Dear Chapters-Indigo John and Richmond location

It’s really sort of cute that this is all the number of chairs you thought we would need for a book signing for something written about knitting. But since the fact that more than twice this many people actually showed up seemed to be genuinely stressing out you and your carefully arranged velvet ropes, and since Stephanie was fun to listen to as per normal, I will tolerate your dumbness.

Maybe bring out a few more seats next time.

Love and kisses,


Dear Big Freaking Metal Deer Stationed All Throughout The Eaton Centre Shopping Mall


Thanks for scaring me into realizing that there are only 5 more weeks until Christmas. I fold. I’ll just buy gifts this year.

Shiny tentative metal hugs,


Dear knitters

I have a new sweater pattern to properly show off to you, and I’ll totally do that on Monday.
Have an awesome weekend!



  1. Re your letter to Chapters, AMEN! What the heck were they thinking? And for a hometown author, too?

    I particularly got a kick out of the “knitting is permitted during the event” statement they made. Sometimes you just want to shake your head.

    Nice seeing you last evening – brief though it might have been!

  2. I think that deer could scare me into doing just about anything…

  3. I actually started laughing out loud when I arrived on the 3rd floor and saw the number of chairs, and then asked the person who was policing the velvet ropes, “Seriously? You think this is enough chairs?”

    It would have been nice if they had *believed* the publisher as to the usual turn-out to these things.

  4. The deer are just crying for a yarn bombing!

  5. Love your letters! I saw your new sweater pop up on ravelry and it’s fantastic. Can’t wait to read about all the details.

  6. I love your letters and queued the sweater immediately. I have to say the deer scares me.

  7. It was “I’m sorry, we can’t allow knitters to sit on the floor” that really got me. And the attempt to keep me from behind the rope when, DUDE, I can just walk around the perimeter of your ROUND store to get there.

    Still, a lovely evening. And only a few alarmed muggles.

  8. This is a fun and original post! I hope Stephanie will come to Montreal! Have a great weekend!

  9. I now work almost exclusively out of sight of customers, but when I used to work at a different location, in full sight, it never ceased to amaze me how inaccurate their estimates were for book signings. Either they’d make sure to have 17 zillion copies on hand and end up selling, like, 2, or they’d have nothing and run out.

    As for the number of chairs, though, it’s possible they just didn’t have any more. Even at our staff meetings, we tend to have to get pretty creative to find something for everyone to sit on. Although I assume that one is a bigger store than the one I’m at now… Glad you had fun regardless.

  10. WTF is that deer thing? It’s a MONSTER!!! That’s a lil creepy.

  11. Dear Glenna,

    You rock! Sweaters are always welcome this time of year. Christmas is a time to enjoy Family and Friends (and beer and chocolate). Hope you’re keeping well over the holiday. Don’t let the giant reindeer freak you out. You’re awesome.

    Merry Christmas!


  12. I LOVE the Eaton Center. I grew up just on the other side of the border, but now I live much farther (further? I never remember) away, and I may never get there again. But I love it just the same.

    Is Mr. Greenjeans even still open?

    I love your new sweater design!

  13. Christina · ·

    I had the pleasure of seeing Stephanie near Chicago, IL and she is such a joy. Yes, Barnes & Noble was woefully under-chaired. Knitters do read!

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