Skein Theory: New Designs and a Giveaway!

Now that fall is here, I am starting to be able to show off some of the things on my “what I did this summer” list! The inaugural issue of Skein Theory is out for fall, and I’m pleased to say that I have two sweater designs in the issue. Both are lovely worsted-weight cabled pieces that will be warm and classic items in your wardrobe.

The Ravine Pullover (also seen on the cover!) uses Galway Highland Heathers and shows off a combination of structural cable motifs down the front and back of the sweater. I actually really want to make another one of these for myself, because sometimes it’s just too much of a bummer to part with the sample!

Ravine Pullover

And secondly, the Dundurn Cardigan uses a slightly dressier, symmetrical combination of cables and ribbing and a slightly lower scoop neck. It uses Shelter by Brooklyn Tweed, which is very lovely to work with. Like Ravine, a number of worsted weight yarns would be suitable substitutes.

Dundurn Cardigan 2

These were both a real pleasure to knit and may actually be my two favourite things that I’ve knitted all year.

The whole issue contains a number of versatile fall patterns including shawls and accessories, and I’ve been granted the ability to host a giveaway for the full issue and all its patterns. Hurray!

To be entered to win, please leave a comment here on this post before noon EST on Monday, telling me your favourite thing about knitting in the fall. (So easy, I know! I’ll try to make the next giveaway question a bit more challenging. 😉 )

Enjoy browsing the issue, and enjoy knitting this weekend! Happy Friday.




  1. Sherry Coleman · ·

    My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is knowing how warm I’ll be when I’m done.

  2. Sounds great! I love both of the sweaters! especially the purple (what a colour!!!)

  3. By fall, I’m feeling the pressure/pleasure of all the knitted gifts I want to finish in time for Christmas gift-giving. I love the process of knitting for loved ones.

  4. hawknitr13 · ·

    my favorite thing about kniiting in the fall is the color selection!! i love the burnt oranges, burgandys, browns, greens, golds… and to be knitting those colors as the fall foliage is changing to its peak performance is exhilarating!!
    ^)^ linda

  5. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I think my favourite thing about knitting in the fall is knowing that I will be able to wear it the minute I am finished.

  6. I love how the weather just gets a little crisp early in the fall… just enough to get me going on my Christmas knitting!

  7. Craftie Allie · ·

    Both of those are lovely and congrats on being on the cover!!

    Knitting in the fall is great because it makes me stay on task moreso than knitting in the summer. The cooler weather reminds me that if I’m going to stay warm, these items need to get off my needles. Lol.

  8. Lynne Zapletal · ·

    I love the two patterns! Excellent! I love knitting in the fall. As the cooler weather sets in it is easy to be reminded of why we need sweaters and pullovers and I start looking at different yarns. It makes me happy to know that I’m enjoying myself knitting and someone will enjoy wearing a new garment.

  9. Beautiful patterns! I love knitting in the fall for the instant gratification factor – you can wear it now, even if it’s a lacy shawl.

  10. Well really, I love knitting all year round! But knitting in fall is a little more special because I start thinking of knitting for others, instead of myself, for Christmas!

  11. I love your sweaters and I love the fall colors and look forward to picking browns, orange and rust colors to knit with!

  12. Fav thing about knitting in the fall: pretty much anything you want to knit you can wear in the fall. Short-sleeved sweaters? Check. Long-sleeved? Check. Socks? Mitts? Hats? Check check check.

  13. Great cabling … I’m partial to making cables. 🙂

  14. I absolutely LOVE this sweater. I’m a cable fanatic, so this needs to go into my queue pronto!

  15. browsing through all the lovely cosy patterns that i know will be keeping me exceptionally warm as soon as my knitting needles get clacking!

  16. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is that it’s FINALLY cooler, and it’s rainy, and it’s just so nice to sit on the sofa and knit and watch the rain fall outside.

  17. I queued both of these designs as soon as I saw them on Ravelry last night! My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is the creative burst I always get as I plan warm, cozy sweater projects.

  18. Susan Gilbert · ·

    Fall is always centered on the home and home interests. Knitting goes with fall. The cooler weather, good smells from the kitchen and the lovely click of the needles makes one feel all is well and everything is cozy. Both sweaters are absolutely beautiful.

  19. The sweaters are gorgeous. My favorite thing is a hot cup of coffee and air just chilly enough to raise the hairs up on my arms while I knit on the porch.

