Monthly Archives: March 2012

Colourful progress

I don’t know if it’s the impending spring, or the crazy up-and-down-by-15C-every-3-days temperatures, or just a little bit of March Madness, but I’m starting to feel a bit of Start-itis coming on. I know it’s not just me – knitters in the Twitter-verse have been saying the same thing all week, which makes me feel […]

The Urban Collection: Armour Road Socks and Hunter Street Cowl

As March continues to, well, march on, it’s time to update you on the full complement of March patterns in the Urban Collection! (Ravelry link) the Water Street Cardigan got things off to a good start earlier in the month, and I’m pleased to add a couple of spring accessories to the mix as well. […]

Fun with colour. And scissors.

This weekend I hustled myself once more to Peterborough, to do a bit of hanging out with some knitter friends and do a bit of teaching. This afternoon we had a class on steeking, which I have to say just does not get old. I’ve done many steeks now and have taught this class many […]

The next thing

This week, in between finishing up a new pattern and getting the next one ready to go, finishing up my ‘DSLR 101’ photography course and pondering what class I’d like to take next, reading the entire Hunger Games series and twitching with anticipation over the forthcoming movie, and being genuinely stymied by the sudden 15C […]

Urban Collection: Water Street Cardigan

Since mid-March is upon us, it’s time for the March releases in the Urban Collection to begin, and the first of these is now available! The Water St. Cardigan can be found here on Ravelry, (once the collection is complete, all patterns will also be available individually or as a set on Patternfish.) and well […]

How many rabbit holes would you like

Fun knitterly visiting times must come to an end eventually, and now Elspeth is winding her way back States-side. It was a great visit and now I am left trying to remember what I was doing a week ago – I am quite sure there are projects still to be worked on and emails to […]

The finish line is worth it

It’s done! Gwendolyn is done! Guys, I can’t remember the last time I took seven months to finish knitting something. I mean, I did knit other things in that same seven months, so I can cut myself some slack there, but still. That much time between start and finish can mess with your head a […]

Very important things

Having a knitter come visit is pretty good times, I must say. It’s like an excuse to schedule in the normal pace of knitting-related leisure of, say, a month or two, all into a few days. See all the yarn! Visit the knit nights! Make more tea! Eat all the things! Over the last couple […]

It sneaks up on you

This weekend I finally got around to finishing up the last bits of work on my Gwendolyn cardigan. I seem to have the well-honed ability to under-estimate the amount of time finishing will take me, and in this case it had sort of slipped my mind that, oh wait, even when I’d finished the sweater […]