Book Review: Circular Knitting Workshop

One admitted perk of blogging is that occasionally new books cross my desk to have a look at for review – and believe me, I see all kinds. There are pattern collection books, extreme niche knitting books, and also the reference manuals – all of which have their place on a knitter’s library shelf. Today I have a book review for you in the latter category, the recently published Circular Knitting Workshop by Margaret Radcliffe.


I’m one of those knitters who, while I am happy to try new techniques – yea verily, I will sometimes reach for the most crazy ambitious patterns just so I know I’m guaranteed not to get bored with my knitting (the horror!) – I am also just as likely to fall victim to the knitter’s comfort zone, where I keep going with particular methods and techniques just the same way I learned them because that’s exactly where I like it and changing it up might be different and irksome. (I have a related story here where I thought I was going to be a double-pointed-needle/DPN knitter for the rest of my life and didn’t need Magic Loop in my life thank you very much, then tried Magic Loop knitting and now write all my sock patterns for both DPNs and Magic Loop because I love them both.)

This is all a way of saying I thought I had circular knitting down and really didn’t understand what else there was to say about it once you knew how to do it, but sure I’ll take a look at this Circular Knitting Workshop anyway because you just never know. I mean, once you know how to “join to work in the round, being careful not to twist,” you’ve got it licked, surely…but maybe on the off chance that there’s something else to it, I’ll give this a read.


Let me cut to the chase and summarize: this book is awesome. There are several instructional sections supported by full-colour photographs of techniques like cast-on and bind-off, and problem-solving for things like what to do if you have, in fact, not been “careful not to twist” at the join and you have a twisted mobius-like piece of knitting instead of the tube you wanted. (Hint: catching this sooner makes it more likely that you’ll be able to fix it, but Margaret Radcliffe has your solution.)

Then there are a whole pack of guidelines for things that knitters tend to learn as they go, handily assembled in one easy reference – things like how to convert stitch patterns or whole garments from flat to in the round, working from charts, and a nice series on various ways to finish things like hems, toes, etc. There is a brilliant alternative to kitchener stitch in here, credited to Lucy Neatby, that allows you to finish a sock toe without doing regular kitchener stitch, that I might be a little bit in love with. (I have another related story here about how I still avoid kitchener stitch if I can help it. Actually…that’s pretty much the whole story, right there.) Finally, there are several patterns included here for practice and inspiration, including hats, socks, and sweaters.


I also appreciate that Margaret stops to point out things like this list of 5 Reasons to Knit Flat, and 5 Reasons to Knit Circular. Because while being able to work in the round is fantastic and has wonderful applications, I agree that it’s not the best approach 100% of the time. Flat and circular knitting are both worth being comfortable with, and worth getting better at.

In short, this is such a lovely reference book that I’m afraid I can’t bear to part with my copy of it for a giveaway – I’m going to make it a nice home in my knitting library and will enjoy having it as a reference.

However, I do still have a giveaway for you today, of one of these fun little sewn notions kits from Pog Totes. Mary who runs Pog Totes sent me one and they were so adorable I asked if I could do a blog giveaway for a reader, and she kindly offered!


To win one of these little handsewn, lined, zipped, brightly coloured darlings, leave a comment on this blog post between now and noon on Thursday (Toronto time), telling me your favourite thing about knitting in the round, and I’ll do a giveaway in a post Thursday afternoon.

Happy knitting this afternoon, and stay cool!



  1. Debbie H · ·

    I always found DPN’s too fiddly and got ladders. With magic loop I don’t have those problems anymore. Makes it much more enjoyable for me. the little bag is adorable. I would love to win it. Thanks!

  2. My favorite thing about knitting in the round is not having to worry about keeping my edges neat and even – there are no edges!

  3. My favorite thing about knitting in the round — limited finishing!! I can’t sew a seam that makes me proud — knitting in the round takes care of that. Love, love, love knitting socks.

  4. I like not worrying about losing a needle! (Although I guess that applies to knitting flat with circular kneedles as well.)

  5. Definitely the fact that (at least with socks and other small things) there are fewer needle ends to stab myself with…that and no seaming.

    And I am now really interested in this solution to accidentally twisted joins – I have 6 inches of a laceweight cardigan on a needle somewhere with a full 360 degree twist in it. It won’t turn into a moebius, since it isn’t a half-twist, and it ends up being steeked, so I’d always just planned to keep knitting when I pick it up again, and untwist after steeking. But now that there’s a solution somewhere that wouldn’t involve a horribly crowded twist around the needle when I get up to the neck, I’m intrigued.