  20. · ·

    By accident I posted with my whole name, is there a way to change that. Thanks

  21. Gorgeous designs! I love cables and texture sooooo much. I’ll take that any day over color work (not that there’s anything wrong with it!)

  22. Fall knitting: hands and lap actually appreciate the warmth of the wool (this summer, not so much).

  23. What a lovely giveaway! Knitting in the fall is different because you know the finished item will be used immediately – whether it be a sweater, socks, mitts, or scarf. Fall knitting also makes me look twice at my stash and that’s a GOOD thing 🙂

  24. My favourite thing about knitting in the fall is that I know it will never be too hot to wear whatever I’m knitting! No one will question the wearing of handknit socks and a shawl and maybe even a hat!

  25. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is knowing that if I finish my project, I can probably wear it immediately!

  26. Gorgeous knits, Glenna! My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is having a new sweater to wear at RHINEBECK!!! Because, well RHINEBECK!! See you there?

  27. Knitting in Fall means that I can finally pick up the sweaters again that I didn’t finish in Spring :-).

  28. Gorgeous creations Glenna! The best thing I enjoy the most about fall knitting is the deep rich colors of the yarns and the possibility of a new fall sweater 🙂

  29. The lack of stickiness — as opposed to during the ridiculously humid summers I generally get to deal with.

  30. My favorite thing about fall knitting is getting to the point in a blanket or sweater where it covers your lap and keeps you warm. I also absolutely adore all the sweaters and cardigans that I was too hot to look at during the summer.

  31. I LOVE these sweaters!!!

  32. Knitting with a lapful of wool and not feeling uncomfortably warm! And seeing all the gorgeous new sweater designs (like Dundurn… Drool!) and planning my cool-weather knitting projects. And looking forward to wearing my new projects. And…. really, I love *everything* about knitting on the fall!

  33. It being cool enough to actually wear the things to knit!!

  34. Your Ravine sweater is beautiful! Fall knitting for me usually entails making a long queue of items I want to knit for holiday gifts, and then finding myself under way too much pressure to finish them all! But my recipients are so appreciative and that makes it all worthwhile.

  35. I love knittig in the Fall. Knitting items with cables makes me feel empowered. I can concur almost anything. I love Fall colours and textures and watching as the sweater or shawl grows. Thanks for the giveaway. The two sweaters are absolutely gorgeous.

  36. Fall’s the perfect seasons for all things knitted – hats, scarves, cardigans… Can you think of a more blissful way to spend your time than with a great pattern, hot coffee/tea/chocolate, and a fire?

  37. My favorite thing- being able to work on a blanket and using it at the same time!

  38. I love how a lap full of yarn is so cozy on those chilly evenings and LOVE watching something come together for someone that I care about.

  39. My favorite thing about Autumn is that, living in the South, it’s finally cool enough to knit outdoors. I look forward all year to Autumn–the cool weather, the changing leaves, and the radiant blue of an Autumn afternoon sky are worth waiting all year for!

  40. fiberfictionfood · ·

    Fall is my favorite time to knit because of the great colors, the lovely wool or alpaca and all of the beautiful options to make: great sweaters, fingerless mitts, cowls, etc.

  41. jennybookworm · ·

    I love that my knitting keeps me warm while I’m making something I’ll be able to wear right away myself or give away to keep someone else warm – it’s knitter instant grafitication time after the hot summer of dishcloths and I’ll get to wear it soon…

  42. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is the same thing I love about knitting at other times of the year. Fibers are cool (said in a Dr. Who/Matt Smith voice).

  43. My favourite thing about fall is that by mid-autumn, it is usually no longer 40 degrees Celsius 😀 I love to knit hats and scarves, and I only ever have about 2 weeks of autumn and the three months of winter to wear them!

  44. Knitting in the fall just makes me feel warm all over and reminds me of all the knitting women who have gone before.

  45. The best thing about knitting in the fall is the thought that I can actually wear what I am knitting, unlike the hot summer months when those socks on the needle don’t look too inviting!

  46. Fall always makes me feel nostalgic, not for anything in particular, but just in general, and sitting and knitting is a good time to sit and be nostalgic.

  47. Kelli Greene · ·

    I like that you can sit with an almost complete topdown sweater on your lap and not break a sweat.

  48. The designs in are beautiful and the booklet is lovely to view. I am planning my first sweater and Dundurn cardigan would be great to knit.

