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Fun knitterly visiting times must come to an end eventually, and now Elspeth is winding her way back States-side. It was a great visit and now I am left trying to remember what I was doing a week ago – I am quite sure there are projects still to be worked on and emails to be checked and internet to be caught up on, but my energy level is about enough to allow me to make a cup of tea and drink it, so maybe regularly scheduled programming will resume tomorrow.

But we did certainly cram in lots of fun stuff into a week. Elspeth even kindly went along with me to Peterborough where I taught an all-day class on EPS (Elizabeth’s Percentage System) yoked sweaters and colour-work, which was gangs of fun as always (and I’ll be doing it again in Waterloo in mid-April! Hurray!)



I also made sure we got Elspeth over to Niagara Falls, since she’d never been, and she pronounced it excellent. And then we took some finished sweater photos in front of it, as one does. (I have to say, that is actually a recommendable location for knitwear photography. In March the hoardes of summer tourists aren’t quite there yet, and everyone is so busy taking pictures of themselves/their families/their friends/their tiny children in front of the Falls that no one thinks it’s at all weird that you’re taking Finished Object photos of sweaters there.)



The other fun part of being knitters en route back from Niagara Falls towards Hamilton is the side jaunt to Stitch, in Jordan Station. You wind off the highway for several minutes and then suddenly you’re in a tiny pretty town with wineries. And, as it happens, a store with lots of yarn and fabric. I enjoyed watching Elspeth briefly lose her mind and snatch up all kinds of pretty supplies, but managed so far to resist that particular snare. But maybe I’ll wake up in the middle of the night next Wednesday and suddenly be seized with the urge to cut fabric and sew things – that stuff is awfully pretty.


And earlier on Friday afternoon (which now seems like a lifetime ago), we ended up getting the last tour of the day at Dundurn Castle, and it turns out that if you get the last tour of the day on a slow almost-spring Friday, you get your fill of the shortbread cookies in the kitchen at the end of the tour. (Note to self: eat more shortbread.)




In summary, knitterly visits are awesome, even if resuming normal pace of life afterwards takes a bit of transition time.

Next time from me, look out for more new pattern chatter! The next pieces in the Urban Collection are soon to be live. Happy knitting this almost-spring Monday!



  1. your pics of your visit/tour are great!! what a fun time for you! ^)^linda

  2. Looks like fun…I need to find someone to go on a knitterly visit with!

  3. Looks like a great trip. Needles in the Hay looks like my ultimate yarn store. I was born in Peterborough but never lived there. Must visit some day.

  4. dutch margreet · ·

    How nice you both enjoyed that visit. Note to Elspeth: nice patchwork floor down that stairs on the picture third up from here. I might buy myself bankrupt in those two stores, yarn, fabric and bookstores, the only stores I like shopping, all others (food, household items) are duty, wait, plants are no real duty either. And I like Gwendolyn, the small other colour really does a good trick.

  5. Lovely pictures of the castle and the falls.

  6. The floors in the castle are amazing. I always loved niagara falls.

  7. Awesome! Good old Steel town looks fantastic in your pics!

  8. As one who grew up a mere breath from Dundern Castle. let me say that I enjoy your photos immensely!

  9. I was reminded of the 1953 movie “Niagara” starring Marilyn Monroe and Joseph Cotten, filmed on location with breathtaking footage. Great movie if you like suspense.

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