Monthly Archives: February 2012

Luck of the leap year

So this afternoon I went over to the Cascade 220 portion of my yarn stash (as one does), to grab a single skein of something that I could use for a new small project. And while I was there I thought “you know, I should really catalog this. Maybe even enter it in my Ravelry […]

Weekend recovery

I spent this past weekend in the company of ten other knitters in a cottage (well, more like a 2-storey rental house, but still), a seems to be becoming an annual tradition. I have to say there are worse ways to spend a weekend. There was a lot to fit in, though. There was the […]

Parallel hobbies

Like a lot of other knitters, one of the reasons I love knitting is that it’s very difficult to see yourself getting to the end of the line, once you’re on the train. It just keeps going. There’s always more to do – more yarns, more techniques, more patterns, more yarn shops, more ideas. I […]

Event Horizon

You know, sometimes, when you start a sweater and then blink and discover that almost six months have passed since you started it and you still haven’t finished it yet, you then discover that you are actually pretty close to finishing it after all? Me too. I have started to feel a bit of unease […]

Urban Collection: Aberdeen Ave. Mittens and Hat

One of my goals as I began putting together ideas for my Urban Collection was to offer a set of patterns with balance; In theory, I wanted a person who might knit all of these items to have a knitted object for any occasion. In other words, if you had all these knitted items, you […]

Urban Collection: Locke St.

What can I say, folks, but that it’s a great relief to finally get to show off a few designs to you after keeping them under wraps for so long. February marks the first wave of releases of my Urban Collection, which will be a collection of eight knitting patterns in total. Between February and […]

Worth the wait

Knitting friends, over the course of the last several months (well, almost the last year, actually), I’ve been working away on a big project for myself. It’s finally ready to start getting revealed, a few pieces at a time, and I’m so eager to be able to share it with you. In my next post […]

I hear sometimes people spend their time watching sports on television

This morning I decided to actually try putting away some of the detritus that had gathered on my desk (not all of it, though – I wouldn’t want to over-exert myself), and came across this comic strip my dad clipped for me a little while ago. And you know, I hear there’s some kind of […]