  49. My favorite thing about knitting in the Fall is sitting by the fire because it’s finally chilly enough!

  50. Beautiful, beautiful sweaters. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is that I feel fully justified in browsing and casting on a bunch of stuff – not that I don’t do that in summer. In fall I just feel like I can pass off the obsession as “good winter preparedness”.

  51. Fall knitting means using fiber that is too heavy to think about in the summer – and larger projects that are too warm to think about during the summer!

  52. Love Dundurn! Living in Southern California, knitting in the fall isn’t too much different from knitting any other time of the year. But fall is my fave season nonetheless.

  53. I love warm cuddly things in the Fall. Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. When fall arrives I start planning what to knit for christmas gifts. I’ve got two started for my sister!

  55. Thanks for offering this! What do I love about knitting in the fall? Too many reasons I suppose, but the main one would be the fact that I can. Summers can get too hot here in Ont. as you know, and I don’t have any more air conditioning in my house than open windows at night and good insulation will give. Sometimes it’s just too much to pick up the needles….

  56. I love getting to wear it soon after it’s done! I get a frantic need to knit everything, as though I’ll freeze if I don’t finish. I haven’t frozen yet!

  57. love knitting when the air is cool, and your knitting keeps you warm!! Love the new sweater desings.

  58. There’s nothing new I can add to this conversation. I love the warmth of wool. I love gift knitting for the holidays. I love cuddling up with family – and yarn.

  59. I love those patterns! My favorite thing about fall knitting is that my hands stop sweating so much. Gross. And it’s great to curl up under a blanket and work on my projects!

  60. it gets cold and i’m motivated to knit faster!

  61. I LOVE the purple Ravine sweater. It’s very cover-worthy. Fall is my favorite season because the temperatures no longer reach 100 degrees on a daily basis. Sitting on the patio in “crisp & cool” 75 degree mornings makes for great knitting weather in East Texas. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  62. Skein Theory is wonderful The designs are great but the photography and setting! Wow!. I like the format too – buy either individual patterns or the whole darn thing. Congrats, Glenna.

  63. Gina in the SF Bay Area · ·

    I have always clung to the academic calendar, and the fall feels to me like the beginning of a new year. What I love about knitting in the fall (and fall in general) is the anticipation of all the good things to come in this “new” year. I especially like the feeling that it is now normal to play with wool for extended periods, even though hot weather is not usually an issue here where I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  64. carol Harrison · ·


    My favorite thing about knitting this fall is having the little ones watching me say, “Will you knit me a sweater next? Can it be pink with diamond buttons? Or dark dark emerald green with a hood?Like a sweatshirt, only a sweater?” Watching the relaxation hit them they can design the sweater they will get to wear! That is my favorite thing about this fall!

    I knit all summer, but they don’t want anything until the weather changes!

  65. Marie ♥ · ·

    Lovely patterns! I love the colours of fall outside my window and then picking up yarn in those colors, the warmth of a project in my lap when the temperature dips and knowing I will be able to wear my creation as soon as it is completed.

  66. My favorite thing about fall knitting is that it provides a last opportunity to knit things for myself before the Christmas knitting begins. 🙂

    -Emily F.

  67. Both sweaters are beautiful and I’m itching to start a new one.

  68. Arlene Lewis · ·

    Fall, one of the prettiest seasons. What better way to celebrate then to curl up on the sofa, the fire roaring, hot mug at the ready, delightful yarns in glorious shades all around you begging to be turned into something magnificent. The leaves on the trees may be dying but your imagination is soaring as you picture all the wonders your needles will produce. Ahhhhhh, life is good.

  69. I think my favorite part of knitting in the fall is that in most cases I can immediately wear what I’m working on (if it’s something for me). That just gives me so much more incentive to knit!

  70. My favorite thing about fall knitting? We tend to keep the windows open into late October/November, and so I can knit large projects, and they’ll keep me warm on my lap while still in progress. 🙂

  71. My favourite thing about knitting in the fall is the cooler weather. I can knit while watching my favourite tv shows (less guilt). Might as well be productive, right?

  72. I love to have a nice size project on my lap and hands and the way it warms me as I work on it in the chilly air.

  73. Such beautiful sweaters, Glenna!
    My favourite thing about knitting this fall in particular, is knowing that each wee adorable thing will help keep my new baby warm when s/he arrives next spring! :->

  74. What’s not to love about fall knitting? I love enjoying warming my fingers in heavier yarns…making gifts for the holidays…and relishing the darker, more robust colors of fall.

