Chilly Podsters

[Note from the future: The most current pattern file version is as of February 28/2012. Please feel free to re-download as needed! Enjoy!]

Knitters, I promised you a free pattern this month, and since I am alarmed to discover that it is very soon going to be next month and not this month (ahahahahhaha let’s not even talk about how much I haven’t started planning for Christmas), I had better get cracking and do a proper introduction between you and these Chilly Podsters!

In the process of giving my regular Podster mitts a refresher earlier this fall, I said to myself, “self, these need to be warmer. These need a sister in worsted weight.” And my self agreed, and wouldn’t you know it, less than a week later I had a pair of these. I give you the Chilly Podsters, available for free in my Ravelry store, or here as a PDF download.


This pattern is everything the original Podsters are – convertible, flip-top mitten/gloves, with a modified thumb that allows you to sneak your own thumb in and out, for access to your iPod or cell phone or camera buttons, or anything else you might want easier access to without having to rip the whole mitten off your hand to do it – but in worsted weight instead of fingering weight. True story. They also come in 2 sizes.

I used some of my remaining Ultra Alpaca to make mine, so that I’d have a matching pair of mitts to go with my Gateway Scarf, but these are essentially knittable in almost any worsted or DK yarn you’ve got stashed. They are knitted at a relatively snug 6 sts/inch, which means they will be nice and warm. The small size will use 1 skein of Ultra Alpaca or similar 100g worsteds like Cascade 220 or Plymouth Galway, and the larger skein uses just slightly more than 1 skein (I could tell you it’s a 1 skein project for both sizes, but your mileage may vary and it’s just too close to call. If you buy 2 skeins and don’t use most of the 2nd one…well, didn’t you need to make yourself a matching hat, anyway?)


Enjoy, my knitter friends! I daresay these would make a practical knit for you and a few Christmas gift recipients. A word to the wise, though – take a pause between pairs. The only downside of knitting at a snug gauge is that it does add some strain to your hands, so be kind to them.

And happy knitting this fine (or rainy, if you’re where I am) Tuesday.


  1. Awesome, Glenna! Thanks! I can definitely see myself working a pair or two of these in the next few weeks…

  2. Ohhh! Super awesome!

  3. Thank you! These are exactly what my friend has been asking for – I will be making some soon!

  4. Hmm, I have a skein of DIC Classy that was left over from a sweater…heading off to stash dive now.

  5. nicolaknits · ·

    Oooh, lovely – must make – soon! Now that I have both an iPod and a cellphone, I need these. :o)

  6. Ohh, last time I did one of these was in highschool many many years ago! Fun!

  7. Thank you for offering this free! I just love these and am going to make them my first attempt at mitts. So excited!

  8. Oh, thank you! Worsted weight = awesome quick!

  9. Those look lovely! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Wow they look nice! I’m in the middle of knitting the origonal podster gloves but these will definately be worth making another pair. Thanks so much for the free pattern.

  11. my grandma knitted hunting mittens to enable the trigger finger to be free yet covered… a thumb and then an index finger knitted into the mittens. semi-glove deal.

  12. Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for for my daughter off at university in South Dakota (we’re from Florida… so yeah, she’s freezing).

  13. Serena O. · ·

    How fantastic, Thank you. I was wanting to make a pair of Ipod mitts for my sister, but the fingering weight was not going to be warm enough. Time does not permit the figuring out of the math right now. This is great. Now I have no excuse. Thank you.

  14. I didn’t realize this hadn’t been offiicially released yet. I went searching for a worsted weight hand-covering pattern this weekend and started a pair on Sunday. I’m halfway through the main part of the second one. I’m holding off on the rest of the thumbs and flaps until I see how my yardage pans out (a little more than one ball of Calmer). Nice pattern so far!

  15. Thanks so much. My daughter just had a hankering for knitting up a bunch of mitts.

  16. There are so many wonderful aspects to this pair of mitts! Thanks so much for releasing them as a free pattern … I imagine that they will appear on everyone’s gift knitting list.

  17. Kate Stavisky · ·

    Thank you for these! I desperately need some mittens 🙂

  18. Nebraska Knitter · ·

    Thank you so much for this pattern. I love Ultra Alpaca. I’ve so enjoyed knitting your “Nice Ribbed Sock.” The sock pattern never fails. I’m looking forward to trying the mitts.

  19. jennybookworm · ·

    Thank you! I wanted to make a pair but the fingering weight was giving me pause – worsted weight sounds perfect — I think I’ll make myself a pair to take the sting out of having to stop riding my bike to work soon – I don’t like taking the bus but having my iPod (and easy access to it’s buttons) does help…

  20. These are really cute my daughter would love them

  21. GeniaKnitz · ·

    Thank you so much. Can’t wait to try them – but I guess I better wait until after Christmas.

  22. Thanks for the pattern! I’m all over these!

  23. These will be perfect for the man in my life. Thank you so much for the free pattern!

  24. So cool, I have to make them for my mum , my sister and myself especially since we go to Stanthorpe to spend some time at our friend’s farm and when we go in winter it is drop dead freezing.

  25. I am also having difficulty with the thumb gusset…..this is my first pair and have started the thumb gusset over twice now. I would also appreciate some help as these were to be a Christmas gift for my DH and I am a very slow knitter. Love your blog.
    Thank you

  26. Thank you! I will knit them soon.

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