A short list for a long weekend

1. This weekend I have two movie outings with fellow knitters in the offing, and like any good knitters, we all made sure to have movie-appropriate knitting in hand. I started a new 3×1 ribbed sock in a skein of Socks That Rock Mediumweight in the colour ‘Amelie’, which is so red and cheerful I couldn’t keep resisting it on the yarn shelf much longer.


2. I started this new pair of socks despite having another pair of ribbed Malabrigo socks that have been on the needles since March and still haven’t gotten past the toe of the first sock in the pair. I just needed to look at a different pair of socks for a bit.

3. There was a brief moment earlier this week when I realized that I’m almost done my now-with-full-sleeves Royale pullover, and thought that meant I was going to have a clean slate and could totally start fresh with a new project or five, but then I remembered about the other ribbed socks from March, and the 2/3 done Velvet Morning cardigan, and…I decided I’ll hold off casting on a new thing until Royale is done but THEN I am totally casting on a NEW SHAWL darn it all. A gal can only hold on for so long.

4. Speaking of shawls, I had a question about my Lakeshore shawl pattern and what it’s like to work with silk as compared to wool when working up a shawl. In truth I’m sure we could talk about many differences between wool and silk as fibers, but for me the key difference for shawl projects is how likely you are to be concerned about a dropped stitch. Silk is a very smooth and, well, silky fibre, which means if you drop a stitch you are more likely to have it become a problem much more quickly than if you were working with wool. If you drop a stitch with 100% wool, there’s every likelihood you won’t notice it until you get back to its place in the row, because wool fibers can be sticky enough that the stitches don’t want to unravel very much unless provoked.

For this reason I’m even more a fan of lifelines when working silk shawls than I already would be with wool, particularly when I’m designing a project. I snapped this picture when I was in progress with the Lakeshore shawl – I had had to rip back a section that wasn’t working out, and re-do it, and I managed to miss a couple of stitches from the lifeline. I picked ’em back up again pretty easily when I got to that place on the shawl, but oooh I shudder to think what might have happened if I hadn’t had that lifeline in place. Or, perhaps the lifeline forgives mishaps more easily in the first place, so your brain allows them to happen more easily, too, who knows.


In any case: When it comes to shawls, I am a lifeline sort of gal.

5. I’m pleased to announce the entire Urban Collection is now available on Patternfish as an e-book, as well as on Ravelry as it has been.

Have a great weekend! I hope you’ve got lots of fun knitting to work on.



  1. Love the sock yarn. I also have had a pair of socks on needles since winter. I finally picked them back up a few days ago and now am diligently working away. Sometimes I just need a break!

  2. Beautiful sock yarn!! Those colours are stunning. I discovered life lines last year and haven’t looked back! Have a great weekend. x

  3. I tell myself all the time, “I’m not going to cast-on for another new project until…” and then I do it anyway! Yesterday was a record: I cast on 5 new projects (little ones, but yet I still have so many other wips!) That’s the beauty of once a month Knitting Marathons – I usually end up moving SOMETHING to the finished column! If only work would allow me to schedule once a week knitting marathons 🙂

  4. Caitlyn · ·

    I admire you for finishing a full-sleeved sweater at this time of year. I had to put down a vest for a few weekends and now that I’ve picked it back up to finish I think it may be too late to wear it anywhere. (That’s the trouble with living in the mid-Atlantic US–spring doesn’t last long. On the bright side, the husband insisted I get a small skein of laceweight ‘to practice on,’ so I definitely see a shawl in my future.) I wish you a lovely weekend and am sending positive knitting vibes your way so you can wrap up Royale and start casting on a gazillion things. Can’t wait to see what’s on your needles next!

  5. You shawl looks lovely and I like the color of your socks!!!

  6. Well, I just learned something new!! I’m making a lace shawl out of Hand Maiden Lace Silk yarn and have had a terrible time with dropped stitches. The lifeline will be a sanity saver for me!! I really gotta start hanging out with knitters….

  7. I always have one big project on the go, plus some smaller, more portable projects to take out and about with me. I haven’t worked with silk for years and haven’t heard of lifelines before. Thanks for the tip – another project to add to my to-do list!

  8. I’m working on a pair of socks with a 2 x 1 rib. They are in a descidedly less bright color; grey.

  9. sourire11 · ·

    Beautiful sock yarn! I’m a lifeline sortof gal as well.

  10. Gosh that yarn look lovely all knit up. I’ve been working on a similar looking pair with the same yarn, although I have the colorway Farmhouse. It really is a fun yarn to knit with.

  11. i’ve found i love lifelines myself.

  12. How do you join new yarn when working with silk? I am a fan of the old spit-splice with lace, as then there aren’t any ends or unraveling to worry about, but what do you do with silk? Even if the yardage is long enough, I always get the skein with the big hairy knot in the middle, forcing you to cut and join when you didn’t think you would need to! Phooey!

  13. Denise McClendon · ·

    Socks! I have bravely casted. on and its a simple pattern. How do you not rip mistakes and not start over again and again. I am knitting my first pair. Using the magic loop method even though the pattern is for dpn’s . I even ordered new 40 inch size 2 and yarn. I am hooked on socks and one day soon I will try lace, but not before I get some stiletto circulars and the perfect yarn and pattern. Do you pick the yarn first or the pattern?

  14. ooh, I’ve been eyeing that Amelie colorway, be interested to see how it knits up into sockage. 🙂

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