  75. The answer is simple… I just like Knitting in the Fall! The colors, the temperatures, the ‘feel’ of Autumn, and looking forward to knitting all those new sweaters and things for winter!

  76. Beautiful designs, Glenna!!! I am still new to knitting, but I am appreciating the cooler weather … I feel like it is knitting season and I want to makes things to wear to keep warm!!

  77. I love Knitting all year around, but the best thing about knitting in the fall is that you can work on heavier weight yarns and so projects progress quicker!

  78. Congratulations on your beautiful sweaters! My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is that cozy feeling you get.

  79. My favourite thing about fall knitting is knitting toques. I love the variations, the quickness, AND the warm heads.

  80. I knit all year round, but my favorite thing about fall is 1. being able to now wear the cowls/sweaters/ect. and 2. beginning to knit thicker things.. and christmas presents! 🙂

  81. My favorite thing is the nip in the air inspiring me to work on cozy knits.

    Rav: GingerLee25

  82. I love everything about knitting in the fall! You get to knit with soft, chunky, snuggly yarns while sipping a hot cocoa or pumpkin spice latte with a pumpkin cookie by your plate and gaze out of the window at the lovely changing leaves. And on those really chilly fall days you can turn the fire place on to stay warm and enjoy the ambiance.

  83. Beautiful! I love knitting in the fall because I can finally wear (and share) all the warm cozy things I like to knit all year round. Fall brings back so many good memories of going to festivals with my family and drinking hot apple cider, all the while wearing thick knit scarves or gloves or sweaters. It’s a wonderful time.

  84. What a great giveaway! I love knitting in the fall because I know I’ll wear and love whatever I’m making the minute it comes off the needles. Bonus reason: it’s nice to have WIPs keep my lap warm as I go.

  85. Fall knitting is lovely because the warmer yarns feel so good on my fingers as I knit! Lovely sweaters, both.

  86. OOH! cables, such a challenge for me. I’d love to win so I can practice my cable skills.

  87. Curling up in my favorite chair with a cup of coffee, dinner in the crockpot and knitting a warm cabled sweater – my idea of heaven

  88. My favorite thing is one that many people share, I’m sure. I love fall knitting because I know the finished goods can immediately be put to use. No waiting for scarf, sweater or socks wearing. Put it on and cozy up!

  89. In fall I start to use my full spectrum light, and that means sitting down to knit for 20 minutes every morning. Awesome, and immediately useful projects.

  90. I love fall knitting because it reminds me how warm we will all be when winter hits and we can bundle up in hand knitted hugs!

  91. My favorite thing about autumn knitting is being able to wear what I’ve knit as soon as it’s finished instead of having to wait till it gets cooler.

  92. I LOVE knitting in the fall. The feel of knitted fabric sitting on my lap makes me feel very cosy. I also usually have the urge to knit something with cables, so these patterns would be perfect!

  93. Fall knitting usually means casting on too many gifts for the family birthday season/Christmas and trying to finish as much as I can!! And I still want to cast on more…..

  94. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is that I once again can enjoy the warming touch of the item on my needles.

  95. This is my first fall after learning to knit. I’m looking forward to not having to have the AC on all the time so I don’t get too hot with my project in my lap!

  96. Pat MacKenzie · ·

    Fall and knitting equal a 4-letter word……..COZY !!

  97. I like knitting in the fall because I can wear my item as soon as I finish it!

  98. I love how the fall makes me desperate to knit. I get so much more done! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  99. creating cables in the fall that don’t make me hot! that’s what i love about knitting in the fall. well, that and knitting outside on my porch in sweaters i’ve knit while admiring the autumn light.

  100. Living in South Florida makes for some odd looks when knitting in summer, but in the Fall… nods and smiles!

  101. Ravine is LOVELY! Fall is the best time to knit. Knowing I’ll be warm and cozy soon with lovely warm cables. Just have to finish that darn lace cardi first. 🙂

  102. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is being able to knit bigger things and having them warm my lap. Combine that with tea and a cuddly beagle, and life doesn’t get much nicer.

