Sock momentum

The other evening I allowed myself a bit of a break from current projects to go back to a long-suffering Work in Progress, thinking it was still probably a long ways off from being finished, but I figured just doing a few simple rows on a simple project would be just the thing to give my mind a break. As it turns out, as is so often the case with projects I think are light years away from being finished – these socks were just a few rows and a toe away from being finished.

And so, I finished them.


You might surmise from the colour of these socks when exactly it was that I started them. I cast on for them during Rhinebeck weekend back in October, and had reached for this particular skein (Socks That Rock, mediumweight, in ‘Coppertree’) because it was fall at the time and this colourway seemed pretty fall-ish. They’ve been my handbag knitting since then, but sadly have only seen very sporadic knitting time.


I’m happy that they’re done now, though, since having a finished project is often enough of a boost to keep going with the ones that are still on the needles.

Colour is such a funny thing, though. I decided to get the next pair of socks started just to have them ready at a moment’s notice, and ended up bypassing all of the multi-coloured skeins in favour of a simple yet vibrant skein of Malabrigo sock in Tiziano Red. I often reach for this shade of red in the winter, it occurs to me (more than one year in a row has passed where I’ve knitted some red accessories), and it’s a very warm and soothing colour to have on hand.


I hope your projects are going well – and who knows, you might have something ‘almost finished’ ready to become something for your closet or sock drawer.

Happy knitting!




  1. love the yarn for those socks! very very pretty! i’m new to knitting…and very new to knitting socks…so we’ll see how mine come out 🙂

  2. expressionfiberarts · ·

    Very nice!!! I love both the orange and the red colors! Very inspiring.

  3. Very nice! I really like the colorway.

  4. I have started to carry a sock in my backpack that I take to work. Whenever I have a few free minutes I take it out and knit a couple of rows. Such a convenient little project!

  5. Jesssca R · ·

    I’m the same way with that shade of red in the winter!

  6. I haven’t learned how to make socks yet.

    I’m hoping that I will have done at least one pair by this year.

  7. socks are weird that way, sometimes they fly off the needles, sometimes they last forever! I am digging the colors you have chosen too

  8. Winter red… I visited my LYS 3 days ago, with some projects in mind, but left with red sock yarn!

  9. Lykkefanten · ·

    Beautiful colour in those socks.
    I’ve also noticed that certain seasons bring out the craving for certain colours in me. Winter is blues and greys and whites and summer is hot orange and red.

  10. I love your rich choice colors:)

  11. I Love Tiziano Red… a comforting winter colourway 🙂 And your Fall socks are just lovely!

  12. I only recently discovered your blog (shortly before Christmas). I casted on a pair of your ribbed socks because I liked the look but I wasn’t sure I would enjoying knitting the ribbing. I was wrong. I love knitting these socks. Thanks for the great pattern.

  13. Mrs Peachtree · ·

    A lovely shade of red indeed…and just happens to be your colour 🙂 Ask Alison Rose to tell you about your colours next time you see her at the Purl. She has a talent for telling which colours will look good on people and which will just wash them out!

  14. So true about UFO’s. I dug out a cotton shopping bag that I had put away because I had gotten so hopelessly lost in the lace patterning and thought it was totally wrecked. When I pulled it out there wasn’t a thing in the world wrong with it. I just resumed knitting and had it done in two shakes! So clearly it needed a time out, I just don’t know any more for what.

  15. I, too, love the Tiziano Red color. I’m about to make a cap and mitts for my husband out of the leftovers from his winter sweater. Warm looking and classy.

  16. Very nice fall sock! They are so pretty! And the Malabrigo yarn is so vibrant! Must be good to knit with it in the winter time. I only have one WIP! Cool hey?

  17. I love the richness of that red, with the undertone of black. Those will be great.

  18. Beautiful and they fit so well!

  19. I just want to tell you that I love your blog!!! I’ve been following it for a long time!!!

  20. May I have the pattern of this sock? It looks simple and I’m a beginner when it comes to knitting. Thanks.

  21. Carley Ash · ·

    Those are gorgeous colors.
    I’ve recently returned to knitting. My grandmother taught me as a child, but I didn’t do much with it. It’s amazing what I remember though. Looking forward to the day I can knit socks. For now I’m working on a scarf in the University colors of BLUE and ORANGE. Every time I bring it out to work on it, my husband yells, “My eyes! My eyes!” 🙂

  22. Tiziano Red is my favorite!!! I recently dyed my hair red and as much as I love it, it breaks my heart that the sweater I’m planning to make with that color will clash with my hair. Guess I’ll have to dye it brown when I finish the sweater. I have priorities 🙂 Love your work, and happy knitting!

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  24. I am *this close* to finishing my Sockhead Hat in Socks That Rock lightweight. Seriously, I’m about halfway through the decreases, and just about ready to transfer it to DPNs (shhh, I love them 😉 ) and JUST IN TIME, TOO. Tomorrow is supposed to be just *ugly* cold here — hope you are bundled up all cozy and warm where you are!

  25. I have several WIP’s that need to be finished. Right now, I’m knitting prayer shawls and lap blankets for a church ministry.

  26. This post reminded me of a sock project I had sitting in the wings for some time. Picked it up this week and should have the pair done this weekend. You also inspired me to order some nice wintery-red for a new project.

  27. cablest08 · ·

    It took some searching but I found the ribbed sock pattern at

    It looks like it might be comfortable because the toe area appears more rounded and not so pointed as other patterns.

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