Monthly Archives: April 2012


That whole thing I was doing for most of the month of April where I was blythely knitting away on whatever I wanted? Yeah, that might be starting to level off now. Now the knitterly debts are coming to collect and now I have about a zillion 75% finished projects that need finishing, and preferably […]


If you’re reading this blog and you’re a knitter from somewhere in the vicinity of southern Ontario, I can only imagine that you must have been at the Knitter’s Frolic in Toronto, today, and therefore I feel I must apologize for stepping on your toe/bumping into you that one time/accidentally shoving you with my shoulder […]

Tools of the trade

Every so often, over the course of posting photos of works in progress, I get questions in the comments about the kinds of tools I’m using – knitting needles and so on. So, I thought I’d show off a few of them while they’re being deployed. (It helps that I currently have approximately eleventy million […]

In the thick of it

I have reached a point in my knitting which, I have no doubt, happens to the best of us on occasion, which can more or less be summarized by saying, “I have a lot of knitting to do.” I have been having fits of start-itis over the last few weeks and you know, there’s only […]

Urban Collection: Queen St. Mitts

I think I’ve officially lost track of the weather around here. Afternoons are starting to get warm and sunny, but overnight the temperature still plunges towards freezing, which makes getting dressed in the morning a bit of a challenge. It occurred to me that, you know what? This is exactly the time of year that […]

Challenge is relative

This morning I met up with local knitter friend Dilia, who is currently finishing her first pair of socks. I’ve done a few lessons with her and a friend over the last few months, since they wanted to build up some basic skills and look at doing some projects. Once they got into the building […]

Randomly on a Saturday

Earlier today I started thinking about the fact that the Toronto Knitter’s Frolic is coming up, and so I started pondering all the wonderful yarn-purchasing options that await. And then because I am me, and because my knitting brain has been rotating lately between cables and lace and colour-work and just about any kind of […]

No rest for the wicked

Friends, I would have genuinely sworn it was the weekend, like…a minute ago. Wasn’t it just yesterday? I really thought it was. Apparently, though, we are now on to April, which means that Saturday wasn’t just last week, it was last month – HAH, nice trick there, calendar. Saturday was a pretty great day, though. […]