel like knitting and some knitting if I don’t feel like reading. Of course what really weighs my purse down is the stuff they ask me to hold for them……

  233. Here’s one time I didn’t bring knitting. We were taking our 4 year old son to see a skateboarding show so I decided to leave my knitting at home.When we arrived we realized it was just a signing. Having just bought a skateboard and helmet, I stood in line for 1 1/2 hours with over 100 teens while hubby and kiddo went for ice cream and met me at the front of the line. Knitting left at home: FAIL

  234. What a beautiful bag! I can’t leave home without my cellphone, keys,and lipbalm.

  235. Gorgeous bag! My must haves are: wallet, keys, lipstick, pens, notebook, knitting (usually a small purse project),phone, and sometimes either my nook or a magazine.

  236. Must haves in my bag include keys; wallet with credit cards, interac card, drivers licence, health card etc; sun glasses; small case with nail clippers and file; and most importantly a knitting project. You never know when you are going to have to wait and I find it impossible to wait patiently without knitting. I am sure all this would fit comfortably in this bag and be super stylish as well.

  237. Always in my handbag: wallet, keys, phone (complete with list of future projects and yarn requirements, in case I land in a yarn shop somewhere). I carry my knitting in a separate bag because It never seems to fit in my handbag… maybe this is the bag that will do it!

  238. maurimoii · ·

    I can’t leave the house without a mini tube of toothpaste and a folding toothbrush. I’ve developed a (slightly paranoid) fear of getting a cavity in Japan and having to get it filled by someone I can barely understand, so I’ve taken to brushing after lunch.

  239. Keys, phone, wallet, and most recently, the MiFi. (And while not a must have, but more of an always there, old receipts and expired coupons!)

  240. Must-haves are my iPhone (so kids and hubby can reach me and I have entertainment in the form of Kindle reader, Traffic Jam game and internet if needed), drivers license, bank card and lipstick. I don’t have a story about having the knitting when I needed it so much as constantly not having room in my bag for the knitting and then wishing I had it.

  241. My bag always has keys, wallet, cellphone, anti-allergy eye drops and usually in a separate bag (cos I can’t fit it in the bag) my travel knitting.

  242. GinkgoKnits · ·

    I always carry a small selection of medical supplies because there is nothing like really needing a bandaid or some kleenex and being trapped without them. Coiless safety pins are a new favorite for both clothing disasters and knitting markers.

  243. Oh, my! I love that bag. I never leave home without at least one knitting project, my Nook, my iPhone (to play Scrabble on), a lip balm or two, a little notebook & pen, and at least 2 pairs of reading glasses. I could fit it all in that gorgeous bag!

  244. Lip gloss, smart phone, enough cash for a coffee, and a sock-in-progress. I always take knitting with me when I’m on the go, but I was most grateful for it when my car was broken down on the Trans Canada and I had to wait almost two hours for a tow!

  245. My must-haves are my wallet and keys, but those fit in my pockets. If I’m taking a bag at all, I try to bring lip balm, my water bottle, and a book. I often bring knitting as well, but not always.

  246. Wallet, phone, keys, and my allergy pills! Usually a small knitting project, too. Thanks for the contest!

  247. What a lovely bag!

    I have used a backpack for years, but lately I’ve been trying a purse when possible. Must haves: sunblock, lip balm, hankie, journal, pen/pencil, books, wallet, apple, water, keys, phone, glasses, WIP… and keys (always the thing I am most likely to end up looking for at the last minute).

  248. Let’s see: wallet, phone, keys, Burt’s Bees, lint covered peppermint, and so on. This has me singing, “I go to Rio ….”

  249. What a great bag! I don’t travel lightly either – I need my wallet, keys, phone, sunglasses, regular glasses, small notebook to jot down whatever, pens, hand lotion, ipod, lipstick, something sweet for when I need it and usually a camera. It weighs a ton. And then I carry a separate knitting bag!

    Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  250. nicolaknits · ·

    What do I have to have with me when I go out? My wallet, of course, which contains my credit card, driver’s licence and numerous other plastic cards, plus a spare pair of contact lenses. Some contact lens solution. My cellphone in case my boys need to call me. My iPod, if it’s charged up. And some reading glasses, because print is just so small these days! That’s the minimum, but I also like having some knitting, a water bottle, and possibly a camera with me too.

  251. Mia Melody · ·

    Can’t leave home without lip balm and chewing gum!

  252. What a great bag, love crocodile. Must haves for me include phone, wallet, calendar, keys, and chapstick. I don’t take knitting to work but it goes with me most everywhere else.

  253. Wow, what an awesome bag! Hmm, I cant leave without keys, wallet, phone, and knitting, thats it, I am low key.

  254. Greetings from Tokyo
    My daily transportation is my bicycle. But on the weekends, my husband likes to drive. Traffic in Tokyo is orderly, but slow. I always take my knitting. So those 40km holiday back-ups are no problem for me.
    What’s in my bag everyday, my workout clothes, cell phone, keys and my Burt’s Bees.

