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I’ve reached that nice sweet spot of knitting where I have put a couple of finished projects behind me and have the freedom to cast on for something new, and am enjoying this prospect muchly. Granted, the approximately seven thousand new things I am likely to cast on in the next month will probably not seem so exciting a month from now when I am wishing I didn’t have seven thousand things all in progress, but still – for the moment I have some new projects to ponder.


My new Royale is finished and blocking (updated pattern will be made available soon – options ahoy for two sleeve lengths AND two neckline depths), and I did make the bargain with myself that lace could happen next, so.


I had been planning to put something together with these two things – my Tanis Fiber Arts laceweight purchased at the Knitter’s Frolic was going to be a Miralda’s Triangle from Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia, but when I finally sat down to actually start it I realized that this is a pattern that actually calls for fingering weight, not laceweight. And while I could modify that sucker for laceweight by changing the number of pattern repeats on it (many Ravelry knitters have done so simply to get a larger shawl than what is written), I decided that I will save this hot pink awesomeness for something else.

I’ve got a few fingering weight options in the stash that would be great for the Miralda’s triangle shawl, but I am pretty sure they are mostly in the purple colour scheme, and (since taking out my shawls for show and tell at Lace 101+ up in Collingwood in March and realizing I own a big pile of handknitted purple shawls) I promised myself the next shawl project I started would be something not-purple, I reached for something else instead. I’ve got this beautiful skein of Willow St. silk from Shall We Knit up on deck (it is one of their in-house yarns), and have started playing around with it for a scarf-sized shawl (I do like the look of wearing them bandit-style during the spring and summer), so this will become something fun. Also relatively quick, I think, since it’s one 475 yd skein. (Or so I say now. Further bulletins as events occur).


Since it’s just about summer, though, I feel like more lace on the needles is a good thing, so don’t be surprised if I get back to my lace stash and start something else. I’ll try to keep it on the modest side, though – two more shawls in progress at most.

Happy knitting this Wednesday!

PS – if you’re in the Toronto/southern Ontario area and want to come to the TTC Knitalong, signups are now open for this July event! Spots are going quickly and some teams are full or almost full, so definitely keep many options in mind for your signup. All the teams visit four awesome stores in Toronto and everyone gets a fab tote bag to stuff with yarn for the day. Visit this page for more information.




  1. I love that feeling when something gets done!! That means there’s more time for something new. I’ve also been trying to get a lace shawl done (in silk – it’s my first time with silk) but am getting incredibly frustrated (crappy needles – hand me downs from my Mom and Grandmother). So I bit the bullet and ordered Addi-Click Lace Interchangeable Circular Needle Set. Happy belated Mother’s Day to me!! I need pointy tips.

  2. Question: you knit so many beautiful things. Do you keep them all for your self or do you gift a lot? I would love to see inside your closet. I bet it looks like a woolen clothing store! But with a bigger variety of colors.

  3. I am so jealous, I can’t knit or crochet much right now. I can’t wait to see your lace! I have a friend that does Estonian Lace, Madam Butterfly, you should check her out.

  4. Meredith MC · ·

    OMG that pink yarn that you’re saving for something else just almost made me scream with joy and a little envy. So freaking gorgeous! I totally get saving it for the perfect thing.
    I need to get some of that. Do you know the colorway or is it a one time thing?
    It’s only another month until we have our local annual fiber arts festival- The Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Or. I’m hoping to find some equally drool-inducing yarns and colorways there. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Brandi · ·

    I decided to sign up for the TTC Knitalong even without knowing anyone. I’m looking forward to the prospects of meeting new knitting friends and having a fabulous day! Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. There is always such a feeling of fulfillment when we finish something especially when it was a big project. I’ve been putting quite a bit of lace on the needles as well. Warmer weather makes us want to do this I think.

  7. Three cheers for summer knitting and lace weight yarn!

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