I hear sometimes people spend their time watching sports on television

This morning I decided to actually try putting away some of the detritus that had gathered on my desk (not all of it, though – I wouldn’t want to over-exert myself), and came across this comic strip my dad clipped for me a little while ago. And you know, I hear there’s some kind of major sporting event coming up on Sunday, so it’s good timing.


(With credit and gratitude to Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen.)

Goodness knows I’ll only be ‘watching’ as an excuse for yummy food and knitting time. (Honest to God, I can’t even remember who the teams are.) You?





  1. Absolutely no idea, and the sad part of that is that I live in Indianapolis.

  2. aww glenna I love football!

    I brought knitting to my superbowl party last year & the tension gets tighter and tighter as my team started losing… no knitting this year. But I do most of my winter knitting during regular season football games.


    ps: It’s Patriots/Giants! πŸ˜‰

  3. No idea who is playing and won’t be watching it. Will probably rent a movie instead.

  4. I love “watching” football and yes a ton of knitting does get done. I will be voting for NY this year.

  5. I have some tv shows on dvd that I plan on marathoning on Sunday πŸ™‚ I’ll indulge in the snacks though!

  6. irisrainbow · ·

    I’ll be delivering pizzas! WOOWHOO,I’m gonna get Big Tips!

  7. I find it funny when knitters look down their noses at sports on TV. Instead they watch tv shows or movies. An improvement? Really? I don’t own a TV and listen to football on the radio regularly. Wonderful knitting and sitting beside my husband on the couch time. And by the way, it’s the NY (football) Giants and the New England Patriots. Anybody wanna have an Eli Manning/Tom Brady discussion?

  8. Laura – rest assured I’m not looking down on people who watch sports! It’s people who watch any kind of television without knitting in their hands that I find the most strange πŸ˜‰


  9. Oh I’ll be knitting during the game. It’s a huge deal in my family as there is a clear line of Patriots and Giants fans ready to kill. I do it so that I don’t eat too much snacks too!

  10. Knitting during football games is my favorite fall pastime. However, I don’t know if I’m going to manage to knit this Sunday. We’re big Giants fans so there may actually be some stress. LauraSue – I love Eli Manning. Always calm, no scandal, steady as a rock in clutch situations. I’ll probably be sitting holding my knitting, but not manage many stitches!

  11. I know it’s Pats vs. Giants because I live in New England. πŸ™‚
    Near Webs. And Webs is having a pre-game party. So I’ll get my knitting on in the afternoon, and probably flip back and forth between the commercials and Tivo’d Glee episodes while knitting even more.

  12. I watch football while knitting all fall and as far into winter as possible. I’m a Packer fan, so should really root for the Giants, since they beat the Pack in the play-offs, yet Tom Brady is a Michigan alumnus, so what’s a fan to do???

    I just hope it’s a really good game and than nobody gets hurt (badly). And I’ve just started a sock in a Knitalong, so I’ll have something interesting to work on if it isn’t a good game.

  13. That is great – I keep telling my husband that I can’t understand how he watches TV without knitting!

  14. The best thing about the Super Bowl is that my husband makes his special dish for the event which means I get out of cooking dinner and have several guilt-free hours of knitting during the game. Even if our Patriot’s don’t win, I do!

  15. Totally watching as an excuse to eat chili dip and knit!

  16. I’m going to be working on a show that I’m really far behind on. :/ Fortunately the party is at someone else’s house, and the DH will actually be there so I can get some quality time in with my sewing machine.

    Knit some for me, too!

  17. I’ll take any excuse to knit!

  18. Game…? Heh heh….

  19. I am a hardcore sports fanatic. It is pretty much the only reason I have cable these days. I am routing for the Patriots I was born & raised in Mass.

  20. I’m in South Africa – huge on sport – all kinds! Any tv watching needs knitting – stops me eating the snacks too quickly. Even take the knitting to friends when we watch somewhere else πŸ™‚

  21. There’s a game? Either way I will be knitting!

  22. Love, love the cartoon! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Well we’re heading to a party at a friends house a the only reasons we watch are 1) the kntting time and 2) the guys want to. I can’t wait for chicken dip and knitting a great combination. I enjoy some football but it has to be the right team.

  24. I never watch football…can’t stand it. Give me tennis and baseball any day (and I don’t always watch that). TV is not my favorite past time (what is with “reality” tv shows?)-thankfully. Listening to music and public radio are much more entertaining…and I can knit better with that. Have fun with whatever you are watching!

  25. My favorite Super Bowl Sundays have been all-girl crafting parties during which we watch the game while working on our respective projects and root for whichever team has the best hair. πŸ™‚

  26. I’m with Claudia…EXCEPT college football when my team plays…been watching my boys for over 40 years…..Super Bowl….maybe this year, maybe not. I have my grandchildren almost all day, so I look forward to evening, some Brit murder mystery DVD, and my needlework, usually knitting…

  27. a friend told me that everyone can tell when I’m tense because I knit faster…..

  28. I keep telling my dad he would lose weight so much easier if he knitted while watching tv instead of snacking. I have at least gotten to the point where he will make me stitch markers while watching tv, but I can’t trust him to not crush beads and over-twist wire when sports are on. He’s an exuberant audience during almost any game.

  29. LOL! I have my favorite knit-chick coming to my place while the fellas watch the game at her place…the old ‘bait-n-switch’!

  30. Oh I know who is playing but I also know that my team didn’t make it so I’m rooting for the little brother of my favorite player. Even if I didn’t care for either team (which would be the case for this year honestly), I would watch for the commercials – I absolutely love the commercials every Super Bowl!

  31. Don’t have tv, making a dress and knitting on a lace shawl. I will not think about it at all. I liked the cartoon!

  32. (yawn, shuffling outside before daylight to pick up Monday’s newspaper). Hmm, what’s this headline about the Giants?

    Actually, I worked so much this weekend that I crashed very early last night. Didn’t even have time for knitting.

  33. Hi Glenna! I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award today so please pop over when you have a moment to collect it and the rules! lol x

  34. Haha that comic is too funny. That is how I was at the superbowl party we went to. Everyone was cheering the game on an I was sitting on the couch knitting away

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