  255. My keys, ID, chapstick, phone, current sock knitting – sounds like it would all fit just perfectly. πŸ™‚

  256. thatdarncat · ·

    I can’t leave home without my wallet, day-timer, 2 phones, pager, assorted lipsticks, nail file, and a whole host of other stuff. I like to feel that I would have whatever I need close at hand.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  257. Wow! a beautiful bag………to carry, family pictures, phone, wallet, glasses,lipstick, something to read and of course knitting. I forgot my knitting the other day when we went to the hospital for cancer appointment for my DH. However, the hospital had baskets of knitting in the waiting room with needles, yarn and a request to contribute to the knitting of afghans for their Chemo patients. I was able to knit away for 21/2 hours.

  258. That bag looks perfect… and it’s PURPLE! (Cue the heavenly host in glorious song, please.) Enter me in the drawing? Thanks.

    Lately, I haven’t been carrying a purse. Instead, I’ve been using an oversized reusable shopping bag (from the Evil Empire, but it’s purple!) In it, I always carry with me: a gallon-sized freezer bag that holds my current knitting project; a second freezer bag with extra yarn and my pouch of knitting tools; a third freezer bag for various “stuff,” to keep it from rattling around in the bottom of my actual purse; my cellphone (although it’s sometimes stowed in my, um, bra); a small canvas zip pouch in lieu of a wallet; a fork and spoon and straw (’cause you never know when you’ll need those); and whatever novel I’m currently reading. Oh, and my keys, of course.

  259. Amy Moore · ·

    My bag contains my wallet, calculator (yes, I balance my checkbook to the penny!), ibuprofen, tissues, gum, inhaler, and tuck in the socks I love to knit! You never know when you might have a few minutes to knit a few rows, especially this time of year when I am trying to knit up some Christmas gifts! Love your blog as it keeps me inspired! πŸ™‚ This bag would provide lots of space for working on the gifts on the go!

  260. Marianne C · ·

    I absolutely have to have my iphone with me at all times. It is my brain. I keep my patterns in there and of course music, contacts, calendar et. al.

  261. Cell phone, wallet, Kindle, keys and at least 2 knitting projects ~ one small and possibly involved (like a patterned sock) and one big and mindless. And the notebook for whatever meeting I’m headed to.

    Thanks for offering this bag. It looks perfect for everything I would need it for.

  262. I love that you not only have your knitting with you, you’ve got your Starbucks coffee too! Now that’s what I call prepared!

    I don’t leave home without my wallet, planner, and phone. They’re all stuffed in a big purse. If I’m headed to an appointment where I have to wait, I stuff my current knitting project in there too.

    Thanks for offering the bag. It’s so beautiful!


  263. I could never live without my selection of metal crochet hooks in my knitting bag! I have a variety of sizes to fix various knitting mistakes, but I’ve also used them as hair sticks, since I never seem to have a hair elastic with me. I definitely can’t leave the house without my Nook and my Aveeno hand lotion! My poor knitting bag goes everywhere with me, and it’s starting to show!

  264. Like many I try to always have my phone and wallet with me, but the other item I don’t like to leave home without is my book list. It’s a list of books that I own by authors that I like, so if I find a title that I think I don’t own, but aren’t sure, I can check it against my list.

  265. Cynthia K-R in Canada · ·

    I must have my wallet, keys, cellphone, book lists, cough lozenges,kleenex,and a small knitting project–since my PURSE is so small to hold much.

  266. Pattern, ipad or chart keeper, pen, post it’s, several projects, spare needles in case I break one and anything else that is at hand until it is too heavy.

  267. Heather Ricco · ·

    I usually have my purse (with typical things – book, wallet, phone, lipstick, etc). And then I have a seperate bag/backpack thingy with my knitting. My husband and I ride an hour to work/school, so it comes in handy and I have an hour to knit knit knit.=)

  268. I have the usual lady stuff. Wallet, Lip stuff, Phone, Keys and my small crochet or knitting project. My purse is on the smaller side and I usually only have room for smoething small. Even a pair of socks is almost to much for my bag. But I always carry a crochet hook and a ball of cotton yarn that can easily be picked up and made into a quick and useful washcolth.

  269. Debbie Huett · ·

    I almost never leave without a sock in progress these days. It’s so much more pleasant to have something to do. Even if I don’t have time to work on it, just knowing I have it makes me happy! Usually I have a small knitting bag with me in addition to my purse. To have them both together would be awesome!

  270. Love the bag and love the vegan friendly aspect! I can’t leave the house without chapstick and knitting. Especially once the weather gets chilly!

  271. I absolutely cannot leave the house without my knitting, book, phone, music, keys, and of course my alternate knitting project; you know, just in case.

  272. lip balm, knitting and iphone, always…

  273. All my bags contain a little green shopping net I bought at my local supermarket back home. I bring it with me everywhere, because you never know when you’ll have the urge to buy something. And not everything can go in your bag, so it’s just handy to have an extra on you. They fold up really small as well. I like that I don’t have to buy (or reuse) plastic bags; they never hold up very long anyway.

    Also, can’t leave without my wallet (goes with the “oh, I remember I’ve run out of milk” thought that goes into bringing the bags as well) or my cell phone, but I imagine that holds true for a lot of people.

  274. I’ve been one to like small bags, but, when I have knitting and/or reading to carry along with me, I’d like a bigger bag to carry. Thanks for the giveaway!

