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If I’m being honest, there’s a lot about 2011 that I won’t be sorry to leave behind. This year has had injury, loss, and personal uncertainty, none of which I am eager to repeat. But it has also brought me time with knitting, knitters, kind friends and family, and time to pursue my interests as they unfold, and I am grateful for these. I look forward to more adventures in 2012. I’ve heard people speculating on how the ‘even-ness’ of that number is appealing in and of itself, and maybe they’re onto something.

I haven’t formulated any specific resolutions – yet, anyway – but I do certainly plan to find more knitting adventures ahead. In 2011 I visited Sock Summit (again) and Rhinebeck (again), taught some awesome knitting workshops and embarked on more design challenges, and learned a great deal about my creative process and more projects I’d like to work on.

I hope you have some awesome knitting plans ahead for the next year, because doesn’t everyone deserve some knitting awesome-ness in their life?

On a purely frivolous note, I’ll leave you with this bit of annual eye/ear candy from DJ Earworm – a fun time at the closing of the year or just plain good fun.

Happy New Year ahead!



  1. I have recently rejoined the knitting world after a 25 year hiatus – moved to Newfoundland as a new teacher with my husband in 1984, and learned to make bread, cod au gratin, and knit some awesome fair isle sweaters. It all came to a grinding halt when I had my first of 5 kiddies, and life got busy. So as my nest is getting simultaneously empty and full (1st grandbaby!) I jumped back in. So far I have a trail of scarves, hats (uncabled and cabled, thanks to Stephanie Pearl McPhee), mitts, neckwarmers, a beautiful huge lacy shawl in progress, slowly but surely, and today – aha – my first pair of socks! And they are awesome – thanks for the weekend sock pattern in Canadian Living!!!!!. I, too, am happy to leave 2011 behind, it was full of amazing highs and some sad lows, but I have used my newfound knitting to slow myself down and enjoy some quiet thinking (okay, some swearing) time. I have found knitters, even ones I don’t know, very helpful, and I have certainly needed alot of help. I have relearned the joys of squeezing yarn. I have also enjoyed finding blogs where I can laugh and say, “Wow, that sounded like it came outta my mouth….” This year, I resolve to not be afraid to try any project, to ask for help when needed and take more pictures of my awesome stuff! Hope your 2012 is lovely.

  2. I’m a new knitter who is blown away by the awesome online (and real life) knitting communities that abound. I hope that you have a moderate 2012 🙂 (May you not doubt yourself a whit!)

  3. Happy New Year 2012! I too think that 2012 is a good number (for whatever that means!) and it will be filled with knitting for sure!

  4. Happy 2012! I haven’t picked any specific resolutions and I’m fine with that. That next knitting project is all ready to go though. 🙂

  5. In my humble opinion 2012 can ONLY be better than 2011… It certainly has an even, well-balanced ring to it so let’s hope it brings a sense of balance to us all. However, we must never forget, the world may fall down around us, but there will always be wool….. xxx

  6. Frivolous cynicism. I agree we need to take ourselves more lightly. Thanks to my teen agers, I even recognized some of the pop references. Thanks.

  7. I hope 2012 is an amazing year for you. Personally, I’m glad to see the back of 2011!

  8. Found your blog in 2011 and have to say that was one of the year’s highlights . . . as you might be able to tell as attractive as your blog is, if that’s a highlight you can tell that 2011 in our house was more challenging than I would have liked and I TOO am glad to see the back of it! I was wondering, whose colorway and what luscious yarn is it on your header, right there in the middle? Thanks!

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