Monthly Archives: July 2012

Another year

Today is my birthday, and while it’s a working knitting day (still finishing up some of those pesky deadline projects), at least it’s a day I get to spend with yarn, and the non-yarn bits have been a bit relaxed so far. I’m planning a full do-whatever-i-want-day sometime next week as recompense for having to […]

Summer camp for grown ups

I spent this past week in the company of a group of knitters and other artists and art students at the Haliburton arts workshops, teaching my ‘Knitting Sweaters That Fit’ class that I did last year. It was a good week and I look forward to returning again – I not only had a great […]


1. Last weekend I realized I was remiss in not photographing my new acquisitions from the TTC Knitalong – and having new yarn to squeeze and fondle is, of course, half the fun! I came home with some Socks That Rock mediumweight (Bleck – gotta love that colour name), Malabrigo Rasta for a winter cowl […]

Another great year for Toronto knitting

About ten years ago, the first TTC Knitalong happened, and it was a fairly small affair run by a couple of enthusiastic women in the Toronto knitting community. It ran for a couple of years but then lapsed as the volunteers organizing it moved away or moved on, and about five years ago it was […]

The price of admission

Lately I’ve been in the thick of it behind the scenes here at Knitting to Sane, beavering away on several design projects, and have a couple of weeks to go still before I’m cleared for a bit of respite. I love knitting, I love yarn, I love creative work, and these are all projects that […]

A different kind of enabling

For anyone who’s been around me in person lately, or listening to my blatherings on my Twitter feed (sidebar), you’ll be fully aware of the fact that for the past 2 months I’ve taken up yoga. After 9 weeks of at-home practice, 3-5 times a week (thanks to the aid of DVDs, much reading, and […]

The advantage of being nonsensical

I don’t know about you, but around these parts in southern Ontario we are now reaching that time of the summer when temperatures reach approximately a billion and eleven degrees outside. (Approximately). It happens every July and we always like to hope that maybe this year will be the year it doesn’t happen (there was […]