  275. It used to be I couldn’t leave home without my phone but lately it’s becoming the ipad. I like the size better for reading and viewing webpages than the phone. I’ve been using my grandmother’s old style knitting bag at home, works really well but not very trendy, although it does have that retro old school feel to it. I would love to try out something new.

  276. Just the usual – keys, wallet,and chapstick. For my knitting at home, I use a woven bag/basket that sits next to my chair and (usually) contains the various projects in one semi-neat spot.

  277. Beautiful bag! “Must haves” would be car keys, drivers license and my phone. I carry a tiny purse to keep my from overloading, but sometimes there’s still a little knitting project tucked in there. A really little project.

  278. My must haves are wallet, keys, phone, calculator, lip balm and a couple of knitting projects, though I am currently carrying those in a second bag because my current purse has only one big pocket and I don’t want my knitting getting snagged. So a bag like the one above would be perfect for me! And it’s beautiful and stylish as well. Can’t get any better than that!

  279. What a great bag!
    I never leave the house without my phone, keys, and knitting project!

  280. What a gorgeous bag!!! As a recently converted vegan I especially appreciate the faux leather. My must have’s are a knitting project, my iPhone, wallet, colored pens and a notebook. Thanks for the opportunity!

  281. What a great giveaway! I’ve been looking at these bags for awhile and would love to have one. (My current bag I take to work is splitting on the handle and is not long for this world.) I have a purse with wallet, checkbook, keys, cell phone, small bag with chapstick, etc. For work, I also a lunch bag and a large bag with knitting. It would be great to consolidate the knitting and purse!

    One time in particular that I was grateful for having my knitting was while spending the day with my grandfather after he had hip surgery. I took the day off and hung out with him in the hospital. I could talk while I knitted, and I still had something to do if he dozed off. Lovely!

  282. Kathi Snodgrass · ·

    I always have knitting in my purse so need a big carrying bag. My son runs cross country and I never know when he will return to school after a run. I just take out my knitting. The problem is that regular large purses don’t have enough spaces to actually place things like my knitting trinkets (markers, crochet hook, tape measure, etc.) in their own pocket so everything is a jumbled mess at the bottom of my purse. I would love to win this bag.


  283. i always travel with a rather large-sized bag. i commute on public transport and try to always have a variety of options to keep me busy (kindle at the minimum!) my bag always includes my wallet, phone, kindle, cosmetic bag. i also have a minimum of one chapstick and 4 lip glossses (don’t judge).

    we’ve recently experienced a heavy (and early!) snowstorm in the northeast, so my commute has been much longer than normal and i’m re-committed to knitting in public! this will of course require a new bag. and i really need to get over my fear of knitting in public / near others.

    i’m glad i’m not the only one who travels with an overstuffed bag:)

  284. Spinfoolish · ·

    I adore big bags! I never carry a purse, only a card holder in my back pocket…but I ALWAYS carry my knitting!!!!

  285. Sharon Cohen · ·

    My knitting comes with me everywhere, and I always shlep my knitting accessories, too. I’ve got my stitch markers, row counters, dpns, stitch holders, scissors, patterns — you name it, I’m carrying it. It all came in handy when my 20-year-old Honda Civic broke down on the highway last summer. It was a sweltering hot day, and it took nearly 2 hours for help to arrive. Knitting bag to the rescue! I found a shady spot nearby and worked happily on my Clapotis — more knitting, less stress.

  286. Paula Bannon · ·

    I must have my iPhone (pretty much everything is on there… calendar, etc), house keys, and wallet. I wish I could fit knitting into my bag but I had to downsize the everyday bag due to chiropractor’s orders! (sometimes I still cheat a little) πŸ™‚

    This is a beautiful bag! I’d love to win!

    ~ Paula

  287. This bag is excellent and would be perfect for the cold weather sweater knitting that is happening these days! I always carry my ebook reader with me because it is loaded with my knitting patterns – I always have the pattern I’m working on with me as well as a book to read while I’m doing the mindless knitting parts.

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  288. Can’t leave the house without one spindle spinning project and one knitting project. Sounds easy but when I have to add my lunch and supplies I have a hard time finding a bag big enough.

  289. One day last month I was on my way to work and I realized I had no knitting with me. I couldn’t let it go, and turned down a side street, stopped the car, and got out to check that I hadn’t left my knitting bag on the top of the car! It wasn’t there. Although it would make me late to work, I turned around and went back to the house to get my knitting, which turned out to be in the kitchen, my memory of having brought it out to the car erroneous, a memory from another day, I guess. I “need” a project with me, always!

  290. I take my knitting everywhere and usually have an extra project in the car in case I finish something and still have time to knit. I especially enjoy knitting in a cafe while visiting with a friend. People always stop to ask what I’m making, to offer comments, to touch the sock or shawl. Couldn’t do without my knitting and always looking for that ‘perfect’ knitting bag. I’ve decided that I’m a much nicer and more patient person when I knit (discovered that while knitting at meetings!)

  291. Lesley L. · ·

    I can’t leave home without my subway pass, Blackberry, and fave lipstick – M.A.C. in the colour “Hue” (I’ve probably gone through 7 tubes…which now that I type that, makes me sound a little crazy).

