Neglected but not forgotten

As a Christmas Day and Boxing Day treat I gifted myself with some time to knit on whatever I wanted, and went back to pick up my poor neglected Gwendolyn cardigan. I started this back in September and had almost gotten both sleeves finished before getting side-tracked with other things, and I miss it. I love the teal blue and the fun cables, and also, I want the finished sweater.

Anyway, some time between the post-brunch food coma and the pre-dinner snacking food coma, I looked down at the second sleeve as I was merrily progressing on the sleeve cap, and realized that something wasn’t quite right. I had, as it turns out, missed not one but two cable twists in a row, on the same cable. So I isolated the exact 5 stitches in question, ripped them down to the point where the first twist should have been…


…and then immediately went and cast on for the back. I’ll get to the cable fix later. Maybe my 2012 self would enjoy that. My 2011 self will continue in cabley denial for a bit and whirr along with the body. La la la. (FYI, if you’re wondering how exactly a person does that, Steph has an awesome photo tutorial on two ways to fix a mis-crossed cable. It works, it really really does.)


I hope you’re all keeping well and that you have some nice gifts and treats to keep you company! I’ll be back next post with my last wee designs to ring out 2011 with, and will be pleased to show them off to you. Happy knitting in the final days of the year.




  1. This cardigan is a beautiful color! Thanks for the tutorial link. I made a pair of cabled socks and realized after I cast off that one of the cables was crossed the wrong way, but I decided to keep it because nobody’s perfect.

  2. Beautiful sweater! I mis-crossed, isolated and re-knit on my Rosamund Cardi a while back. I held my breath the whole time. It wasn’t bad but I can understand why you would leave it in favour of more fun things on the holidays! My fun holiday knitting is a cabled hat in Malabrigo from Vogue Fall 2009 but the pattern isn’t correct (although no errors are posted…) I’ve coloured my pattern, crossed my fingers, and dove right in.

  3. I dream of the day I can knit a cardigan!

  4. Jennifer L. Amundsen · ·

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful sweater AND Yarn Harlot’s cable fix! Very timely – I’ve been putting off frogging a cabled project due to a mis-crossed cable. Now I feel like I can get back on track. Yahoo!

  5. Thank you so much for that link! bookmarked for future reference (as I look at my miscrossed cable).

  6. Gorgeous cables! Sometimes it’s best to carry on and save the fixes for the home stretch.

    Happy new year to you, Glenna! Always enjoy reading your blog.

  7. I absolutely LOVE the colour.

  8. Nebraska Knitter · ·

    Happy New Year Glenna! I love reading your blog. Your new blog look is great. Very sophisticated looking!

  9. i LOVE that color! i just want to eat it!! LOL

  10. Beautiful colour and lovely cables!

  11. I love the color! It’s absolutely gorgeous and I bet it will make an amazing cardigan.

    I miscrossed my cables on a project a while back, but I tend to keep the miscrossed cables to give it a little character. 🙂

  12. Thanks for the link to Steph’s quick fix. I OFTEN find missed cables or what not. I fix them all the time using the drop down method, much to my friends’ queasiness, but I never thought of stitching over them… next time, I might have to try that. Looking lovely! I have the same teal waiting in a basket for the right day to resume it. Now I’m thinking maybe the cardigan pattern is the problem… Bloggers make me think. Sometimes that’s good! LOL

  13. […] gone and changed the size I’m making halfway through, and then there’s the whole cable on the sleeve fix that I still have to go back and do, and (because I decided my 2011 self didn’t need to worry about that, and I’d let my […]

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