  103. The colors of fall in yarns is my favorite thing about fall knitting. Thanks for the nice contest.

  104. Kirstin Boyd · ·

    The colors! In Alaska the colors of the season in the city tend to be a little muddy and yellow, not a lot of variety. Yarn brings the color back into your world!

  105. Gorgeous patterns! I really love the cardigan 🙂
    My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is sitting inside with candles and a knitting project when it’s dark, cold and raining outside!

  106. My favourite thing about knitting in the fall is that everything goes: from a lace pattern in fingering weight to a cabled sweater in worsted weight, it’s all ready to wear as soon as it’s finished. Unlike the summer, when you have to wait for a few months or pray for a really cold AC to show off your latest FO 🙂

  107. I love that it is actually cool enough to knit! No more yarn attempting to slip through hot sweaty hands. And it just seems more “appropriate” to be knitting with wool in the fall.

    Again, more beautiful designs that I just might have to fit into my fall/winter knitting schedule. I think that I’ve picked the same colour for the Royale sweater that you used to knit the Ravine sweater. Cornflower?

  108. I love the color changes

  109. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is being able to sit with the great weight of a knitted project on your lap and not be sweating. 🙂

  110. It’s definitely the weather! We have a beautiful picture window looking onto a ravine, the combination of cooler temperature and the visual display of changing colours makes curling up in my big chair by the window with my knitting feel absolutely perfect.
    I think I have to finish my husband brioche cardi so I can get Dundurn onto a set of needles for me, lovely pattern.

  111. I love being surrounded by the autumn colors, my absolute favorites, while working on bigger projects. I just feel so much better in the fall.

  112. Knitting in the fall is so enjoyable because the weather is cooler and it is time for Christmas knitting 🙂

  113. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is the sense of the rightness of things: knitting something makes perfect sense and is purposeful, either because we will need the sweater or because we’ve started holiday knitting. Making things to stay warm as the weather begins to grow cool means that all is right with the world and we fit just so in it.

    Not that warm weather has ever stopped me from knitting warm things, but there’s something nice about knowing the time to use them is just around the corner.

  114. I love wool and fall is the perfect time to knit with it — it’s always the best time of year for the yarn colours that I like the best.

  115. I look forward to Fall knitting mostly because it “fits”.. the weather is turning cooler, making me reach for the warmth of wool…for the turning of cables..for even the scent of those natural fibers combining with fallen leaves, pumpkin spices… It’s just “different” then knitting woolens in the Summer!

  116. Lovely sweaters. The best thing about fall is the ability to wear wool again as you walk on crisp leaves. Luckily I was married at pretty much peak of autumn foliage, no matter where we have lived. Autumn is thus romantic. 🙂

  117. Christine M · ·

    I love fall because it makes me start nesting up for the winter — cooking comfort foods, getting out the warm blankets, and knitting up all the cozy sweaters it was too hot to knit just a month ago. We had the opportunity to leave northern Michigan for Georgia earlier this year, and I would have been very sad to do it. I’m glad we stayed.

  118. Both those patterns look amazing. I clicked on the link and took a look at ‘Skein Theory’ itself. You’re ‘Ravine’ sweater looks absolutely wonderful.

    As for my favorite thing about knitting in the fall… I finally get to knit and wear all the cold weather patterns I’ve been drooling over since spring. Thicker yarns also (sometimes!) make quicker knits and it’s nice to see things flying off the needles and able to keep me warm.

  119. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall (which here in Texas is the month of October and that’s pretty much all the fall we get) is being able to knit outside and enjoy cool, comfortable weather (and fewer bugs) for a change. Many a day I sit out on a blanket in my front yard and listen to the birds chirp and children play, wave to neighbors and knit to my heart’s content.

  120. i love the planning and knitting of gifts that i do in the fall!

  121. Mary Ellen · ·

    Living in the Northeast once the evenings start getting earlier, I love rushing home from work, eating and quickly settling in with my knitting curled up in the corner of the couch in my jammies!

  122. It’s so logical to knit in the fall. You can wear everything you knit almost right away as the weather gets colder.

  123. I love knitting in the fall because it keeps me warm both literally and metaphorically.

  124. I love knitting in the fall because it there is no “really, I should be outside, being active and enjoying the sunshine” guilt. Knitting = fall. Fall = knitting.

  125. I love knitting in the fall because I get to hit my knitting stride again, the summer I just move around too much to hit a real grove.