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  292. What a gorgeous bag. I cannot leave the house without lipgloss. Even if I don’t need to use it all day, it’s like my security blanket. I need to know that I will be able to put on lipgloss.

  293. I always NEED chapstick, headphones and a sock!

  294. My must haves are the boring things – keys, phone, and wallet. I usually have a seperate bag for my carry along knitting, i.e. socks. That must be why I need this bag. : )

  295. I must have a simple knit project, chapstick, snacks for my son and a notebook

  296. Christine · ·

    Pretty! My must haves are: my book, my water bottle, cell phone, planner, wallet, keys, knitting, ipod…maybe camera, checkbook and food. Add a sweatshirt (plus or minus hat and gloves) if I’m going to work.

    Knitting is critical to have. My car died on the side of the freeway once. There was a very helpful Metro assist person/truck that came along and towed me off within ten minutes, but they are actually *not allowed* to take you to a garage or recommend a specific tow company. I was able to call my husband to get a number, then call a tow truck to get me somewhere more useful than simply “off the freeway.” Nearly 45 minutes later, the truck arrived. It would have been a frustrating time, but with my knitting along with me, I was thrilled at the progress I made!

  297. Besides my sock knitting pouch, which lives in my bag, My ipad and chapstick

  298. Michelle B. · ·

    Blistex and Breath Savers are my things. . . but if I had a gorgeous bag like this, I’m sure I could add some more πŸ™‚ I don’t usually take my knitting out of the house, because I need to concentrate so hard on the simplest things. But, I’m hoping to get a group started at our local coffee shop.

  299. Bringing my knitting along turned out to be an excellent decision when I went to pick up my u-pass at the beginning of this semester. I spent seven hours β€” yes, that’s right, I said SEVEN (7). HOURS. β€” in various lines that day. Without my knitting, I’d probably have killed someone.

  300. Bonnie Davenport · ·

    I only need my dog…and car keys, if I am going to work. Riggs won’t fit in the bag…but I could take my knitting.

  301. ClimbingWithYarn · ·

    Oh, goodness. Its so pretty and big. I love big bags.

    I carry a Swift with cell, knitting, random drugs (advil mostly in case my wrist decides to give out mid-row), a wallet that never seems to have any cash, and a few Moleskines with my favorite Esterbrook pen/pencil sets.

    I figure if I have it all with me when some time magically opens up…. I’m set. πŸ™‚

  302. bedlamsbard · ·

    Always have to have lip balm. Always, always, always — my nervous tic/bad habit is peeling the skin off my lips, and while lip balm doesn’t stop me doing it entirely, it definitely helps. (Right now I’m using the Whole Foods brand, which I really like.) I’m a university student, so I also double and triple-check that I’ve got my ID card holder, with ID inside, along with keys, flashdrive, and lanyard! (If I don’t have my ID, I can’t get in my apartment, my apartment complex, the dining hall, can’t check out library books, can’t get food…) Cell phone, wallet, pens and pencils, of course. A book if at all possible (depending on which bag I have and where I’m going), and here’s a weird one: flashlight. When you need a flashlight, you really, really need a flashlight.

  303. I have levels of necessities depending on the purse.

    Pocket: Keys, phone, poop bags for the dog, and thanks to my Dad, a Swiss Army knife and a mini flashlight on my keychain.

    Clutch: Cash, keys, phone, lipstick, pen.

    Handbag: Add the iPad, wallet, camera, water, hand cream, mints, a pair of leather gloves, and some small knitting.

    I carry my knitting because people don’t bother you on the metro when you have sharp pointy sticks in your hands… muahahaha.

  304. Janel Karrle · ·

    Oooh, I could get a lot of stuff (all necessary, of course) in that bag! I am a newby knitter, so I take my knitting everywhere with me. Recently we went on a 7- day cruise with my husband and another friend of ours. I packed up my knitting to carry on and our friend started laughing! ” You’re bringing your knitting?”. “Heck ya!”, I told him. I’m so glad I did! While everyone was reading on their lounge chairs in the sun I was happily knitting away! Made my vacation that much better!
    By the way, my must have is my IPad! Instructions on knitting and directions to the closest yarn shop at my fingertips!

  305. I can’t leave the house without my hand sanitizer.

  306. I don’t leave the house without my keys, wallet, and cell phone. If I’m planning on going somewhere where I’ll be waiting for awhile, I bring along my knitting too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  307. I carry my Kindle, my phone and my IPod wherever I go. And I add a small knitting project (usually socks) when I know I’ll be awhile.

  308. Jonty Hart Sharp · ·

    Blackberry, Kobo, keys, wallet and tissues. If I’ve got all 5 of these, I’m good to go!

  309. Sadly, my purse always seems to be bursting at the seams. My must-haves are chapstick (either Burts Bees or Rocky Mtn Soap Co), gum, phone, keys and wallet and sunglasses. I take my day planner, but it’s mostly just for decoration at this stage:)

  310. I must have my wallet, weight watchers’ booklet and calculator, cell phone, chewing gum, keys, tissue, chapstick, and knitting.

    I was lucky to have a hat in progress one day. My husband and I went to one of those home improvement stores, and spent almost 2 hours there. He stared at things like molding and trim and I got in plenty of knitting and almost finished the hat!

