Despite it being well into December, and despite the fact that I still have a great deal of wrapping and knitting to do this month, and despite the fact that Christmas looms ever closer (we shall not speak of this), I’ve had a hard time actually believing that Christmas is coming on. I was chatting about this with Bridget and Sasha last week during my visit, and it was refreshing not to be alone in this.

It’s been an odd off-again-on-again month so far, weather-wise, with the weather hovering generally in the cold direction but not necessarily long enough for any snow to stick around. And though the mittens and scarves are coming out of hiding, it’s still hard to predict exactly how many days in a row a person will depend on wearing them. Which is all fine in principle, but you know, we live in a four-season climate here in Southern Ontario, and its funny how much a person’s holiday sensibilities can start to hinge on a certain combination of weather events. (It’s also possible I’ve just been in denial about how close Christmas actually IS. That argument could merit further examination.)


Anyhoodle, this weekend I busied myself with a bit of effort towards said sensibilities, and took part in a few seasonal rituals with a few knitters included. On Friday, in between long bus trips back from Peterborough and towards Hamilton, I met up with the delightful Sandi for lunch and a wee tour of the Distillery District in Toronto, where their little Christmas market will almost make you feel like you’re in Germany for a few moments, minus the mulled wine. (We really have got to get on the mulled wine.) Sandi doesn’t get down to Toronto nearly often enough, and I flit in and out like a flitting thing just about every week, and so we hung out for a bit.


And you know, as delightful as it was, it lacked a certain je ne sais quoi. The crowds were putting in an effort, sure, but we were still rather out-numbered as far as the knitter quotient. So yesterday I took myself on down to the Purple Purl, where they were having their annual pre-Boxing-Day Boxing Day sale. Ahhh yes, that’s better.


Knitterly crowds were achieved. And purchasing. Though not necessarily of the selfless gift shopping variety. The universe craves balance, after all. (Hi, Alison! Nice selection in your basket, there!)


Also among the shoppers were Karen and Maggie, who do the geeky and fun podcast Knit 1, Geek 2. Karen had just finished her very own pair of (sparkly) Viper Pilots socks, which I know from her podcast she has been working on for several months. Knitters, you too can have a pair of ultra cool twisty cabled socks with just a few minutes a day. (Over a…number of days. But still! It can be done.)


After that, just to be on the safe side, I ducked into the Eaton Centre and braved the lineup at Chapters-Indigo, and dodged more shopping crowds and giant reindeer.


I think I’m good now. December has been achieved.
We shall not speak of how many days there are until Christmas. I’m negotiating for more time.

Happy knitting this week! Especially if all your deadlines have been achieved. You’ve earned some festive cheer, no doubt.



  1. I love your denial. It looks so well on you. I’m on the last inch of my podsters and I know the DIL will love them!!!

  2. I so wanted to go to the sale yesterday but a bday party kept me away (and my fear of city driving). I’ve only been to one of their sales but it was probably one of the best offerings I’ve seen! That said, holiday knitting is done and wrapped and I’ve put my needles away until Christmas day when I will look surprised as I open up a pre-wound ball of Malabrigo Rios for a new winter hat. Having heard so much about this yarn… I’m pretty excited.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. I missed a yarn sale?! My DH will be happy but I’m not. 😦 Glad I’m not the only one in Christmas denial. Let’s not speak of it….

  4. Peace, Love, Knitting :) · ·

    Maybe we can act like Christmas has been pushed back because I still have some deadlines to meet, too. *Cough, cough*. 🙂 Love the socks, btw!

  5. Hi!
    I’m a Swedish girl who’s been reading your blog for a while now and I’d just like to say thank you for all the inspiration you’ve been given me. I took your advice on doing anything you really want to knit even if you don’t know whether the pattern is to difficult or not, and now I’m halfway through my first sweater!
    Keep up the good work, and Merry Christmas!

  6. Love your denial, I’m actually one of those knitters who has to get everything done and hates wips(i have to finish them). Probably one of those people you love to hate. I wish I would have the nerve to give someone something on the needles or just a ball of yarn lol

  7. Christmas, it’s coming? It just doesn’t feel like it yet for some reason and this is despite the fact that my craft room is full of presents to wrap for the kids, nephews and husband. School here has broken up for summer holidays already but it still doesn’t feel like Christmas to me. Tree is up, crowds are at the local malls, but no, still no Christmas feel yet. Hopefully it’ll turn up on the day.

  8. Christmas shopping? What Christmas shopping? I have yet to begin. Here in South Africa we’ve been having temps upwards of 35 degrees celsius (95F) so getting in the ‘Christmas mood’ has been difficult…. (You’re so right about the season and the weather!) On the knitting front, am on the second square of the Great American Aran Afghan and LOVING IT!!! Such a challenge… Merry, merry…. lol x

  9. I believe that the denial lasts until the last stitch is done — in my case, I’ll be in denial up until Thursday (possibly beyond if anything gets in my way)! Good luck with your last minute knits and have a Merry Christmas when it finally hits you!

  10. Yes, the Christmas weather disappointment- I’m dealing with this down in Virginia. I mean, obviously we don’t get blizzards or anything (except once), but I think we are entitled to our NORMALLY cold temperatures and SOME snow in December, to get us in the mood for the holiday, right? But no. It’s in the 50s and 60s and it’s not snowing or even raining. Just gray. It’s thrown me off a bit. But the Christmas knitting is done and I’m ready to start knitting the bandana cowl featured on the Purl Soho blog.

  11. You know, I have managed to dodge the Eaton’s Centre the entire time that giant reindeer has been there. Thank you for providing a photo that gives me a sense of the scale of that beast, wow.

  12. PS: speaking of fancy socks, hypothetically, when is your Inara pattern available for purchase?

  13. Any time you like! You can find them in my Ravelry store or Patternfish. Name is “Companion.”


    Ps yes the Eaton Centre deer really are that huge!

  14. I completely agree, the lack of snow is causing havoc with the approaching holiday (and my awareness of it) But I don’t think you’re just in denial. Because I’m ALL DONE with my holiday knitting and I still don’t realize how close the holidays are…

  15. I also was in denial how close Xmas actually was. But then it started snowing and I’m totally in the mood for it. Finally.

  16. […] Despite it being well into December, and despite the fact that I still have a great deal of wrapping and knitting to do this month, and despite the fact that Christmas looms ever closer (we shall not speak of this), I’ve had a hard time actually believing that Christmas is coming on. I was chatting […] Knitting to Stay Sane […]

  17. At this point, I’m ready for the holidays to be over. I’m getting far too frustrated over things beyond my control. I love the unseasonably warm temps, though.

    My local yarn shop always has a sale in January, so I’ll be saving my Christmas money for that.

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