  6. Elizabeth · ·

    I like that I never have to put the yarn down, and my tension stays more consistent. Also that you always have the right side visible!

  7. My favorite thing about the knitting in the round is not having to sew seams when I’m done. If I can have two things (greedy, I know): I like not having to pearl whole rows in stockinette. It goes so fast when I only have to knit!

  8. Meredith · ·

    I love the lack of seams and sewing up at the end. Plus I knit mainly socks so they naturally make more sense in the round! I use magic loop as often as possible. I find it less fiddly and easier to transport without worrying that a needle will slip out.

  9. Right now, my favorite thing about knitting in the round is that the right side is facing me at all times. Yes, going to steek, for real!

    I’m going to check out Margaret’s book, on your recommendation. I remember her from the knitlist, way, way back.

  10. Trying on! I’ve been struggling with sweater sizing for years, and circular knitting has made it possible for me to actually finish a well fitting sweater with confidence. Love it! Also I really like that the needles aren’t flicking out under my elbow and getting caught on either my sleeves or the chair I sit in. Thanks!

  11. Linnet · ·

    Sometimes seams add necessary structure, but it’s nice to be able to avoid them in places that could be irritating – socks, hats, baby items, etc. And I do knit about twice as fast as I purl . . . .

  12. i love knitting in the round because you don’t have to sew seams. i’m rubbish at handsewing.

  13. CynthiaC · ·

    My favourite thing about knitting in the round is only needing to read the charts from one direction. It always takes me a bit of time to switch over to reading them back and forth for flat knitting.

  14. I started knitting socks on DPNs, but now I find it much easier to use magic loop. I find it much less likely that my little “helpers” will pull a needle out of my sock in progress, and I also find it less likely that I will loose a needle in my bag (or when extracting the project from my bag crammed full with kid stuff).

  15. Favorite thing about knitting in the round? I don’t know if there’s just one…but it might be how continuous it seems, without having to turn your work. “Getting in the zone” gets so easy!

  16. I really want to get my hands on this book, if only for the really rad graphic design – I love looking at pictures of knitting. Is that tmi?

    Anyway, I love knitting in the round because I am a slow purler.

  17. Marilyn · ·

    I love no seams when I make chemo hats to donate. I can work so much faster with no turning, too.

    I want to learn magic loop to see how it goes. DPN’s are really fiddly for me.

    I am going to seriously consider purchasing this book, too.

  18. I’ve heard so many great things about this book. I’ve ordered it for work (library), but it hasn’t come in yet.
    Favorite thing about circular knitting? One piece and one needle at a time. Less to keep track of. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the inspiration and the sweet little giveaway!

  19. It’s funny that you should mention DPNs and Magic Loop because just half an hour ago, I finished the top of a handwarmer using Magic Loop. I’d looked everywhere in the house for the right size DPNs but couldn’t find them anywhere(I know they’re still there somewhere hiding from me) so I picked up a circular instead. I always default to DPNs for small circumferences but this has shown me that I need to be more flexible πŸ™‚

  20. I’d love to learn to knit in the round … no seaming sounds like heaven to me!

  21. I love knitting in the round. No seams, fast, and I don’t accidentley pull my knitting of a DPN! I have done that a couple times. LOL I,m going to check out this lovely book.

  22. Michelle B. · ·

    Knitting in the round = no seaming = yay!
    Thanks for the cute give-away.

  23. Angie Clark · ·

    Socks!! Glad you like the book…thank you for reviewing! I must get

  24. I spent between 3 and 4 hours a day sitting on a train commuting to and from work. Usually this is on a very very crowded train. Knitting is how I occupy this time…I’ve found knitting it the round and on circulars is a great option as it requires so much less space. Full needles at just too long and you risk hitting a fellow passenger….and as funny as some might find that, others are generally not pleased when you invade their space. πŸ™‚ I love knitting socks and other projects that benefit from circulars as i also dont have to worry about dropping stitches or my needles (which inevitable get eaten by the train seat or broken under another passenger’s foot).

    I’d love to win this adorable notions bag as it would certainly help me to organized and “keep” my notions with less risk of losing them.

  25. thelabcat · ·

    Knitting in the round lets me zone out a bit more in my knitting. That, and less finishing!

  26. My favorite thing about knitting in the round…is knitting! as to having to purl half the time. πŸ™‚

  27. lisa Luxemberg · ·

    My favorite thing about knitting in the round is no seams. I always lose stitches or get poked by the double pointed needs, so I do all my knitting with round needles, including flat knitting!