  126. Knitting in the fall is wonderful because it’s like comfort food for the sense of touch.

  127. My favorite thing about knitting in fall is, um, well, knitting in fall. That and the fact that if I make something in fall, I’ll get to wear it right away, because it’s likely I’ll need at least a little extra warmth in the morning. If I knit something in summer, it’s delayed wearing gratification, because it’s just too warm to show off the knit.

  128. I love getting serious about sweaters

  129. What a beautiful issue! I love actually enjoying having whatever warm thing I am knitting on my lap, and I love looking forward to wearing it immediately! Right now I’m working on a pullover and I cannot wait to be able to wear it on chilly mornings!

  130. thank you for he chance to win. as for why i like to knit in the fall. just for the mere fun of seeing the kids faces or parents if to little. when they open the little bag to see what new friendly stuffed animal is inside for them to love.

  131. I love knowing that I can wear what I knit the moment it’s off the needles. Those sweater patterns are gorgeous!

  132. Yay give-aways are so fun! Thank you for posting so regularly. I always look forward to reading your blog. So far I have been really enjoying little things like scarves and mittens. I’m in Playa Del Rey, CA so it’s still very hot here and these little projects are really all I can handle. Even still working with the wool yarn my hands get too hot to knit in the evenings sometimes…I know…I have it so rough 🙂

  133. The best thing about knitting in the fall is that it makes me feel like I’m preparing for hibernation. I love the cooler months 🙂

  134. I’m a new knitter and I live in Florida. Started last November. Best thing is going to be that I can wear socks as soon as I finish them. I’m thinking about knitting my 1st sweater – because I’m approaching sweater season.

  135. Knitting keeps me entertained, challenged and with perseverance, finally, warm. Love both your patterns in this issue.

  136. I can wear the item the day I finish it! Not exactly instant gratification, but close!

  137. Marie Roche · ·

    Knitting in the fall helps me to feel cozy inside.Knitting is both relaxing and rewarding.

  138. Winnie Sipprell · ·

    I mostly start knitting Christmas gifts in the fall and envision the recipient enjoying what I made.

  139. projectstash · ·

    I love knitting in every season but once the leaves start to turn colors and the air grows crisp, I’m reminded again of my love of fall knitting because it means that I can actually wear my cozy knits! Thanks for this great giveaway.

  140. Fall: when my knitting becomes cozy instead of a bad sweaty lapful. Also yay layers!

  141. I love to sit my the fire and knit and I can do that in the Fall

  142. My favorite part of fall knitting is DEFINITELY that the wool no longer sticks to my fingers – one of the downfalls of refusing to switch to slicker yarns in the summer!

  143. they are both very lovely! but then again all of your designs are!

  144. Fall is my favorite season, and brisker weather always makes me feel more alive, like I can accomplish anything I want in a flash if I set to it. If I channel all that motivation into fall knitting, I think I should end up with more FOs faster. Here’s hoping, anyway!

  145. I love fall Christmas gift knitting. It helps me get in the spirit early on.

  146. Nothing like a cold Saturday afternoon – fireplace on, knitting, catching up on TV and sipping a glass of wine

  147. Fall knitting means an afghan is on the needles and one of the cats is right beside me purring. Love!

  148. Question – I just went to the magazine to look up the information on Ravine. There is no information about the finished sizes except s, m, l, etc. Could you let me know what the finished dimensions are? I’d like to know that information in order to decide about purchasing the pattern. Thank you!

  149. In the fall, a knitter’s thought turns to wool. It’s nice to say goodbye to the summer stickiness and welcome crunchy leaves, cool breezes, and warm knitting.

  150. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is more time–shorter days and school nights for the kids make it easier to curl up on the couch with a project!

  151. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is the cooler weather makes it possible to knit bigger (sweater, large shawls) wooly warm projects. I can also knit while a pot of soup simmers. Yum

  152. Fall knitting means you can cope with bigger items on your needles without getting all hot and bothered

  153. In the Fall, as I knit, I envision the comfort my piece will bring me…wrapped wherever it lands on my steal away the cold!

  154. Oooh- I love that Cardigan. And knitting sweaters in the fall is probably my favorite, because there’s usually time for me to wear them after I finish before winter is over!

  155. Knitting in the fall is best because people don’t ask silly questions like “why are you knitting, it’s too warm for that” and the wool keeps you warm when the evenings get crisper!

  156. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is that I can use my knitting to keep me warm on chilly evenings.