  311. I like a tiny handbag. My current one holds a small zip wallet, lip gloss, iPhone, car key. But! I like to tuck this tiny handbag into a larger bag that holds knitting. I can always pull my little bag out when I need just that, and if I need knitting stuff, it’s in the larger bag. Easier than swapping back and forth.

    In the knitting bag? Current project in a project bag, and my small tool kit. That’s it. I like to travel light. Project bags are easily swappable.

    Enjoy your test bag!

  312. Leslie Martin · ·

    I can’t leave the house without my phone, my knitting bag (with at least 2 projects) and my wallet in that order! My go bags are never organized!

  313. it’s always a bummer when you can’t take a knitting project with you. i can never find a convenient bag for knitting and other essentials. i always need keys, mirror, lip balm, cell, knitting, knitting patterns, knitting tools… so much stuff, so few bags that actually fit it all and still look good…unlike that one. πŸ˜‰

  314. Megan Joyce · ·

    Even though I don’t have a pretty purse to put my knitting in I still manage to carry everything I need in my school bag. Every morning when I leave for college I remember to bring a small knitting project with me stuffed inbetween my textbooks and notepads. Its nice to find a spot in the back corner to be able to pull out my knitting when my 3 hour lecture classes about supply and demand, or qualitative and quantitative stats gets too repedetive ( it always does) to pay attention. I feel that as long as my brain is active with doing something (like knitting) that I can complete almost subcontiously, it means my brain is active and its easier to pay attention and knit at the same time. I actually think I learn more instead of sleeping. Maybe with a new purse big enough to fit more projects in it I could get allot of knitting done at school.

  315. My Knit Kit, a small project, a book, keys, phone, lip gloss of the day, band aids & neosporin. Yes, I’m accident prone!

  316. I spent last Mother’s Day at my son’s rugby tournament. I had waffled about taking my knitting, all that jumping up and cheering and socializing, I didn’t think I’d have the time but in the end I did. My son brutally broke his leg. There was a middle of the night surgery involved and several days in the hospital. I didn’t go home. I was able to sleep in the room with him. Needless to say knitting was my savior. In fact, when I had finished the socks I frogged them and knit them again because that was the only yarn I had.

    That bag is gorgeous.

  317. Because most of my work these days is in the kitchen at church, I have learned to travel ultra-lite – although I have always been a light packer. If need be, I can get by with wallet and keys – both fit in my pockets. However, I also like to have my phone, calendar, tissues, pen and lip balm. See? Hubby was shocked to find he packs a bigger bag than I do when we travel. Of course, if I won a bag that was big enough to include my knitting, I guarantee it wouldn’t sit at home. And much more chi-chi than the plastic ziplock bag my knitting currently resides in!

  318. That is an absolutely gorgeous bag!

    My must-haves? A book and a back-up (in the past year, this has usually been my Kobo), knitting of some description, my phone, a pen, a little moleskine notebook, my wallet, my altoids-tin knitting notions kit… it gets kinda full in there.

  319. Great giveaway!

    I always have my knitting on me. Whether it’s in my knitting bag or in my purse or in my diaper bag even. I have it on me! And besides my knitting, another must have is my iPad. I store my knitting patterns on it. I got it for my 30th birthday this year.

    The one time I was glad my knitting was in my purse… (actually make that 3x) was each time my water broke and I was in labor. I was glad to have my knitting with me each time!

  320. My purse has a little built in wallet that I have come to like, but I wish it had an actual change purse. In it I carry: keys, and cellphone, checkbook, pens, driver’s license, credit card, library card!!, my Red Cross blood donor card, a notebook with my medical info, a pill bottle for meds, my inhaler, a hair brush, a small scissors, nail clipper. The purse lives in a larger mesh bag that hangs on my wheelchair, along with at least one knitting project, each in its own ziplock bag, at least one book, and sometimes my laptop computer. If I bought a new bag, I’d look for one that held a iPad/ Kindle/ other such device. My carry along knitting projects tend to be small: hat, mittens, lace, etc.

  321. I may only be in my 30s – but I always need my glasses so I can knit anywhere, anytime.
    I have some great bags filled with projects but this one is fabulous!!

  322. What a nice bag! I love pockets especially for all those little gadgets and gizmos. I always carry a plain sock for those times I am stuck out of the house on errands. The time my knitting saved me the most was on a road trip from Kentucky to Ohio, we were stuck in a very small car waiting for traffic (we managed to get stuck on the highway when the cars let out from a nascar race). It was almost 2 hrs later and 1/2 a sock done. If i didn’t have my knitting, I don’t know what would have happened. The most interesting part was watching a truck towing a car, a man stepped out of the truck and opened the car trunk and pulled out a 12 pk of beer.
    My fav knitting tool would be those little fold up scissors that can be hung from a ribbon or chain. I had lost a pair years ago and could never find any. Was so glad to see knit picks carrying them again.

  323. NancyN (n2n on ravelry) · ·

    What a lovely chance! My best “bring knitting just in case” was to a parent meeting- it helped me keep my stress level down while still staying involved in the discussion.