  28. Ashley (Ishadow72) · ·

    My favorite thing about circular knitting is that it is so much faster that knitting flat. I don’t mind purling, but I’m much faster at knitting, so my circular knitting is much faster.

  29. danadoodle · ·

    I love knitting in the round because not only does it make many patterns easier, especially colorwork, but also I don’t have to worry about sewing anything up!

  30. Janene · ·

    Knitting in the round = no seams! Yippee

  31. Jennifer · ·

    Knitting in the round usa great with 2 circs because you just keep going–small to big, big to small. I hear this is the same with magic loop, but I’ve got this down so why change? ; )

  32. I enjoy knitting in the round because of the lack of seaming πŸ™‚
    I prefer dpns, but also use magic loop on socks and smaller projects. Its just ryhtmic.

  33. Elizabeth · ·

    I like knitting in the round because there are no seams to sew up.

  34. Caitlyn · ·

    I like knitting in the round because it’s so much speedier, not just because the right side is always facing and there tend to be more knits than purls, but because in an effort to turn a flat piece quickly and get going again I usually knock stitches off the end of the needle. I lose far more time correcting these kinds of mistakes than I do anything else, even slower purled rows. Anything that keeps me from being an obstacle to myself is a plus!

  35. Suparna · ·

    I like knitting in the round because it’s easier for me to follow a pattern. I don’t have to keep flipping my work over to see if I knit or purl on the right stitch and of course, not having to sew as many seams as in flat knitting.

    I’m Loves2Dance on Ravelry.

  36. No Seams!!! But my favorite circular projects are fingerless mitts and hats. If I’m colorwork knitting, I love circular because you don’t have to try to see the pattern on the wrong side. And it makes lace easier to see. So… lots of reasons!

  37. What is there not to love about knitting int he round. For me it is quicker, less thinking involved, & very few if any ladders. I have tried DPNs & hated every minute of them.

  38. I love that you don’t have to sew it together!! I love using 2 circs to knit socks, now that I get how to close them with the kitchener stitch~ it took a while. thanks for a chance to win such a cute project πŸ™‚

  39. Kate Erickson · ·

    I love it because it’s like an endless spiral. Somehow this justifies that I can keep knitting longer because there is not technically “one more row.” The novelty of it never seems to wear off. Also, I’m a bit of a klutz and anything that minimizes dropping stitches off the end of a needle is helpful.

  40. Less seaming!!!

  41. Christine · ·

    i love getting someone’s opinion of a new knit book before i blow my own money on it and end up not liking it.. thanks for the insight!

  42. Socks, DEFINITELY, socks…would never have thought I could do them, and I can!

  43. Tara S. · ·

    I love that there’s very little seaming on knitting in the round. Plus the fact it makes it faster and more organized working a magic loop for a hat than having all the DPNs falling out on chance.

  44. SewIknit2 · ·

    My favourite thing about circular knitting and magic loop in particular is that I can DO IT! I felt proud when I learned it and love showing the technique to others. Enjoyed your review, don’t blame you keeping the book! X

  45. I’m afraid I’m going to echo everyone else. There’s no seaming to do, and I love making socks, so not having seams up the back of the sock is a real bonus. Using 5 needles is also a pretty good way to impress the muggles.

  46. My purling tends to be noticeably looser than my knitting, so my stockinette never looks as nice as I’d like when worked flat. It’s all much prettier when I’m knitting circularly. πŸ™‚

  47. not having to PURL

  48. What a wonderful book, I think I’ll have to buy that one. πŸ™‚ The notions kit is very cute, I love the mushrooms! The thing I like most with circular knitting is no seams! I’m terrible at sewing so if I can avoid it I’m very happy.

  49. Robbie · ·

    When knitting in the round, No way a needle can drop to the floor at the end of the “row”. Especially nice when knitting socks on a plane. No need to chase a needle that slid 2-3 rows away. I learned magic loop just for this.

    And. My gauge is a bit looser. Probably because I’m not holding on for dear life. Not sure I’m a 100% convert yet.

  50. Knitting is faster for me than purling, and I love to get a pair of plain socks on the dpns and knit knit knit.

  51. I love knitting in the round because of the lack of edges. My edges still look funky after years of knitting!

  52. In addition to the magic of making a tube with sticks and string (which sort of applies to all knitting), I love the continuousness of knitting in the round. You just keep going, there’s no pause to flip it over and start again. Of course, I love me my DPNs (maybe because when I knit in public people look at me in awe…) which means there’s still a slight pause between needles.

  53. much less purling!

