Lickety split

One thing that I learned last weekend during my stint at the yarn shop was how easily knitters reach for bulky wool this time of year. It seemed like every 2nd person was asking about what bulky yarn options were there, and more likely than not it was because they were knitting gifts and they wanted them to go quickly. (Who would have thought? Gifts that knit quickly? You mean not all gifts have to be on fingering weight? Dude, I’ve been going about this all wrong.) While I was there I also fondly petted my Frostbite hat and mitt samples, which currently reside at the Purple Purl along with several hard copy patterns.

And you know, darned if people weren’t knitting it. I mean, we always hope for this, as designers, but it was a new thing for me to watch it happen in real time. (Admittedly, it tickled me to no end. I kept my glee on the inside and attempted to remain professional.) Β Over the course of the weekend a few folks purchased yarn to make Frostbites (some for themselves, though, of which I approve – knit yourself something over the holidays too, I always say), which tickled me to no end. And then after a weekend of watching people snap up the bulky yarn like crackers, and then after the beginning of a week week that saw me finishing a sizeable deadline project before carrying on to all the other many deadline projects on my list, and sometimes I just miss the knitted samples I have to part with, and I arrived at Wednesday and just wanted something that I could start and finish in less than a week and said “I WANT A QUICK HAT TOO. SO THERE, TO-DO LIST. I’LL DEAL WITH YOU LATER. Me and the bulky yarn, we have GOT THIS.”


So this is all a long way of saying that I am knitting myself my own hat and mitt set. I cast on the hat on Wednesday night and by dinnertime on Thursday I was already ready to start the first mitten. Like, this thing practically blinks itself off the needles. (It’s in some stashed Wool of The Andes Bulky, from Knit Picks. Judging by how many colours they seem to need to re-stock, I’m guessing there are a few more bulky knitters out there.) I love it. Why have I neglected bulky yarn for so long? More bulky knits in 2012, I say.

A good thing I finally came to my senses on this, because it’s all in time for December to finally declare itself known. After November failed to make up its mind on what season it was in, we are going into the second weekend of December with a little bit of this on the ground:


The weekend ahead is threatening a bit of Christmas-tree-getting, cookie baking, and yet more knitting. (Probably some adult beverages, too.) So all in all that’s a pretty good docket. I hope you’ve got a great weekend ahead of you as well, and that the knitting is under control! And you know, even if it isn’t under control, well, it’ll still be fine. Have a cookie anyway.

Catch you next week!


[ETA] Jen, the multi-colour sock knitter from my previous post, reports that it was these socks (Ravelry link) that she was knitting. Free pattern, and easy with sock yarn leftovers. Very groovy.




  1. In the interest of letting you know how knitters love your patterns and knit your designs—-I have finished podster mitt number one. I’m still messing with the thumb, but I’ll get it pretty soon. I’m drunk with power!!

  2. Hey, thanks so much, Ann! I’m happy to have helped make you drunk with power πŸ˜‰


  3. Love the hat! I’m all over the aran and bulky weight yarn right now. So quick, plus we need warm gear in the north right now!

    Sounds like you have a terrific weekend in store. I’m planning to mull wine, bake some cookies, and have some girlfriends over for a cozy knitting afternoon.

  4. Sounds like a whole lot of fun! I love the hat and mitts that you are kitting up, I’m very partial to brown and blue together.

  5. I am doing some Christmas knitting. I usually knit lace scarves and shawls. Last week, I knocked off a cowl (Infinitude cowl) and this week in two days, I knit a hat for an adult in DK weight yarn. It was really fun and so fast. The speed in which you can finish something that is not lace and in a heavier weight was a revelation to me as well. I may actually finish my Christmas knitting next week…

  6. When I am at your blog I sometimes wish I lived in a cooler climate so that I could knit and wear your mighty fine creations. Not to be as I live in tropical north east Australia BUT that doesn’t stop me loving your designs and your writing. Lovely! And thank you for putting it ‘out there’.


  7. Lydia – thank you so much! Clearly I’ll have to come up with some lighter and lacier designs for you in Australia! πŸ˜‰ Happy to hear from you,


  8. Bulky is nice but I do still love knitting with finer weights myself. I’m in the midst of crazy Christmas gift knitting but loving every minute of it. I happen to be knitting a stripey beanie and seeing your Frostbite hat and mittens has me really excited to get your pattern.

  9. Ha! Swatching for a bulky sweater while reading your post. Bulky is the way to go when you need a knitting win!

  10. This year, I decorated the inside of my house before the outside because it was raining! Your hat and mittens are looking really good so far!

  11. Bravo for a quick knit! I love your zigzaggy hat. I knit a pair of thrummed slippers for myself this week. Hooray for quick and selfish knitting!

  12. Sure enough, I’ve gotten out some bulky yarn to make some last minute dishcloths for Christmas presents! πŸ™‚ I’ve been reading your blog for a couple months now, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it and learn from it as well! Thank you for the time you devote to making your blog funny, informative, creative, etc. I love it.

  13. I have just knit the podsters and am soooo proud of myself! Thsi is my first pair of mitts, and I can say that I also knot my first pair of gloves..’cuz aren’t they two in one/ Thanks for the great pattern. My son will love these.

  14. I’m loving the bulky yarn and my size thirteen needles right now. Not just for Christmas gifts; a friend recently told me, “Women who wear red get what they want,” and then my mom gave me six skeins of bulky red yarn. I knitted a red button front shawl for myself in a couple of days. Go, mom! Really enjoy your writing and patterns.

  15. Love bulky! Always have, always will. I can handle a bulky knit sweater, not so much a worsted weight one. I have knitters add, so bulky helps with this. πŸ˜‰

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