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Lately I’ve been in the thick of it behind the scenes here at Knitting to Sane, beavering away on several design projects, and have a couple of weeks to go still before I’m cleared for a bit of respite. I love knitting, I love yarn, I love creative work, and these are all projects that I love and are in really lovely yarn, and this is all of the good. At the same time, it’s work, and like any other kind of work, there are only so many full-tilt days you can string together before your brain starts resisting it. Yesterday morning I put my sliced English muffin in the toaster and didn’t realize until a few minutes later that I hadn’t actually pressed the down-lever to, you know, toast it in the toaster. Then later that afternoon I accidentally forgot my bank card behind at the drug store, but didn’t discover that it was missing until I went to buy a book at lunchtime today. (Executing things like complex knitted cables: check. Executing mundane tasks like eating and shopping:….errr…not so much.)

So today I declared Wednesday to be Saturday and took myself into the big city. I allowed myself the excuse of needing to pick up some things at the Purple Purl (design yarn was waiting for me there, along with a latte and some sitting time), and made a friends date with fellow knitter Lisa, who frequently works doctor weekends and thus is also often to be found taking a Saturday on a Wednesday, and we tra-la-la-ed off for pedicures and afternoon tea. I don’t think I need to tell you, it was delightful. I’ve never actually gotten a pedicure before, and I’ll admit it sort of feels a bit ridiculous to be sitting gaily knitting and chatting next to your friend while people go to work on your feet, but you know…now I’ll have pretty toes to look at when I’m doing all those sun salutations in yoga, and I’ll take it.


While I’ve been furiously trying to churn out a few deadline projects lately, in the back of my brain I’ve also been baiting myself with the very lovely thought of having a bit of time to myself when I get to knit whatever the heck I want – a project for me, me, me and only me. And it occurred to me a couple of days ago that, actually…I have no idea what that project is going to be.

But then, Lisa and I stopped by Passionknit, post-pedicure, and I suddenly found myself staring at a bunch of Madelinetosh. They had that lovely reddish orange shade called ‘sequoia’, which is a colour I’ve been trying to make friends with lately and is the same colour I used last fall in my Phellogen socks, and before I knew it I was holding a sweater’s worth of it and cashing out. Maybe it’ll be my Rhinebeck sweater this year. I don’t know what sweater yet, exactly, but it’ll be a fun sweater nonetheless.


Here’s to having Saturday-on-a-Wednesday, knitter friends. I hope you have some respite of your own in the week ahead, yarn-ish or otherwise!


  1. Your brain thanks you for taking a mid week break, I’m sure.I don’t ever do that, but now you’ve inspired me. As soon as school starts up, I will pencil in some random Wednesday to pretend it is Saturday.
    As for Sequoia, wow what an awesome color. You always seem to select to most enviable colorways! Thanks for sharing, btw, love the manicure color too.

  2. What an amazing day – love it! And great pic of toes & yarn. 🙂

  3. I have a skein of that, using it for my Creekbed scarf

  4. I call those days mental health days. They’re necessary sometimes. Life is always busy and often stressful and it’s important to take a step back sometimes and take care of you. Sounds like you had a wonderful day – I love pedicures!

  5. Claire E · ·

    The yarn looks delicious – I’m sure that anything you choose to make with it will be absolutely gorgeous!

  6. What a beautiful color of yarn…..and toes! Ahhh, if only every day could be Saturday!

  7. I think you needed a break asap. I’m so glad you took a moment and did it.

  8. Those mid-week weekends are so necessary! Take everything out of them that you can. Good luck with the rest of the designing. 🙂 But don’t deprive yourself of the lovely, relaxing days off.

  9. Since I usually work on Saturdays – every Thursday is my Saturday and I LOVE it! There’s something so nice about having your off day right in the middle of the “normal” work week. I can’t wait to see the sweater that your new Madelinetosh yarn turns into. I love working with that yarn! Nice fall color too.

  10. I love days like that. Sometimes I go to the movie matinee just so I can hide in a dark room for a couple of hours.

  11. Hooray for mid-week weekends!

    Also, where did you go for tea? It looks delicious!

  12. sounds like a perfect day! Where did you go for afternoon tea?! That new yarn is so pretty, I love that rich, deep colour. I went for a pedicure a couple weeks ago for the first time, but it wasn’t really my cup of tea. Although my toes do still look very spiffy.

  13. i almost hate to admit this, but everyday, now, is a ‘saturday’ for me… since i retired from teaching beginning band for 33 yrs, i love everyday because i can knit, knit, knit!!! it can be 100+ and humid outside, but i can knit inside w/AC and love it!!! i’m working on prayer shawls from a huge yarn donation to the group i started/facilitate!!! life is good!! love your ‘sequoia’!!!
    ^)^ linda

  14. I had a Saturday yesterday, too. We went into Vancouver to listen to the Yarn Harlot and turned it into a yarn crawl!

  15. LauraSue · ·

    Like Julie and you, I’ve only been to a pedi once. Not sure it’s an experience I care to repeat. And I went for a totally bland, flesh-tone color! I think I’m too farm girl for it. Or 70’s hippie. Or something. Plus my feet are ticklish.

  16. Brava to you for recognizing that you needed some time off AND for taking said time.
    On an unrelated note, I too have the second toe longer than the big toe thing going on. Do people give you a hard time about it?

  17. There’s a tea shop literally just down the street from Passionknit! Up from Yonge & Lawrence. They do a little afternoon tea service. You can have just wee scones and tea, or also wee sandwiches, or like a whole hog multi-tier tray thing. it’s very nice.


  18. Apparently, I’m doing Saturday all wrong. Yours sound much nicer than mine, whatever day of the week it falls on.

  19. Heh, no one has mentioned it to me before, actually! 😉 I guess it is just how the feet in my family tend to be. I have long fingers as well!


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  21. The yarn is heavenly and I really must knit your love Phellogen sock pattern 🙂

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