  54. Krystal Rockburn · ·

    Knitting in the round seems to be all I do!!!! I love that it’s easy stockette if you want it to be and I love that it’s just continuous. Round and round, no stopping and flipping over a big piece everytime I’m done a row

  55. Very neat! Best thing about knitting in the round? Less seaming!

  56. Mu favorite thing is that you use the knit stitch. I’m faster at it.

  57. gt4936 · ·

    I like knitting in the round because there is no seaming!

  58. I absolutely LOVE knitting in the round – you get a start and a finish to weave in, but no sewing up!

  59. Stephanie H. · ·

    Best thing about knitting in the round? Charted knitting is a breeze because you read each row right to left. Also, no seaming is a plus!

  60. Why I love knitting socks in the round, toe-up, two at a time? No second sock syndrome. And all those confused looks by people when I’m knitting in public… πŸ˜‰

  61. Jen Amundsen · ·

    My favorite thing about knitting in the round? No seaming!

  62. Not having to seam anything is definitley my favourite thing about knitting in the round! Although I also find it easier to work charts in the round. Lovely giveaway, thank you!

  63. Clothilde R. · ·

    What I like the most about knitting in the round is doing stockinette without purls.
    And I love circular needles so much that I use them all the time, even for flat pieces (easier to handle and store than straight needles).
    I have to go now and order that book !

  64. I’m almost embarrassed to say that the best thing about circular knitting for me is the ability to avoid purling. Even with the Norwegian Purl (which I love!) I still can knit faster and more evenly than I can purl. Plus, knitting in the round is giving me the opportunity to learn how to steek, something that scares me to no end but which will, I’m sure, give me a wonderful knitter’s high once I’ve conquered it.

  65. marilynr · ·

    My favorite thing about circular knitting is that I use circular needles, and I never lose them. They are always in my work. It is particularly annoying to lose just one.. I no longer have to look through the couch, check the floor, or knitting bag for that last needle. The needles are always together.

  66. Favorite thing about circular knitting — you mean, besides no purling unless wanted for patterns? πŸ˜€ I like that it does away with having to flip things around and fiddle with them between each row. I like that it makes stranded color work about as easy as it gets — no trying to do color stuff on the purl side! I like the meditativeness of miles of stockinette in just knit stitch.

    There’s a lot to like! πŸ™‚

  67. No purling, of course!

  68. i don’t mind seaming, so that’s less of an issue for me than for many who commented. what i love is getting into a flow and watching a column take shape. round and round i go …

  69. Louise Snitz · ·

    knitting in the round is fun because no seams & appears to be faster: once you’ve finished the body (my sweater has knitting in the round sleeves to seam in), there’s not more pieces to knit.

  70. I do not like sewing seams and knitting in the round eliminates most of them. I love Magic Loop and use it to knit sleeves, socks, hats and mittens.

  71. My favourite perk to knitting in the round is that it makes travel knitting so much easier! Arrive at your stop, slip your work into the centre of your circular needle and pop it back in your bag!

  72. Count me in on loving no seams πŸ™‚

  73. Apparently I REALLY need this book! I knit socks (and other things every once in a while) on DPNs and consider that knitting “in the round,” although obviously it isn’t knitting on circular needles. But I see from many comments that some folks consider knitting on DPNs to be something other than knitting in the round. So what is it?! Maybe this book will tell me. My favorite reason to knit in the round on circulars is for colorwork. I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like to try to do stranded knitting on the wrong side!

  74. I’m a magic looper all the way, to me knitting with DPN’s is like wrestling with an angry hedgehog. ML is much nicer and the needles are less likely to fall out of your work too.

  75. projectstash · ·

    Once I discovered knitting in the round, I was a convert. I suppose I’m partial to circles and the idea that I can create a beautiful knitted object all in one go. Okay, and I admit that I hate seaming!

  76. Marjorie · ·

    I find it sooo soothing – goes by so quickly! Will you still let me enter the contest if I confess that since having discovered Magic Loop a few years back I never touch the dreaded DPNs?

  77. Andrea Szyfer · ·

    I love knitting in the round for two reasons …more knitting less purling!

  78. sockmonkery · ·

    I like knitting in the round as it makes some of my favourite things: hats, mittens, socks and even thumbs! Seams don’t bother me, but it’s nice to kick back with some garter in the round and boom: a hat appears. It’s magic!

  79. I always knit socks in the round so that I am sure to end up with a pair (using Magic Loop) instead of one lone sock!

  80. I like knitting on circulars because I never drop a needle. If it slips out of my hand, it just hangs there waiting for me to grab it.

