Parallel hobbies

Like a lot of other knitters, one of the reasons I love knitting is that it’s very difficult to see yourself getting to the end of the line, once you’re on the train. It just keeps going. There’s always more to do – more yarns, more techniques, more patterns, more yarn shops, more ideas. I am realizing now that photography resembles this as well. Even if you get good at using one concept or technique or camera lens…there’s always more you could do, man. This could get fun.

I’m halfway through my course (essentially, DSLRs 101), and have gotten to learning a few new things and it is very refreshing, as well as having the excuse to get out and practice. Sadly there does not appear to be a course on the curriculum for “Knitting Photography 101,” but thankfully many of these skills are transferable, and other knitters are smart folks. I look forward to more exchange of knowledge and learning in this area.

Here are some of my favourite shots from the last few weeks! More next time – hopefully with an almost-finished Gwendolyn cardi to report about!










Happy Monday!




  1. Nice photos…now back to my knitting! The eye surgery is wreaking havoc with my focus but I’m persevering…

  2. Great composition and use of space Glenna! I’m sure you follow One Sheepish Girl, that girl has some beautifully simple knitting photography. Don’t sell yourself short though, your photos were what drew me into your site in the first place. One of these days maybe YOU should make a Knitting Photography 101 course! Incidentally, my little sister’s name is Gwendolyn. Weird.

  3. thefatsquirrel · ·

    How fun to think of the parallels between photography and knitting…I really love the macro shots because the hyperfocus (d’oh with the unavoidable pun) reminds me so much of what I love about knitting….The slowing down, the true presence in observation that I fear I don’t always bring to my day.

  4. Wow. There is an amazing amount of improvement in your photography already and it’s only half-way through the semester! I can’t wait to see what the ‘final’ pictures will be like in composition and quality.

  5. Nice shots! I am strangely drawn to the second one, with the little flare of light off the building.

  6. Knitting photography is so different from so many other types of photography. It’s like a specialized product photography.
    Your photos are looking great! I quite like the subway ones.

  7. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Knitting Photography classes listed at some retreats…and I think (can’t be absolutely sure) Franklin Habit offered it.
    Now that would be cool.
    Your photos are wonderful!

  8. Thanks for the taste of city life. I think your photographs are excellent, and thanks for sharing!

  9. Having a good camera makes photography even more fun doesn’t it?

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  11. Eeep! one of the new subways! i haven’t been on one yet.

  12. Heh heh I used to teach that course (photography for knitters 101), it was super fun! If we are getting together for a photo day anyways, I have a backlog of FO’s I’d like to shoot / get shot, maybe we can work in some “lessons” as part of the day? Saturday the 10th doesn’t work for you, what about Sunday the 11th?

  13. Hi Glenna,

    I think that your pictures are great!!!. I have tagged you in a blog tag. Here is the information – It’s a lot of fun!!!

  14. Great photos! I especially like the subway ones. Funny you would write about how hobbies/activities just keep going on and that’s part of the appeal. I was just thinking about the same thing today with what I’ve chosen besides knitting: drawing, painting, sewing, embroidery, playing guitar, and miscellaneous crafts. There is never enough time!

  15. Oh. Jealous. I’d love to do a course like that. Your course is definitely going to enhance showing off the knitting.

  16. Love the in-subway photo. The lighting is really great. I definitely struggle trying to get natural lighting for my yarn photos.

    Speaking of new challenges, Gizmodo has a photography challenge once a week. Some of the effects are pretty cool.

  17. Well done! I’m loving those photos of the buildings. I can almost feel the crispness of the day 🙂

  18. Suzanne Guest · ·

    I came across your blog accidentally and ended up bookmarking it because of your down-to-earth prose and your passion for photography (also one of my passions). Keep up the good work!

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