Mini break

This week I decided to take a couple of days and escape to…well, to do pretty much whatever I might have done had I stayed at home, but with the key difference of getting to do it all in close proximity to a yarn shop and many knitting friends. I headed back up to my stomping grounds of the last year, Peterborough, where the town may be small but the yarn shop is friendly and the knitters are welcoming. (Bridget even has her own bright red sample of my Allons-Y shawl hanging in the window, which delighted me to no end when I rolled up yesterday afternoon.)


I’m still working through a pack of deadline knits, and though i’m starting to see the middle of it and could really be doing it anywhere, it just gets plain lonely and monotonous sometimes after a few too many days rattling around the same walls with the same thoughts. Though I live just outside of Toronto and have no shortage of yarn shops nearby, I miss being able to have one within walking distance, and most of my friends (who, come to think of it, happen to be mostly knitting friends) live in different cities from me. Sometimes you just need to do your thing in the company like minds, before scurrying back to your regular hidey-hole.


Anyway, knitters Bridget and Sasha duly took me to the pub for knitting and dinner, and then we all tailed it back to Sasha’s place for more knitting (possibly also more beer) and movie viewing and fannish chatter. (Dude, we are all shocked and amazed to discover that Alan Rickman is 65. That Snape wig must be messing with our perceptions, because I would have sworn he was only 40, like, 2 seconds ago.)


I’m starting to give some thought to holiday knitting for me, and planning ahead to Christmas Day when I intend to knit whatever the hell I want. I”m torn between the idea of starting something new and fun and big and complex, just for the joy of starting it, and the idea of casting on something small and chunky, just for the joy of finishing it in one day. It is a tough, tough call, man. Good thing I’ve still got 10 days to think about it. (I may however be in denial about the fact that the number of days is actually going to get smaller, as more days pass, but whatever. Lalallaaa…)

Do you have post-deadline-knitting holiday knitting plans of your own? I hope so.
Until next time, yarnly friends – keep the knitting close by!


  1. Elizabeth · ·

    Ooh, I feel skeevy knowing that Alan Rickman is 65. Though for me, its all about Colonel Brandon. And the voice…

  2. Boxing day is mine – I am going to work on my “norwiegan” colorwork mittens (something I rediscovered after 25 years), my alpaca scarf from yarn I just purchased from our local alpaca farm, and my teal blue aran cardigan. No cooking for me – leftover turkey, pie and cocolate are on the menu (everyone knows that there are no calories in Christmas leftovers!!) All the kids and grandkids will be gone and back home – my husband understands that he is on his own. AN ENTIRE “ME” DAY !!! my Christmas gift to me ……

  3. Post-deadline knitting plans? Definitely! I’m going to take a crack at two of the patterns in the last issue of Interweave Knits: the Nantes hat for almost instant gratification and the Livingstone Cardigan for something more intricate. We’re definitely on the same wave length there.

  4. My plans change by the minute! Big, indulgent sweater for myself? Or hats and mittens galore to prepare for the snow that will eventually fall? Or the color work scarf I’ve been wanting to start since a year ago? In any case, we’re traveling for Christmas, so I have to pack for all eventualities. Yikes. Also, I’m totally in denial about finishing socks for my “little’ brother (he is a lanky 6’3” with size 12 feet) that I just cast on for TODAY…

  5. could you do something chunky AND complex? hrm…. 😉 p.s. I lurve my knitting buddies, too.

  6. It sounds like a lovley time hanging out with friends at the pub. Here in the U.S. knitting in a pub is unusual behavior. I have to say I’m a bit envious. Good Times.

  7. I am going to go back to a fun-to-knit Catkin capelet. Fun except for the needles. I have 200 plus stitches and that takes awhile to knit a row! I aknitting legwarmers on size 8 for granddaughters for Christmas. Why do we always think of what is next when we are knitting right now!!

  8. I meant to say size 4 needles!!

  9. …Snape’s 65?!? Holy Shitake, he’s a freakin’ sexy 65! Must pass to my fellow Potterite.

    Hm, what knitting do I have planned after christmas? Whatever UFO jumps at me!

  10. GeniaKnitz · ·

    Oh my. In your first picture – December 15, YarnShop 2 – what is that gloriously red yarn? The lovely cranberry/garnet red? I’m drooling all over my computer desk!
    Post-Christmas knitting will be the baby blanket for my niece, which had to be put aside to complete the sweater for another niece’s 4-year-old son – I know 4-year-old boys don’t care about sweaters but this one has an intarsia John Deere tractor on it!
    Then I can go back to the three pair of socks I have OTN.
    Can’t wait

  11. I have to say, Christmas Day and Boxing Day will see me starting my Great American Aran Afghan!!!!!!!! Have had the book and the yarn for about 3 months but decided Christmas Day would see the first stitch on the needles! Wish me luck with that one!!! Hope whatever you choose to do is rewarding and fun! lol x

  12. I can’t’ stop thinking about post-Christmas knitting plans but I also can’t decide what they will be — there’s a cardigan I really want to begin and a shawl and I may just start both (because starting is always fun!)

  13. Post knitting will have me whipping through a 6 hour super-chunky afghan on size 50 needles! There is just something about a warm blanket that is always satisfying to finish 🙂

  14. I just finished my 6th mitt (3 pairs) for Christmas gifts, and I am just done. No more Christmas deadline knitting. Knitting, yes – just no more Christmas gifts. 🙂

  15. I am trying to finish a sweater for one daughter and socks for the other. They know they probably won’t have them in time for Christmas. However, I have a wonderful Aran sweater started for myself that I want to work on after these things are done. It will take me forever, but it’s really gorgeous.

    Colonel Brandon is 65?? He still looks good!

  16. My favorite version of “Sense and Sensibility” is the one with Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon. There are several other Harry Potter actors in it as well.

    I’m working on a shawl and a hat. When I get tired of one, I pick up the other.

    Last year, my out-of-town relatives had to postpone their annual visit due to heavy snowfall on Christmas Day. I was left with three people to eat the dinner for eight I had prepared. Lots of leftovers. This year, my daughter is hosting the family dinner at her home.

    Wishing you all a happy holiday season. 🙂

  17. I can’t wait to start knitting stuff for myself!
    I have a cardigan I have barely started and can’t wait to knit more on it, and finish it! The yarn and pattern is lovely. So bored with christmas knits right now :p

  18. I love this idea of Christmas day knitting, and just put in an order for some really delicious yarn for this purpose – first a Liesl cowl and second an Alaria shawl. I even had it shipped to my parents’ house, where we’ll spend that day. Can’t wait!

  19. Genia – that red is in fact a skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in the “Cranberry” colourway! You’ll likely see it again soon on the blog, in finished hat form 😉


  20. Yes, indeed, there is nothing so fine as dropping that last “must-knit” into the mailbox – the decks are clearing and I am definitely doing a UFO finish for everything I cast on this year. Don’t hold me to it!

  21. It’s ( Alan Rickman’s) his voice that does it for me. He could be reading off a bottle of cough syrup and I’d be mesmerized.

  22. Hi, sorry this comment is so late. I stumbled across your blog while searching for knitting blogs, and when I saw the photo of you drinking beer while knitting, I knew I had found a like-minded individual! Your blog is pretty neat. I hope to read more in the future.

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