  81. jennybookworm · ·

    I love knitting in the round – I feel guilty that I almost never use the set of full straights my husband got me for Christmas a few years ago when I was getting going in the land of knitting. I love that I have less to finish, I love that the needles (both of them) stay with the work and on and on!! Thanks for the chance at that adorable pouch!

  82. I love knitting in the round! No pesky seams to sew, no ugly “wrong side” staring you in the face every other row! I still respect knitting flat and seaming, but if I can get away with knitting it in the round, betcha I do!

  83. Angela · ·

    The best thing about knitting in the round would have to be the finishing, or rather the lack of it!

  84. I like knitting in the round, as there is less finishing to be done!

  85. Circular knitting is lovely for many many reasons, but especially since colourwork is SO much easier.

  86. Knitting in the round helps me work on my ministry to finish an infant or chemo hat a day. With circulars I can knit without looking at knitting meetings, in the dentist chair, or at traffic lights as long as my foot is on the brake.

    One of the girls in my knitting group got an advance copy of Circular Knitting Workshop. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading it or would buy it. I’ve learned A LOT!

  87. I prefer Magic Loop for knitting in the round. My favourite thing to knit in the round (aside from socks) is colourwork.

  88. I guess I’m an advanced beginning knitter (if that is a category). I’ve tried using straight needles but felt very uncomfortable (accept for the Size 17, which was easy to use with the heavier yarn). My second project was a pair of toe-up socks using the Magic Loop. I now own about 6 different size circular needles and have several projects in progress. I did not feel comfortable using DPNs but maybe I just need to learn how to use them as well. The notions kit is adorable and I would love to receive it. I really like things that are different and unique.

  89. I’ve not been knitting long and while I have made hats with circs, still prefer the dpns for socks…now crocheting in the round, I’ve got down, as I’ve done it for years…and if I’m crocheting in the round, I’m usually making amigurami..and I love those!

  90. I prefer magic loop to dpns. My dpns have a tendency to get lost in the couch cushions! I would love the adorable notions bag.

  91. ChristinaK · ·

    I really love knitting in the round because I can finish my project quickly, especially hats, which make great Christmas gifts.

  92. NewJerseyLaura · ·

    Love knitting everything on circular needles – can’t drop them, and easy on the hands πŸ™‚

  93. I like knitting in round when doing color work so that I only have knit and no purl stitches.

  94. I hate having to sew things up at completion and knitting in the round reduces that.

  95. I completely agree with you – it is a fabulous book. It’s one of three I bought myself with a gift card my brother sent for my birthday. I am absolutely delighted with my choice.

  96. loulouandlillybean · ·

    I love knitting two socks at a time on one circular needle…magic loop,,,,once I got the technique down it’s so quick and easy that I’ll never go back to dpns. It’s so nice to have both socks in the pair done at the same time.


  97. I love magic loop because I can make many different sized projects with a single needle. Makes winging hats and coin purses much easier.

  98. My favorite thing about knitting in the round is that you can’t lose a needle in the middle of a project. I seem to have the bad luck of misplacing a dpn or straight needle no matter how careful I am to put them all together.

  99. No seams rocks and that you can knit it partway and still tell how bit the finished circle will be makes fitting so much easier.

  100. Wow, 100 replies already! Well I’d love the little pouch too! It’s cute!

  101. I love the continuity of knitting in the round; no distinct beginning and endings to each “row”

  102. I love to work shawls in the round – Pi shawls are my favourite thing ever. You just keep working away and magically another round appears – patterned or plain they are comforting to work and make the best tv or travel knitting.

  103. Knitting in the round is so “totally tubular”! Sorry, couldn’t help myself….seriously though, once I got it…it got me! I knit all my socks on a small circular and love the way I don’t have to fiddle with the extra sticks. Most patterns adapt easily and I haven’t looked back. It also takes care of that issue of losing a needle……

  104. Jessica · ·

    Of course its not having (as many) seams to sew at the end but it also keeps me from being disappointed – when I knit a garment in pieces when knitting flat I tend to overestimate how quickly the project is going but when the whole or almost the whole garment is on circulars I can’t as easily trick myself.

  105. I love knitting the round as then I have only 2 ends to weave in and no seam s to join together, what could be better?