  324. Must have – lip gloss in two colors – wallet – reading glasses – sun glasses – my Kindle – my phone – my camera – my design notebook w/ a Sharpie fine point pen – a skein of yarn and needles for test knits, plus a grab and go knitting project. I figure that I can pull a MacGyver if I have to with the contents of my bag. Nope, I don’t own a small handbag. ;>)

    Peace and joy…

  325. Serena O. · ·

    I put my sock in progress in my purse before we went to the city, an hour away, thinking that it would help fill travel time. Went for dinner, and it was going to be 50 minutes to get a table. 50 minutes is not a bad thing when you have knitting with you. I was grateful that I brought my sock. Now there is always a sock in progress in my purse.
    And then there is airport layovers. The heal on my current sock was turned in Tokyo. Helps fill the time, and helps you stay awake so you don’t miss your flight.

    Looks like a fantastic give away. Thank you.

    peacefulsea on ravelry

  326. Samantha west · ·

    It’s a given that I have some knitting project with me at all times. But lately I find I need my scissors and never have any or can’t find any when I’m out. So I make sure I have have a good pair on hand πŸ˜‰

  327. Gorgeous bag! A few months ago I was afraid to knit in public but now I can’t leave the house without at least one knitting project in my purse (currently there are two: a sweater and a scarf).

  328. I always take a knitting project with me, you never know when things might get boring. It is also a good icebreaker when waiting somewhere. People love to ask about what I am making. I love the bag and would love to be the lucky blog reader

  329. MelissaD S · ·

    I can never leave the house without a nail file Just incase of a snagged nail. Right now my bag is too small for projects.

  330. JustBrenda · ·

    My must haves? In a beautiful bag like this one I would be able to carry my kindle and a small knitting project. I have to have my essentials: wallet, pen, phone and a snack bar or candy…gotta keep my strength up in case I pass a LYS.

  331. clareelizabeth1225 · ·

    I can never leave my dorm room without my wallet, room keys (being locked out of the room is horrible!), and a water bottle. Not only do I need those things, but I never leave without a skein of yarn and knitting needles in order to knit in classes – baby hats are my favorite things to work on during classes. The knitting in my backpack certainly helps during boring lectures, or movie times in class.

  332. Oh man. Things I can’t leave home without include my shawl-in-progress (you know, just in case I wind up having to wait somewhere), chapstick, hand sanitizer (I work with kids), and hand lotion.

    I think the one time that taking my knitting with me was a fantastic choice was when I went to urgent care to get my pinkeye looked at. (I mean, who gets pink eye after elementary school?! Apparently, I do.) I took my sock-in-progress with me, which turned out to be a good idea because I was sitting in the examination room for 20 minutes before the doctor showed up. Then he told me that knitting would keep my mental faculties working as I age, so I should keep it up. I also managed to avoid getting pink eye germs on the sock, so it was really a double-win. πŸ™‚

  333. Must have my mobile phone, GPS -I get lost a lot), and a pack of gum. I always have some knitting with me-right now it’s sock yarn to make tiny stockings for Christmas ornaments. Thanks for having a giveaway:) Fingers crossed!

  334. Gorgeous bag! Must haves for the bag would be lip gloss, cell phone, keys, small wallet and small bag with sock or hat knitting. I hate to be in a situation to knit and have no knitting. Thanks for the giveaway! It would be Christmas if I won.

  335. I would need to have cell phone, I-pod, coffee mug, nursing school textbooks and change purse. I am not allowed to have knitting project in my bag, until winter break. Too tempting! Beautiful bag!

  336. I love that bag and the colors. My purse is always filled with my must need items, which includes diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes for daughter. Along with that my phone and wallet. Of course with all that I somehow manage to stuff in a couple of makeup bags filled with yarn balls for my current project. Its disastrous!

  337. I always have my knitting with me. My project bag has my tool kit, pattern and at least
    one project. I’m still searching for the perfect bag πŸ™‚

  338. Hmm… well, there’s the cell phone, wallet w/IDs, debit card, and family pictures, my calendar, my knitting (always at least one project, sometimes two), lip gloss, and a small bottle of Advil. And that’s what I carry with me!

  339. I used to carry MY LIFE in my purse…everything from my wallet and keys to and extra pair of underware and a hairbrush…you just never know when you will get stranded overnight! And now I have a 2 year old and I downsized from a HUGE diaper bag to a all in one wristlet wallet/cell phone holder…but I MISS having lotion and chapstick on me always!

  340. Gorgeous bag! My bags are usually a disorganized mess. I never leave home without my tube of Blistex and my wallet that has my keys attached.

  341. I am an RN and work a 12-14 hour shifts so my bag must be able to hold, at very least, the following; my lunch (most important), my present knitting project (a baby blanket for my soon to be Granddaughter) to knit while eating said lunch , wallet, keys, lotion ( I wash my hands a gazillion times a day), tools of the trade (scissors, surgical tape, pens, hemostat, stethoscope, and the list goes on but I really don’t want to bore anyone). I am presently using an old cloth bag I sewed up many years ago and it is feeling so very sad. It has been a faithful bag, but it is tired.

  342. Such a great bag! I can’t leave the house without my iPhone, cause it has maps AND Kindle app, so I can get myself unlost and unbored at any time. And I almost always have a stethoscope too because I work in two different offices, and I hate it when I realize I left the stethoscope at the other office when I need it where I am.

