Edgewater Cardigan

I can’t tell you how happy I am that it is finally cold enough to not only wear hand-knits, but to enjoy wearing hand-knits. I admit I am not at all the sort of person who rejoices over +17C temperatures in November. I’m a knitter, darn it, and I like being able to snuggle down into the yarny results of my labours. With that said, I’m pleased to have been wearing this sweater the last week – the sweater which I am happy to show off to you today as a new design. It’s what I wore on the Saturday at Rhinebeck this year and it’s a cozy cardigan for sure. Edgewater is available on Patternfish and my Ravelry store, and debuts at a slight sale price for the month of November.


This is a sweater that I designed as I went along, starting with some deliciously soft wool (Manos Maxima – very similar to Malabrigo Worsted), and a wide looping cable running up along the sleeves. By the time I got to the body I had the rest of it figured out – the cables repeat up the back, and are joined by some tinier cable twists up alongside the edge of the button-band. I also threw on some pockets, which I think may well be my favourite detail of the whole thing. I like having that little extra spot to hide things I’m carrying with me – or even just to slide in my iPod while sitting at the cafe.


The sweater is worked from the bottom-up, and the sleeves and body are joined in one piece for raglan shaping at the yoke. There is shaping at the waist, and a slight shawl collar for just a touch more comfort – however, in the instructions I note that a plain button-band could easily be worked and the shawl collar omitted. Because this is worked on a field of ‘reverse stockinette’ – i.e. the purl side of the stockinette shows on the Right Side of the work – all of the decreases on the body are worked on the Wrong Side, or the knit side. I’d much rather ask you to do k2tog and ssk than p2tog and ssp. Those ssp decreases can be fiddly, and I have no shame in admitting I like to avoid them if I can.


I am extremely grateful to Melissa Jaarsma, who took the beautiful modelled shots you see here, while we were at Rhinebeck. It was a gorgeous sunny fall day, and she went snap-snap-snap and before you knew it we had these lovely pictures you see here. I think this might be the most I’ve ever liked myself in photos. I also owe a note of thanks to Jaya Purswani for the technical editing on this pattern. Thank you, ladies, for your helpful work!


I’ll offer one last note on the yarn selection for this pattern, for any eager would-be knitters! Manos Maxima (and Malabrigo Worsted, the nearest substitute for this) are wonderfully soft and a joy to work with. They are single-spun ultra-fine merino that is pretty much like knitting with kittens. However, when a yarn gives so much in comfort and softness, it tends to neglect sturdiness and hard wearing. So, feel free to choose accordingly and go with a plied yarn or hardier wool, if that would serve you better! This is worked at a pattern gauge of 18 sts/4 ins, so a variety of worsted or Aran yarns would be suitable.


And if you are a sweater knitter or no, I wish you a happy Monday (that’s also known as Happy Castle Day, if you’re me), with possibly a refreshing beverage also. I’ll catch up with you again later in the week, with more knitting to be done.
Happy knitting!


  1. That looks fantastic!

  2. Gorgeous sweater!

  3. OMG it’s beautiful! And I love the colors!

  4. Love the sweater and LOVE that last photo of you sitting on a bench, on a beautiful fall day, just knitting and looking gorgeous!

  5. It’s lovely Glenna! A really beautiful pattern. (And that colour looks fantastic on you!)

  6. Glenna, your photo of you sitting on the bench is so beautiful!! I really like the color you choose and the pattern is so beautiful! Happy Knitting.

  7. That is so incredibly lovely! Great work!

  8. It was really nice in person too at the YH Chapters event! Very pretty.

  9. Lovely!

  10. What a gorgeous cardi!! the cables look so squishy and awesome. And the colour looks gorgeous on you!!

  11. Real nice cardi! I’m glad some people enjoy the cold 😉

  12. Stephanie · ·

    I had on an Irish-made sweater yesterday. I went to my Mom’s house after church, and she asked me, “Are you warm enough in that sweater?” Gasp. “Mom… it’s wool!”

  13. Gorgeous sweater, and gorgeous pictures. I agree about the yarn; I’ve been knitting a lot with Malabrigo worsted lately, and it *is* like knitting with kittens. I think I’d put up with a pilly sweater for that, especially on variegated or semi-solid where it’s not going to show as much as on a solid color. Yum.

    Enjoy Castle tonight! Looking forward to it, too.

  14. You have talent!!!! I want to rub up next to you as you knit and see if any transfers…. ugh does that sound creepy? My kids would say erase! erase! but I can’t because that is how much I admire your knitterly skills and your choice of color!! I used Maxima last year for a sweater and it was so nice to feel it looping through my fingers, so so! And the colorway you chose is so stunning! Off to queue this now! Bye

  15. Solarmama · ·

    Beautiful! I rolled over here from the Harlot’s post, and find exactly the sweater pattern I’ve been wanting to knit for myself that I was never able to find. Wheehaw! (And I ❤ me some Castle too, though I have to wait until it posts on Hulu to get the newest episodes.) I'm glad I stopped by, and I'll be back.

  16. Your sweater is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I had already queued this I love it.

  18. That is so yummy. It makes me want to live in a cool climate so I could knit it and wear it.. You look so lovely too. Thank you.

  19. Gorgeous! The colours are stunning as well. I love cables and I seem to be on a cable stint this Winter as well. 🙂

  20. Gorgeous. Now I know what my Tanis Aran wants to be 🙂

  21. This is amazing!!!! It fits you like a glove, gorgeously knitted, photographed and modeled!! Thanks for the inspiration. Smiles from South Africa 🙂

  22. Great design and I admire your choice of color — it’s nice to see a cardigan in a color that pops a bit and carries lots of different shades. I’m a huge Malabrigo Worsted fan so it’s great to read about your alternative suggestion.

  23. What a beautiful sweater! I love the detail of the cable up the button band. Glad to have found your blog!

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