  106. No seams to worry about, can’t loose one needle with circulars, or drop it through the slats in the outside deck and have to coerce the hubby to crawl under to find it are obvious reasons to love circular knitting. One that I guiltily have though is that when I am out somewhere, in a waiting room or what not, knitting on a sock, it seems that the entire world is way overly impressed by the fact that I am using so many needles (DPNs) I must be some sort of genius or have invented this process myself. It kinda feels nice to be able to shock and amaze people by doing something that by now seems like second nature to me. Goofy, yea, I know, but I do get a little charge outta that. πŸ˜‰

  107. I am a terrible finisher,so knitting in the round is always best for me! I would also like to mention that I avoid Kitchener stitch too! I have to Google a Kitchener stitch video every time I’m forced to use it. Blah! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  108. I am going to leave a comment because I NEED this book since I can’t knit in the round! I know that the big advantage is not having to sew seams but I am an ARMPIT knitter taught by my Italian grandmother years ago and I must anchor one needle under my arm—holding circs is so awkward for me but I wish I could learn!

  109. Karina · ·

    The little tote would be very handy, thank you for offering it. I like knitting in the round, because even with colour-work, there is often fewer ends to have to sew in afterwards. I’m not a big fan of the cleaning up the ends part…..

  110. I have this book and LOVE it. It’s as pretty as it is informative.

    I love knitting with magic loop because it just feels more fluid, and I seem to knit socks faster.

  111. Tucker · ·

    Knitting in the round = less seams to sew. That is a big win for me, as I love the process of creating the fabric and wish for little elves to show up and do all the finishing work for me.

  112. Yay! Oh really double yay!!! I’m soooooo pleased you reviewed this book as I’ve ordered a copy and am waiting for delivery. I’m a novice ‘in the round’ knitter but am very keen to learn more – one of this year’s challenges!!! I spotted this book and from what I could see it looked fab and now you’ve confirmed it – oh happy happy day!!!!! Now I REALLY can’t wait for it to arrive! My reason for wanting to knit in the round – SO I DON’T KEEP LOSING MY SECOND NEEDLE DOWN THE SIDE OF THE SOFA!!!!! Am I the only one this happens to????? Thank you, thank you again!!!! xxx p.s. Am half way through knitting your Basic Black pattern and am loving it! xxx

  113. I am not a fan of seaming, so I prefer to work in the round. However, I just finished a layette set for a new cousin, and was able to face my seaming fear! Little bag is tre tre cute!

  114. I love the way things drape when you knit in the round. I know there’s value in seams for structural purposes, but I like the unfettered hang of a nice bulky sweater, knit in the round.

  115. Christine Murray · ·

    I love knitting in the round because I hate seaming.

  116. Barbara Meyers · ·

    So much depends on what you first learned! I love circular knitting because I am terrible at visualizing things, and I learned this way to “see my knitting” when I was young, so it comes naturally. Tubes of knitting around circular bodies makes sense to my brain. How flat pieces fit together to fit human bodies is much more difficult for me to see. I’d love this book, as I continually realize how much I still don’t know about how to make those tubes fit over bodies thar undulate in and out (waists in, bosoms out, etc).

    P.S. Nearly failed Home Economics (sewing section). Way back in 1963….
    I picked a princess style dress to make, and couldn’t figure out how those princess seams would ever fit a human being! fortunately, the teacher was nice and decided not to spoil my 4.0 grade point average with a failing grade. I managed to graduate with honors….. Just not in home ec! funny how now in retirement sewing and knitting and spinning and weaving are the things that bring joy into my life!

    Barbara M. In NH

  117. That’s an easy question to answer! Not having to sew up seams. πŸ™‚

  118. Solarmama · ·

    Me and Joanne (Yesterday, 4PM) agree fully. I am just learning to lever knit, and the purling is a bear – my fingers have never been this clumsy! So, practicing my knit stitch in the round is great. And then I’ll practice my purl in the round, too, I guess, so that I eventually don’t hate it so much.

  119. andrea · ·

    still trying to master knitting in the round. i have tried magic loop with a little more success than dpn. one day i will get over my fear completely one day. maybe with the help of this book even.

  120. Marie β™₯ · ·

    Knitting in the round, magic loop means no lost needles underneath the vehicle seats (and not being carsick from trying to find them in a moving vehicle)!

  121. NO SEAMS! I’m a 2 circular needle in the round kind of girl and knit almost all of my socks 2 at a time….did my Viper Pilots that way….no 2nd sock syndrome here!

  122. carol Harrison · ·

    Knitting is faster than Purling. And, I love the minimal seaming thing. {More than once I have knitted a sweater and thrown the pieces out after a decade.} I am not a fan of seaming!

  123. Now this is easy to answer: no dpns and no seaming! I always manage to create ladders with dpns or have the work slip off the needles. And I’m not very confident in my seaming skills.

