In the thick of it

I have reached a point in my knitting which, I have no doubt, happens to the best of us on occasion, which can more or less be summarized by saying, “I have a lot of knitting to do.” I have been having fits of start-itis over the last few weeks and you know, there’s only so long you can hold off that impulse. To wit, I’m currently knitting my way through my own Hunter Street Cowl (this time it’s going to be huge. I’m going to get through as much of the 1000 yds skein of Tanis Fiber Arts laceweight as I possibly can, if not the whole thing. This is going to be one big lofty squooshy cowl).


Of course, I’m also still working my way through two sweaters. (Since, you know, spring and summer are coming on.) My Velvet Morning cardi has a body and almost a full sleeve, and my making-sure-the-full-sleeve-revision-is-to-my-satisfaction Royale pullover has most of the body, so that’s pretty great to keep working away on as well.


And then, just for kicks, I’ve been staring at my colour-work yarn (aka Knit Picks Palette), and brainstorming some new projects for perhaps getting a jump on the fall items. Since I clearly didn’t have enough on the go.


There is also the ubiquitous travelling sock in progress in my handbag, various lace thoughts swirling around, and you know, I have decided to just lean into it and knit whatever’s going. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t other projects I was itching to start up on and add even more to this whole equation, but I figure the only way out of a spell like this is through it, so I’m just going to keep on knitting. Knitting knitting and more knitting.

Perhaps there is a spring knitting fever going around and I’m not the only one surrounded by mountains of Works in Progress. There’s always more things “up next,” after all. What projects have sucked you in, lately, dear knitters? I hope you find as much time as possible in your week to sink into them!


  1. I’m surrounded by knitting WIPs also! Must be in the air…

  2. hawknitr13 · ·

    i get into trouble trying to knit more than one thing at a time…thus, i’m finishing a baby sweater, then going back to my LUNA shawl… my ‘senior’ brain is in ‘one-track’ mode these days!! ^)^linda

  3. I have THREE deadline projects on my plate right now, and they’re all in the knitting stages. A fourth if you count things that still need revisions and layout. But I think the shawl and two sweaters I’m knitting all for the middle/end of may are plenty so I’m pretending there isn’t any computer work to be done…

  4. The more knitting the better! I just started a new sweater, and I really want to start another… there must be something in the air!

  5. I know the feeling exactly! I’ve got a couple of projects going and more taking shape in my head!

  6. I’d say it’s in the air, on the needles in my purse: 2 shawls, 1 baby blanket, 1 pair of mittens; on the needles at home: 2 scarves, 1 sweater, 1 cape, 1 mitten. You know just a couple things…

  7. Caitlyn · ·

    I’m desperately resisting the urge to try another sock project. After making one ill-fitting sock on DPNs and a pair of uncomfortable socks using two circulars, I’m convinced that magic loop is clearly the answer to the problem. But since I just frogged and restarted my first sweater, I really don’t think now’s the time for a new sock technique, especially since I’d probably benefit from a class anyway. (Wish I could take one with you, Glenna!) I’ve got to make a trip to the yarn store for something else today, so absolutely must not pet the sock yarn. Or look at it…much. *shifty eyes*

  8. LauraSue · ·

    Pair of socks, husband vest, pullover sweater, pi shawl, mittens. These are all the active WIPS. The rest are … resting. Then there are the two cardigans I just can’t wait to cast on… I don’t think it’s something in the air, necessarily. It’s my usual state of affairs.

  9. A bunch of little projects keep distracting me from my Locke St. Cardigan! But I finished sewing it up yesterday, and I’m working on the collar/button band now.

  10. Annette · ·

    I’m feeling the same way. I have two adult sized cardigans in the queue, one toddler cardigan, two sets of fingerless gloves, two hats, and many shawls! I wish I could knit and sleep at the same time. πŸ˜‰

    I finally caught up on your blog. I was ten posts behind. I’m loving your new designs. Congrats on your socks being in the new Twist Collective! πŸ™‚

  11. I too have many open projects, I’m finding the closer to the purchase date that I cast on… the more successful use of yarn… I forget what I have and need to knit down a bit. Just finished Montague vest in Malabrigo Gruesa, love it, but now it is 89 degrees here…. also making Iced with some yarn won at my LYS and then the hat, cowl and socks….. as long as I have the needles, I will cast on, sad state of affairs, it delays the completion of work by dilution of time…….. Still, I’m smilin =>

  12. glad i’m not the only one feeling the start-itis. right now, i have a pi vest, piano scarf, as well as a shirt from the vogue knitting spring issue. as well as a few other projects i started months ago that got pushed to the back.

  13. Lindsay · ·

    I’m battling the startitis as well! It must be in the spring air! I just love the Hunter St. cowl, and I’m thinking about doing it in a fingerling weight yarn….. because I have one here that’s dying to be knit up into something delicious to go around my neck…… for spring and summer. Do you think the fingerling weight will be ok? I’m thinking about going down a needle size too, just to compensate. Thoughts?

  14. I *nearly* got sucked in to Velvet Morning too – but talked myself down from that ledge since it would have involved buying more yarn. I do like buying more yarn, but I share my living quarters with another individual who is somewhat critical of stashing, so I’ll hold off on new acquisitions for a bit. At least, I’ll avoid having a big ol’ box of yarn delivered – big boxes tend to get noticed. Individual skeins are easier to sneak in. In terms of what’s on the go right now: two pairs of socks, one sweater, one shawlette (cast on last night). Waiting in the wings of my brain: three more sweaters, a wrap, a pair of mittens (seasonally appropriate, no?) and another pair of socks. And maybe a hat. And another shawlette. Oh, and maybe some lace…

  15. projectstash · ·

    I’ve been trying so hard NOT to have more than two WIPs on my needles but I’m losing the battle. I’ve got shawl fever and lots of stash to knit down so I’m keeping my collection of needles busier than ever. Your needles are always so pretty … I can’t help wondering what they are?

