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Old, new, etc

If I’m being honest, there’s a lot about 2011 that I won’t be sorry to leave behind. This year has had injury, loss, and personal uncertainty, none of which I am eager to repeat. But it has also brought me time with knitting, knitters, kind friends and family, and time to pursue my interests as […]

For Winter

Hat knitting season tends to come upon me a bit later on, after winter has already gotten started. I think my first impulse is always towards sweaters, once fall gets going, and then by late December and early January it eventually occurs to me that, hang on a second, there are three more months of […]

Neglected but not forgotten

As a Christmas Day and Boxing Day treat I gifted myself with some time to knit on whatever I wanted, and went back to pick up my poor neglected Gwendolyn cardigan. I started this back in September and had almost gotten both sleeves finished before getting side-tracked with other things, and I miss it. I […]

Fa la la la la

There’s no doubt about it, folks – whether or not we are ready, the holidays are upon us. And though my knitting is still with me, I’m allowing the cookie-baking, gift-wrapping, and other miscellaneous trappings of the season to sneak in. This is all of the good. I’m checking out for a few days to […]


Despite it being well into December, and despite the fact that I still have a great deal of wrapping and knitting to do this month, and despite the fact that Christmas looms ever closer (we shall not speak of this), I’ve had a hard time actually believing that Christmas is coming on. I was chatting […]


Today I remembered that I had this box waiting in my closet for just this time of year: Which is full of these little guys, mostly knit a few years ago, and waiting to scurry off and decorate the house in little groups: And you know what else I found? I discovered I have another […]

Mini break

This week I decided to take a couple of days and escape to…well, to do pretty much whatever I might have done had I stayed at home, but with the key difference of getting to do it all in close proximity to a yarn shop and many knitting friends. I headed back up to my […]

Lickety split

One thing that I learned last weekend during my stint at the yarn shop was how easily knitters reach for bulky wool this time of year. It seemed like every 2nd person was asking about what bulky yarn options were there, and more likely than not it was because they were knitting gifts and they […]

Adventures in yarn world

So, if you were staring at a display of Noro Kureyon, and there was a cubby half-filled with yellowish-green/pink/purple #221, and one lone skein of yellow/green/pink #95 (you can go ahead and look at the colours on that link, I’ll wait) that you were trying to locate as one of the several single-skein oddballs to […]

Define ‘progress’

So, apparently, when I said at the beginning of November that I was totally going to finish at least one of my sweaters on the needles by the end of the month, I was, as they say, full of it. Heh. December, you and I have a lot to reckon with. Game on.