  124. I’ll have to add the book to my short list. Although I do love minimal seaming. I look at fiber arts this way there is a used for every yarn and every method.

  125. Heather · ·

    It is faster for those last minute gifts. And… NO SEAMS TO SEW! Sewing seams just never “fit” in with knitting. Thank you for having this give away. The notion tote is cute. I need one of these.

  126. I do love seamless knitting but lately have learned the value of some things being knit flat!

  127. I love knitting in the round because it feels like I’m being sneaky – the result is beautiful stockinette and all I had to do was knit. It’s like magic!

  128. Rebecca · ·

    My favorite thing about knitting in the round is no purling with colorwork!

  129. My favorite part about knitting in the round is that you don’t have to stop and turn at the end of each row. This may not be too bad for some people. I, however, have a horrible habit of stopping and stretching out my work and admiring how it is going. Or possibly dreading about it not being at gauge. Either way…I find I progress much slower due to the fact that I can’t stop looking at it!

  130. shannon · ·

    Knitting in the round means fewer ddropped stitches when I have to drop my knitting to parent. The needles don’t fall out as easily.

  131. Sultana · ·

    I love knitting in the round because I can alway see the right side of my work to make sure that I am doing it correctly. Really love steeks and colorwork.

  132. Sommer · ·

    I love knitting in the round because I never have to stop and turn my work.

  133. My favourite part of knitting in the round is when my husband tells me to “finish the row and come to bed” that I get to decide how long the last “row” is – 5 stitches or 500,000!

  134. Renee Cook · ·

    What I love about knitting in the round… the reactions and stares of non-knitters upon seeing 4-5 DPNs sticking out of a sock and my ability to wrangle them all with nary a spandex super-heroine unitard or cape in sight. When looked upon with such awe I do indeed feel like knitting’s very own version of an Amazonian warrior Wonder Woman…..”Who’s that wielding 5 pointy sticks and balls of string? It’s [insert appropriate knitting super hero name here]!”

  135. rikelucky · ·

    Best things knitting in the round only right rows, no ugly holes in my socks like with dnps…

  136. […] Sane Skip to content HomeAboutFreePattern NotesPremium PatternsTeaching ← Book Review: Circular Knitting Workshop May 30, 2012 · 3:06 pm ↓ Jump to […]

  137. Donna Woytovich · ·

    Since I care for my 18 month old granddaughter during the week I love the safety factor. When she is napping I knit. Love to knit socks with a 4″ circular and believe it is a much better option than dp’s. Also, it’s easy to pick up and put down quickly without worry of dropping stitches. Other reasons are as the other gals mentioned. Sooo many…

  138. […] and would like a chance to win a fabulous little zippered notions purse from Pog Totes, check out my previous post which also holds a book review of Circular Knitting Workshop by Margaret Radcliffe. I’ll post a […]

  139. Like others, I like to knit in the round to avoid seaming. I can do very nice seams, but I just want to wear the sweater ASAP so the less time I need to spend on the “finishing details”, the better! And then you can also see your project in 3D so to speak. Win-win.

  140. Ronnie · ·

    I have just learned to knit in the round, and I love the opportunity to make new things that I couldn’t do before, like cowls! And as many have mentioned, the ability to put it down without losing my stitches – what a relief.

  141. My favorite thing about knitting i the round is how fast the work seems to grow and that there is limited sewing/finishing. Love the book and the little pog tote. Thanks for the giveaway.

  142. Heather Bergman · ·

    My favorite thing about knitting in the round is the ease of transporting my work just about anywhere. The flexibility of the needles makes “stuffing” my carryon/purse/travel bag with my WIP that much easier.

  143. Ashley W · ·

    I’ve fallen head over heels in love with this bag. Off to check out the etsy store…

  144. Candice · ·

    Just started using circular needles. So far I really enjoy them. They put less weight on my wrists and work great on airplanes. You don’t get much elbow room in planes as it is but adding long straight needles is just rediculous. Actually I’m surprised TSA allows straight metal needles but not water bottles…

  145. Paula Bannon · ·

    I love knitting in the round – it’s hard to pick a favorite thing about it. I love knitting baby hats in the round though because they work up so quickly!

  146. *Quietly adds book to wishlist*

    I love knitting in the round because I can just book it on stockinette. No turning, no purling, no fuss and no muss. And my tension is so much more even because I’m using only the knit stitch (my purls are looser, which is probably an argument for doing them more, but I don’t wanna).

  147. I recently started doing more knitting in the round, and my favorite thing about it is fewer seams to sew up at the end of a project. I actually quite like seaming, but it takes so long to do, and delays the wearing of the final sweater. Baby things in the round are great too!