  343. Sadly, I am somewhat of a minimalist as to my “must have” items in my purse/handbag. Wallet, with driver’s license/credit cards/cash. My keys, all of them. Business cards. Small pill box with ibuprofen tablets.

    That’s really it. Honest. In the winter, I sometimes just tuck my wallet and my keys in my inside coat pocket, especially back when I was doing a lot more Christmas shopping. I have enough to worry about with trying to keep track of my mittens AND my hat.

    For a project bag, though — hoo, boy! I have two bags for knitting projects right now, and one for the Hardanger/other needlework for the class I teach. ALL of them have tool kits with appropriate tools — the knitting one has the traveling Altoids box, mini-size, that has stitch markers, a hair elastic (for emergency binding together of needle tips), and a tapestry needle. There is a folding scissors in the pocket of the bag, there may be a needle sizer in there, and very often more than one actual project IN the bag, depending on what I’m working on. The Hardanger/needlework bag is even MORE stuffed, since it has two little floss/tool boxes in it with my regular embroidery scissors and my *really good, really sharp tipped* Hardanger scissors; enough floss or perle cotton for whatever I’m currently working on, and probably stuff from another project as well; the basic Hardanger book I recommend to *everyone* taking beginner classes with me; probably another Hardanger book; the bookmark kit I’m currently working on; other random charts/leaflets; the collection of traditional and contemporary pieces in a portfolio that I keep in there for show-and-tell; and my mug/stash of herbal teas/small container of sugar for refreshment during class. It’s heavy, and I should probably weed through it, but every time I leave something home, I end up needing it.

    Having my knitting with has helped keep my blood pressure in the ‘safe’ range when at gatherings at my in-laws. I can ignore their politics/privilege talk and knit furiously. I am lucky that I work from home, so rarely have to deal with waiting places for very long.

    Thank you, Glenna, for your awesome give-aways! πŸ˜€

  344. Two projects first something easy like socks or gloves in the ribbing stage, second something with a chart between these two there is always a project to keep boredom away! (plus surprise surprise when you pull your project out of your bag it’s further along then you remember-gotta love that!)

  345. wallet, phone, keys, lotion, hair jobbie. I toss in my knitting often, hoping to get a few rows in when I can.

  346. My current purse is a bottomless pit full of everything I could possibly need. It frequently holds knitting, but since it isn’t really designed for it and is a simple hobo style bag, the knitting gets jumbled in with keys, phone, sunglasses, headphones, etc. There have been some MIGHTY tangles in there, let me tell you! It tickles me that there are wonderful people out there thinking about us sad/silly knitters with too many things mixed into our yarn and making us our own purses!

  347. in my purse i need…
    -notebook or sketchbook
    -small knitting proj.

    and if i’m going to school often also

    heavy stuff!

  348. I have to have my coupon case with me as I love to use them if I go to the grocery store.. Also my iPhone and iPod to listen to knitting podcasts! BTW, I LOVE this bag!!!

  349. I usually carry a pretty small purse with me as my other permanent carry-along is a cello! But I have to have my i-phone, wallet, keys, earplugs for the plane and one of those teeny-tiny folding tote bags in case I stop to buy something on the way home. And, of course, the purse is just big enough to carry a sock or lace project. It’s a balancing act, I tell you.

  350. I try not to leave the house (though I can’t say I’m always successful!) without my keys, my wallet, and usually my phone. I’m pretty minimalist, but my commute to work is a five-minute walk, so it’s easy to run home if I need anything else. Days when I’m not working, I rarely leave without the toddle and diaper bag!

  351. I usually carry all the essentials ( wallet ,cell phone, pocket calendar, lip balm (very important) and when I go to university my books and stuff
    ( I am German and I study history and English in order to become a teacher).
    Normally when I have lecures and I ll take some knitting with me, most of the time socks as they are pretty small… When I have to attend a boring lecture where I dont have to take notes, I knit….
    This bag looks so stylish and would fit perfectly my lifestyle πŸ™‚

  352. Love the bag πŸ™‚ Phone, keys etc plus a small knitting project and the kindle are essentials!

  353. Love the bag. My purse – keys (many), banking essentials for myself, my mom and grandmother, brush, lip gloss, dental floss, cell phone, too many receipts and knitting. Thank you.

  354. Chapstick and my camera! Thanks for the giveaway and your wonderful blog. It looks like a great bag!

  355. That is a great bag! My β€œmust have” items are ones that have to be easily transferable from one bag to another. I bike commute 3 out of 5 days and don’t usually carry my purse with me on the bike. So the β€œmust have” items in my bike bag or purse are my cell phone, ipod, wallet, a clear bag full of all my various keys, and a small knitting project.

  356. My must haves keys, wallet, sunglasses, small knitting project, a pacifier (or 2) for the grandbaby, mints, gum and my phone. Sure would be nice to be able to fit a larger project in that bag!!

  357. This would be such a treat to win.
    joannewm on Ravelry

  358. Forgot the details. I travel light for daily trips. I need my iPhone, wallet, keys, a small travel project and knitting tools kit. Sometimes I have a book.

