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I’m pleased to announce the winner of Tuesday’s giveaway, by virtue of random number generator… …is commenter number 45, or Kris! Congratulations, I’ll be in touch with you asap and you’ll receive a fabulous little zippered notions pouch from Pog Totes. Thank you to everyone who left a comment on the giveaway post. In the […]

Royale revised

A little over two years ago I released Royale. It was one of my early sweater patterns, and one which still represents my great affection for twisted stitches and travelling cables. I designed the original sweater for a deep scoop neck and 3/4 sleeves as modern details at the time. After a time I realized […]

Book Review: Circular Knitting Workshop

One admitted perk of blogging is that occasionally new books cross my desk to have a look at for review – and believe me, I see all kinds. There are pattern collection books, extreme niche knitting books, and also the reference manuals – all of which have their place on a knitter’s library shelf. Today […]

Always in progress

I’ve reached that nice sweet spot of knitting where I have put a couple of finished projects behind me and have the freedom to cast on for something new, and am enjoying this prospect muchly. Granted, the approximately seven thousand new things I am likely to cast on in the next month will probably not […]

A short list for a long weekend

1. This weekend I have two movie outings with fellow knitters in the offing, and like any good knitters, we all made sure to have movie-appropriate knitting in hand. I started a new 3×1 ribbed sock in a skein of Socks That Rock Mediumweight in the colour ‘Amelie’, which is so red and cheerful I […]

Urban Collection: Lakeshore Shawl

Knitting friends, I’m so pleased to announce that the final piece of the Urban Collection is here and ready! (Available now on Ravelry, as well as on Patternfish along with all other collection pieces). This last pattern took me a little longer to finalize than originally planned, but I have to admit I’m pretty happy with […]

A knitterly weekend

This past Friday and Saturday I had what is now becoming nearly a monthly jaunt up to Peterborough once more, for a bit of workshop teaching (I’ll be heading back there in June for twisted stitch cables and lace 101+), but also my very first trunk show festivities. Bridget and I hatched this plan sometime […]


Thank you all for your wonderful tips on my last post for Beyond Knit and Purl by Kate Atherley. It is a fabulous list and I encourage you to read through all the great suggestions, you might even come up with something you didn’t know before! By the power of Random Number Generator, I give […]

Book review/interview: Beyond Knit and Purl

Knitting friends, I’ve got a few book reviews coming up for you in the next month or so around these parts, so what better time than the 1st of the month to get them kicked off? (Side note: How in the heck is it May already? Time passes awfully quickly when you’re knitting a lot […]