  148. mary mcmahon · ·

    My favorite thing? very little purling!!

  149. Robin Gooch · ·

    I’m a new knitter to circular needles, but going round and round is certainly what makes my knitting world flow easier. It also seems to be less stressful on the hands (but that’s probably just my imagination). p.s. I LOVE the title of your blog!!!!

  150. I love circ’s and use them almost exclusively. I never lose a needle and I’m always on the right side.

  151. My favorite thing about knitting in the round is showing others how. Last winter, my church group knitted hats to give away. Some of the ladies were new to circulars, and I loved helping them get started.

  152. Debbie · ·

    It makes fair isle knitting a breeze

  153. Bridget · ·

    I can’t choose just one……I love that you don’t have to purl (as much). I love colorwork in the round, I love knitting sweaters that don’t require much finishing… I could go on, but I won’t! πŸ™‚

  154. Spring Davidson · ·

    Please choose me! Thanks for writing such a great blog.

  155. That bag is super cute! The best thing about working in the round is less seaming.

  156. anastasia · ·

    I usually only knit in the round for socks & my favourite part of it is doing Kitchener stitch on the toe. I may just start a campaign called “Knitters For Kitchener Stitch” & I will single-handedly teach everybody the joys of it. or maybe just how to do it. one or the other.

  157. Josephine · ·

    No seams! And when I drop a needle on the bus it doesn’t go anywhere, it just hangs there as though to say “I’m sorry I upset you. Please hold me again. I’m your friend, really.” This is a big change from your average straight needle, which, not content with leaping from my hands, also manages to hide intself under the seat of the scary looking guy over the other side of the bus.

  158. My favourite thing about knitting in the round is there is no seaming required! Would love to be part of this draw

  159. Janette E. · ·

    Almost no seams! I’ve taken a hat pattern written to be knit flat and did it in the round. And I love my interchangables…I do all my knitting on circs now!

  160. I love to freak out the muggles who don’t know what on earth I am doing. I also benefit from more consistent gauge and not losing dpns.

  161. Brandi · ·

    I love that I can get a good momentum going and it’s much quicker, and when I get to the end I’m really done, no piecing together. Now to figure out how to fit Royale into my “To Knit” list…

  162. Marieke · ·

    Knitting in the round is good because:
    – no seams or sewing seems
    – only knit stitches for stockinette stitch &
    – the possibility of trying something (a sock, a sweater) on as you go along
    Need I say more….?

  163. My favorite thing about knitting in the round is that I always get to use a stitch marker!

  164. Eloise · ·

    Less seaming, of course. Also just being able to knit without too much thinking.

  165. Leslie · ·

    Most of my knitting in the round has been children’s sweaters (top down) and love being able to have them try them on as they go!

  166. I love knitting in the round (mostly with magic loop – I don’t do well with DPNs) so that I don’t have to seam – I still have not mastered that!

  167. I like knitting in the round because it’s great seeing the project come together as I’m working on it. I haven’t used Magic Loop for my sock knitting yet, but I’ve considered trying.

  168. Since my first knitting project were socks (and they are finished!) I can not compare knitting in the round to ‘regular’ knitting. I like some challenge….

  169. Hi Kris

    I’m pleased to write you and let you know you’ve won the blog giveaway for the zippered pouch from Pog Totes! I’ve cc’d Mary so that you can arrange your address for delivery and select what colour/style from what she has available.

    Happy knitting, and thanks for participating in the giveaway! Glenna

  170. Wow!! what a book. I couldn’t just do a quick browse – there is too much to see and read. My knitting will only get better as I read/knit from each section of this book. It’s a fabulous addition to my knitting library.

  171. Marilyn · ·

    I ordered this book from Amazon, and it came in only one day! The photos on the pages are wonderful as so are the clear explanations. I have so much to learn about knitting that I am sure I’ll often have this in my hands. It’s well worth buying.

  172. itssewnice · ·

    I love Maggy..the author of Knitting in the Round. She is so knowledgable and down to earth at the same time.

  173. Oh wow…I may need that book. Knitting in the round is my absolute favorite because it means no seams to sew! It seems like every time I knit something in pieces, my row gauge changes between two pieces that need to be sewn together in a perfect seam, and it turns out all wonky and messy.
    Maybe the issue isn’t with the sewing.

  174. Denise McClendon · ·

    Just ordered this book from Knicks at 35% off and got a free skein of yarn.

  175. Denise McClendon · ·

    Sorry meant Knitpicks πŸ˜‰

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