  359. I can’t leave without a cell phone,wallet, keys and KNITTING. I take it everywhere in case i am stuck in a line or something not to mention I walk and knit sometimes

  360. Phyllis L. · ·

    I learned to always carry a book and some knitting when I worked way down in south Louisiana, where at any time one can get stopped for some time by a bridge that is being opened on one of the many bayous to let a boat pass on the waterway. Waits could be frequent and long. Developing that habit continues to stand me in good stead, only now it seems the delays are related to traffic jams instead of boats and bridges–not a good change! It would be lovely to have one of these luscious bags at hand full of knitting and books!

  361. Wow, wouldn’t that be a fun bag to fill! Even the cat would fit!

  362. I need my phone, purse, keys, water, and something to do! (This is usually knitting or my ebook reader). I really hate being bored waiting for things when out!

  363. This may take a while. I don’t travel light. My “suit case” (as my kids call it) ALWAYS has chapstick, lipstick, wallet (which is huge,) phone, camera, Kindle, ipod, pens, energy/snack bar(s), keys & a knitting project. I don’t even go to the grocery store without a knitting project. Seems like every time I leave home without one, the car breaks down. Having a knitting project with me is more important than Chapstick. And I have a bit of a Chapstick addiction.

    Btw, the bag is beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity.

  364. I love that bag! The size looks perfect.

  365. sue wilson · ·

    I always have to have my iPhone so I can listen to my books while I knit. I feel lost without either!

  366. I always bring my phone and wallet. I usually don’t use a combo knitting bag/purse, but this one certainly looks interesting!

  367. I would love to be the recipient, though it’s a random longshot. Love the roomy size. A perfect bag, if such a thing is possible!

  368. It’s a beautiful bag! In my bag is usually my purse, complete with photo of Dick Van Dyke,from Mary Poppins to Diagnosis Murder he’s my favourite celeb fella…erm anyway.. my knitting – usually small projects like socks which will fit in my bag but it’s getting near Christmas time so I am lugging a jumper for dad around to try and get it done – it’s my first garment in the round – exciting! A pen – which will disappear the moment I want it. My phone and keys. What I always wish was in my bag though? A tape measure!

  369. Must haves: phone, wallet, keys, chapstick/lip balm. Generally, I’ve always got work keys, phone, wallet, mini flashlight, can opener from a local brewery, iPod, charger, deck of cards, matches, hand sanitizer, lotion, library card, pens, a plastic little spider, and at least one snack. πŸ™‚ I’ve also been known to carry a small water bottle, book, and knitting in my purse…but it’s not SUPER huge, so hard to fill that all in there. πŸ™‚ Knitting projects in my purse are generally socks, ducky booties, or hand warmers.

  370. I usually have (beyond the basics): Badger Balm cocoa butter lip balm, my iPod, my nook, a few barrettes or a hair tie, pens, my bamboo silverware, and my digital camera. Sometimes It’s hard to keep track of it all!

  371. Billi Cummings · ·

    I bring my knitting with me everyday to the school where I am a special ed. parapro. I help the kids in the basic classroom in a middle school. I love my job,BUT, I knit to relax on my 45 min lunch break. Keeps me sane! The bag would be a great carry all. I bring lots to school everyday( folders, lunch, purse, pencil bag, and knitting)!

  372. I am a new knitter, but I already always have a small knitting project with me (potholders right now). Also, phone, wallet, keys to home and work, little makeup case, camera, iPod, Nook with knitting patterns and knitting books and a bottle of water. I need a bigger bag, lol.
    Loving your blog.

  373. I alternate between my knitting bag and my oversize tote bag. Neither are large enough to hold absolutely everything. I must have my wallet, keys, BlackBerry, small cosmetic bag, Kindle, pocket-size appointment book, and coupon holder.

    When I’m going to knitting group, I switch a few of these items to my knitting bag. Along with my current project and needle case, I add my wallet, cosmetic bag, and Blackberry. There’s room for a mini-umbrella if it looks like rain, plus a bottled water and a granola bar.

    My needle case is actually a soft-sided worm binder bag from Bass Pro Shops. There’s plenty of room for all my knitting essentials — tape measure, stitch holders, collapsible mini-scissors, a pen and post-its, and more. My circular needles are stored in heavy clear plastic bags attached to rings. Each is labeled by size and cord length. The entire thing zips up and is very handy, but it does take up a lot of room in the knitting bag.

    I’ve learned not to knit in public on something that requires concentration. Last year, I took a sweater sleeve to work on while my dad was having same-day surgery. Immediately, a woman plunked down next to me in the waiting room. She started a spiel I have often heard — “Oh, I used to crochet but I don’t think I could knit.” Blah blah blah. I wasn’t feeling sociable and I was worried about my dad. One-word responses and no eye contact didn’t deter her. I realized I had made a mistake in the decreasing, several rows back. Now I take a washcloth to work on if I’m going to be waiting. They make great gifts — one size fits all!

  374. I have to have my iphone, burt bees chapstick, hand lotion, umbrella (hate getting caught in the rain!), a book I am reading and my knitting, if it will fit!

  375. […] over at Knitting to Stay SaneΒ recently posted a review of the Rio, complete with empty and full photos. We love that because it shows just how much you can carry […]

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