Randomly on a Saturday

Earlier today I started thinking about the fact that the Toronto Knitter’s Frolic is coming up, and so I started pondering all the wonderful yarn-purchasing options that await. And then because I am me, and because my knitting brain has been rotating lately between cables and lace and colour-work and just about any kind of project imaginable, I also started thinking about shopping for colour-work projects and the sort of colour combinations I could look for.

And so naturally, I started to wish I had a portable-sized colour wheel to bring along, in case I needed a colour theory consult at a moment’s notice. (As one does).
And so then I decided, hey, I have a box of 96 Crayola crayons and some index cards in my desk drawer, and I can fix this.


I have to say this is a pretty satisfying (and also pretty geeky) way to spend five minutes of your time. You get a wallet-sized colour wheel card to take around with you and feel artistic whenever you want (which, let’s face it, can come upon you in the darndest of places), AND you get to play with crayons, so that’s pretty much a win-win.

And do you know what else I learned? The good folks at Crayola have actually made this process pretty easy. They have crayons labelled with the main 6 red-orange-yellow-green-blue-violet colours, which one might expect and is pretty nice. Filling in the next 6 blended hues, though (such as blue-violet or red-orange), I thought I was going to have to sift through all the other crayons to find the right ones (as for example, is ‘macaroni-and-cheese’ more of a yellow-orange or orange-yellow? And where does ‘razzamatazz’ fit in on the red-violet wedge?), but you know what? The Crayola people have thought of that, too.



Done and done. I expect before the weekend is over I will be yanking out my yarn and pondering some projects as a result, which would be about par for my knitting brain this week.


But you know? Colour is pretty awesome. The end.




  1. What a GREAT idea! I have borrowed my grandchildren’s myriad of crayons from time to time when sketching out ideas. 🙂

  2. It seriously is.

  3. I love your color wheel. At this point because my kids are teens I would have to buy my own crayons.

  4. projectstash · ·

    Sometimes we forget how simple things can be … Love this!

  5. Brandi – I don’t have kids myself and went and got my own crayon supplies last summer. It was totally worth it! They are pretty priced-to-own and fun.


  6. This is an excellent tip. Thanks. I will pass this along to the Wednesday knitters at the store.

  7. Excuses to play with crayons are my favorite sort of excuses!

  8. Marguerite · ·

    I’ve never used a color wheel *gasp* but I just looked at yours and was inspired. So… Knowing the fate of papers in the black hole known as my purse… I just saved your color wheel on my phone. You rock!

  9. Very cool! What a great idea!

  10. Mrs. Peachtree · ·

    Hmmm…next you should investa in the Crayola pencil crayons so that you can make colour wheels that don’t shed wax all over your purse 😉
    Alternatively, stick yours in a little snack size ziplock or spray them with an art fixative to keep the colours where they are.

  11. The Modern Home Economist · ·

    Love the wheel. There is something about bright colours that are so inspiring. I love my set of pencils!

  12. Ah, so clever! plus, who doesn’t love a way to get some crayon usage into their day?!

  13. You are my hero — I was thinking “what a great excuse to buy this necklace!”


  14. That necklace is BRILLIANT! You should totally get it so that I can covet it.


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