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Today I met up with fellow knitter Lisa and we went to an awesome Picasso exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. Then, we had coffees in the gallery cafe and knitted and chatted about movies and tv and yoga and cats and basically all normal things that people would talk about, except that we did it whilst knitting, and I can report that it was 100% amusing to watch the expressions of people walking through the cafe and realizing that we were, in fact, knitting in the middle of an art gallery cafe. And also, the woman behind the counter at the cafe recognized we were knitters from the fact that we were wearing knitted things, and then we had a brief exchange about patterns, and also exchanged Ravelry usernames (hi, cafe lady! nice to meet you, if you’re out there!) and it wasn’t until about an hour later as we were leaving the gallery that it finally dawned on me that we had just exchanged internet names but hadn’t actually exchanged real names, and that at no point had it ever occurred to me that this might be weird, because it was knitters. Knitters are cool, right?

And I had a whole post brewing in my head about shawls that I was going to post later (which I’ll still get to next time, because I do like shawls), and then after an afternoon of being offline I got back on the bus to head home and caught up on the internet, and read about how the US Olympic Committee apparently has nothing better to do than to pick on knitters for doing things like making fun knitting competitions whilst viewing the Olympics. (Which, seriously, if there isn’t at least one person in that organization asking themselves right now exactly how far they have strayed from the spirit of their organization, I give up on humanity.)

Then I kept reading the internet and came across this post of really super awesome photographs, which you should absolutely look at, especially if you happened to be annoyed about things like over-zealous people picking on knitters.

And then another knitter pointed me in the direction of this pretty super awesome video from Matt (whose previous videos are worth watching if you haven’t seen them already), and that was the topper. If there is an antidote to the frustrating parts of humanity (say, the sort that would like to pick on knitters congregating in fun and friendship to do things like knit while cheering on Olympic athletes from all over the world, I’m just going off of the top of my head here), then this is definitely in the right direction. And while we’re at it, a good reminder about how people who experience and communicate significant portions of their lives via media on the internet (knitters included), are in fact, people.

Happy knitting, friends who live in the computer! You’re awesome.


  1. bekahmarquez · ·

    This post totally made my day. Thanks for sharing so much joy 🙂

  2. Well said….Love the video and the pictures…the pictures got me teary eyed….

  3. Subtle. lol!! I posted about the USOC’s picking on knitters as well, but mine was a whole lot angrier; I like your method much better.

  4. Emailed the US Olympic committee- that’s rediculous that they would do that. Props to the graphic designer that made the hot pink London 2012 logo that looks like Lisa Simpson performing a certain act.

    Love the blog!


  5. Thanks for the video. It made me furiously happy!

  6. Those pictures made me cry, in a good way. I\’m especially glad right now for the one about the dry cleaner who cared more about helping others than money (it cost his business $32,000, wow) as the whole ravelympics trademark debaucle was making me think that money is the only thing the whole world cares about. It\’s good to be reminded that it\’s only part of the world and not everyone.

  7. Oh my goodness … I didn’t get past that first photo before I couldn’t see for crying … when I dry up a bit I’ll look at the rest.
    As for the Olympic knitting debacle, well for goodness sake, will they be saying next that the technical term ‘unpick’ can’t be used when we go wrong, because it’s got ‘..pic..’ in there? Glad it’s not the LOC – I like to think that they appreciate that the knitting community is more about loving and giving than ‘cashing in’ (and you can’t tell me that Seb Coe never wore a handknit: he modelled a specially designed Olympic jumper made for him by Erika Knight ~ can’t seem to put a link in but I can pass it on if you like). Plus, if Her Majesty didn’t moan when we all knitted our way through the Jubilee …
    Hmmm, ayway, off to dry my eyes and do some unpicking, or should I say ‘frogging’ of my blurry-eyed knitting errors. Great post, thank you 🙂

  8. love, love, love, love, love

  9. Lorraine Haemel · ·

    That was great! My faith in humanity is restored!

  10. The pictures and the video were perfect. They were a lovely pick-me-up when it was especially needed.
    I think I would very much like to meet you someday. Following you around on the internet (not in a crazy stalker-ish way) has made both my knitting and internet life richer from your terrific patterns to tweets that make me laugh and/or think (and frequently lead me to new folks to follow – love Sandra Boynton!) and your always interesting blog.
    I just wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK-YOU!

  11. Great post. Knitters keep it real.

  12. Meredith MC · ·

    Thank you for the link to the pictures- I really needed that today. I’m looking forward to your post about shawls.

  13. Love the video!!1 That totally made me cry.

    And when I meet other local knitters we too exchange Ravelry Names. It is just much easier to remember. haha.

    As far as the Olympics debacle. I totally am not watching the Olympics this year. Totally out of line.

  14. Amanda Hill · ·

    I can’t believe the US Olympic Comittee being upset over “Ravelympics”, but I do think it is funny that knitters who are extremely sensitive about rights to patterns and such are surprised that they can’t use the olympic rings without copyright permission.

  15. Amanda Hill · ·

    PS I also can’t believe people are boycotting the Olympics over it. Doesn’t that mean the Comittee has won?

  16. Amanda – I believe much of the frustration isn’t the trademark issue itself (which does have legal standing and is not without precedent), but the manner in which it was done, i.e. suggesting plainly that the knitting event is something that diminishes the spirit of the actual Olympics.


  17. Amanda Hill · ·

    Too true – I agree there. No matter what the USOC does, I am looking forward to watching and knitting through the Olympics!

  18. And now, I’m crying! That was wonderful!
    Off to read about knitting and the Olympics…way to keep me current with world events. 😉

  19. Thanks for an especially inspiring post today! Pictures and video were fantastic.

  20. that was probably one of the best blog posts i have ever read. i can’t believe the committee is reacting that way. i totally understand the copyright issues, and don’t have a problem with that. it’s just that i don’t see how the Ravelympics is defacing the olympics. i see it as a way to build spirit and sense of community, teamwork, and support for athletes. the knitting, for me at least, is only half of what it’s about.

  21. I enjoyed the video very much. Thanks for posting it.

  22. As long as Matt is still dancing, you’re still blogging, and we’re all knitting — where ever and when ever — there’s a whole lot right with the world!

  23. This post made my day. Thanks!

  24. Thank you for a wonderful & powerful post!

  25. Thank you, Glenna. I needed that!

  26. Hi Glenna!

    I’m the lady behind the counter 🙂 My name is Jette! I thought the same thing too and realized I never came over after to see what you were knitting. I finally picked up my yarn we spoke of and I can’t wait to start some more shawls. I also starting having ideas of some sort of evening AGO Espresso Bar knitting awesome times – I’ll keep you posted!!

  27. How on earth did you get your needles into the gallery? Last time I was there, they made me check my small project bag because they saw my knitting needles. I’m visiting next week so hopefully I too will get a chance to knit at the gallery.

  28. PS: I know Jette!! She’s awesome!!

  29. Love the photos. Good to see humans caring for each other and our fellow creatures!

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