Define ‘progress’

So, apparently, when I said at the beginning of November that I was totally going to finish at least one of my sweaters on the needles by the end of the month, I was, as they say, full of it.


Heh. December, you and I have a lot to reckon with. Game on.


  1. Well, you worked on it, right? That’s progress!

  2. I know how you feel, I started some projects in he beginning of November and now its December. My mind is like “wow where’d the time go?”

  3. All of us with deadlines seem to have noticed that November passed in double quick time! Glad I’m not alone in that observation!

  4. What??? It’s December already?

  5. Almost year long reader first time commenter. I love your blog! You help me have courage to try things that seem to be a little advanced just because I want to make them. Wishing you swift progress on your sweaters!

  6. I would think it reminds me of someone…

  7. Go Glenna go!

  8. You go Girlfriend!

  9. If you knit at least one single stitch, it’s progress… I dare say you will make a truck load of “progress” in December. Best of luck – to December, it’ll need it because you sound awfully determined!

  10. Paper Lotus Knits · ·

    Hah, are you doing any Christmas knitting this December? Seems like a challenge!

  11. you show December who’s boss! Is that TFA in Chestnut??

  12. MaggieTabby · ·

    Ah, knitters’ ADD! I have it too. But as some of these UFOs of mine are gifts, I will have to get them done. The sweater in the photo looks awesome, by the way.

  13. I’m with Ann in the UP — November was *short* this year! I’m not entirely sure how or why, but it was SHORT.

    That teaser pic is loverly. 🙂 I can just feel how cozy that sweater is going to be. Beautiful color.

  14. Hey, that yarn looks familiar. Is it Araucania by any chance?

  15. Whoops! 😀

  16. Well there is “progress” and there is “completion”. One often leads to the other. Your progress looks fabulous! Here’s hoping for completion before too long….

  17. This time it’s for real!

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