  16. I generally don’t do the whole ten-projects-at-a-time thing (I think I must be immune to startitis). I’ve been making a lot of blankets lately and just finished a lace stole: Now I think a few small projects are in order to get a break from the lace for a bit. =)

  17. parlau02 · ·

    I missed the hunter street cowl release, where was I??? I want one, I’m off stash hunting for lace weight… πŸ™‚

  18. Genia Potter · ·

    I was being very smug about the fact that I had only my usual two pair of socks OTN, not too much to distract me from the crib-size, deadlined baby blanket which has started boring me silly, but then somehow or other two additional pairs of socks snuck onto the needles. All by themselves, when I wasn’t looking, I swear! Now I’m casting lustful eyes on a hat.
    I may have to start wearing blinders.

  19. Anastasia · ·

    I have actually picked up some WIPs to finish! Also, I counted 50+ yarns in my stash that have been matched to patterns (pre-swatch) so once a couple projects are out of the way I have a lot to choose from. The call to cast on all the things is strong

  20. Lykkefanten · ·

    I have two shawls that I need to finish before the end of the month, but the two socks-in-progress keeps flirting with me and the sweater for my mother feels neglected… oh and the 10 other projects are planning a concerted attack on my attention…

  21. To be a knitter is always to have WIPs!!!
    Pop over to my blog and see my last finished project – which has taken ages!!! Though I did have another three projects going on at the same time – and I always pick something different up each time I knit! One day I will start and finish a project without picking up something else.
    Happy Knitting

  22. I have 2 shawls and scarf as wips right now.

  23. I thought I was crazy. Apparently not. I’ve got the fever too!

  24. Burntwine · ·

    WIPs = 3 cardigans + 2 differnet socks + 1 shawl + casting on for a KAL that starts Friday and trying to resist starting another cardigan. My wardrobe needs exceed my knitting time availability apparently. But it makes me happy!

  25. Hi Lindsay!

    I think Hunter St. would be great in fingering weight for a heavier accessory! Your gauge would likely be a bit different but if you can account for that then no worries (change needle size, eliminate a pattern repeat, etc).


  26. Hey – Me TOO!!! With all those works-in-progress, you should join me next week in my Knitting Marathon – 26.2 hours of “mostly continuous” knitting to get some of those WiPs to the finished column!

  27. I know what you mean. I am currently dealing with the same affliction. πŸ™‚ I blame spring, beautiful yarns and blogs like yours with lovely images of beautiful yarns and projects!!! Dk

  28. Lovely projects! (I am still amazed by how fast the Velvet Morning cardigan is coming along)
    When I give into the urge to cast on for _everything_ I want to make, I will end up with a Multnomah shawl, Fountain Pen shawl, Pea Pod cardigan, Silk stockings, and Romp Around the Clock on my needles!

  29. Meredith MC · ·

    OMG- Is startitis contagious? I have 3 projects on the go and it’s taking all my will power not to cast on two more from the new Twist. By the Way- Full sweater in Tanis Lemongrass? See Paisley in the new Twist. It is glorious!

  30. Spinning, actually. Spinning is what has sucked me in HARD recently, and I’m now sort of frustrated because I’m out of fiber and won’t be getting anywhere to get more until at least Saturday. I think I spun the last bit up on Sunday. 😦 The GOOD news is that there are two local fiber/yarn/knitting/spinning festivals in very short order, so I’ll be set shortly, but I think I’m going to have to check out the Textile Center and see if they have fiber for sale even if it’s not what I want for the intended Hand Spun Project. Oh yes, I have a purpose in mind for my very first-ish spun yarn!

    Otherwise, I have my DH’s sweater languishing until I can block the finished bits, a modular sweater on the needles for me (going slowly because of work deadlines breathing down my neck), a Baby Surprise Jacket that is (surprise!) going to be done for the *sibling* of the baby I started it for, and oh yes, the yarn from the sweater that I frogged (first sweater, poor yarn/needle combination, and boy did I need to learn things about raglan construction) that needs to be gently straightened out so I can start a Sonnet for myself. And then there’s the sewing I want to do for myself, too.

    Can I just win the lottery now so I can stop worrying about this making a living business? ;D

  31. I just finished a sweater for my grandson, I have two sweaters on the needles and three socks. I really want to start a couple more with all of the handspun that I have lying around.

  32. Oh lordy I have so much on the needles it’s not even funny. But I promised myself no new sweaters until I finish at least one, so hopefully I’ll at least stick to that.

  33. I have been managing to quell the wave of new projects only by sheer force of will the last few weeks–in my mind I am already daydreaming about the Hunter St. Cowl (which will be my first project in laceweight), several new sock patterns, my first sweater, and some new fingerless gloves . . . but while I am still carrying around an unfinished pair of socks for hubby, a hat for my aunt, AND a Clapotis-in-progress for myself, I am trying to hold off. (*sigh*)

  34. The colors in the velvet morning sweater you’re working on are really Nice. I like the purple in it your knitting. Is beautiful!

  35. […] …and these are just the things in reach of my desk! I take some comfort in the fact that I’m not alone, the lovely Canadian knitter and designer Glenna Β is a fellow sufferer and has blogged about it here […]

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