  157. Socks are my Favorite things to knit in the fall. I am attempting this fall to start a blanket so we’ll see how that works out.

  158. I love both but I think the cardy is my favourite I love how you have used a real looking woman with curves to show it off. It gives me hope that it will look good on me too.

  159. That’s a great comment, Claire! I can’t take credit for the photo shoot but I will definitely pass on the compliment to the Skein Theory folks, they will be glad to know it.


  160. wool and the fire go together in the evenings x

  161. I first learned how to knit during fall and what I’m looking forward to this fall is knitting my first shawl and being able to wear it all fall and winter!

  162. Best thing about fall knitting is the motivation of knowing that you will be wearing the results …a lot.

  163. Christine D. · ·

    I love your designs…I love fall knitting because it is so fun to wear a cozy sweater you have knitted.

  164. I’ve got 7skeins of Patons classic wool just waiting to be knit up into one of those cabled beauties

  165. Pat Oakley · ·

    Fall is a time of change and when all the yarn companies are competing for your attention and purchasing dollars with exciting colors, textures and patterns to make for this season and wear until next spring or give as gifts for the coming gift-giving season. What could be better than checking out the new, except knitting it!

  166. AnneMarie in VA · ·

    The best thing about fall knitting is knowing that once the object is done, I can actually wear it sooner rather than later! But lack of sweaty hands making sweaty wool is a big one, too.

  167. My favorite thing about the fall is all the lovely fall colors! Not to mention, after all the hard work of making a sweater, it’s instant gratification as you can wear it immediately. I love the purple sweater by the way, it’s fabulous!

  168. I work like a dog all summer and finally in the fall I get some much needed time off and time to knit. I love it! Great time to decide what to knit, choosing the patterns and finding the right yarn. Plus it is a beautiful time of year with the leaves changing and I like the cooler temperatures too! The cable sweater is gorgeous, would love to knit this baby!

  169. The fall means back to school and back to routine. I love to sit in the evening and listen to my children read out loud while I knit. I usually make their choice of hat for the coming winter, so they don’t mind ‘entertaining’ me while I work.

  170. The best thing about knitting in the fall is the inspiring fall colors!

  171. Boh patterns look great. Fall kniting is the best because the cooler temps and fall colors provide the impetus after the long hot summer. Have enjoyed your sweater series.

  172. Janine Webb · ·

    The best thing about knitting in the fall is knowing that I can actually wear those knitted items right after they are finished. Gives me an extra “push” to finish things. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  173. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is actually wearing sweaters and curling up under afghans. I’m as likely to knit a sock in November as I am in April, but I love being able to wear all my yummy socks!

  174. Jean Ashley · ·

    My favorite thing about fall knitting is that I don’t actually mind having a sweater’s worth of yarn sitting on my lap, and it helps me to get bigger projects (like sweaters) finished so I can start wearing them.

  175. Your sweater designs are by far my favorites in this issue – especially the cardigan. Beautiful!!
    And my favorite thing about fall knitting is anticipating the use of all those wonderful things I’m making. I’ve been making a lot of smaller projects lately, like mittens and hats for my kids, and it’s really fun to see them in use already!

  176. Seriously….the best thing about knitting in the fall is the fiber festivals…I’ll be attending 5 in the next 6 weeks….so awesome!!! And fall is my favorite items are fingerless gloves and cowls…

  177. Best thing about knitting in the fall, besides the project providing warmth, is watching football while I knit!

  178. I’m enjoying the cooler temperatures and not having sticky fingers. What’s not to love about making something and then immediately seeing its use in keeping you warm and comfy?

  179. Those sweaters are both gorgeous! My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is that’s when all the best patterns come out, and I get the urge to cast on Everything At Once.

  180. I love the feel of wool going through my fingers as I knit.

  181. I love knitting something and not having to put it away until it is cool enough to wear it!

  182. I love the feel of the wonderful yarn in my hands and not melting in the heat. Cool weather and warm yarn, life is good.

  183. Beautiful, especially the Dundurn!

  184. I love being able to sit with a steaming cup of tea and a warm croissant with nothing else to distract me from my knitting! The collection is beautiful!

  185. That you for a great site and a wonderful look into this magazine. I love you sweater series

  186. Sweaters!

  187. Knowing that even as my fingers are busy busy busy, my body will be toasty warm when I’m done. Although now that I live in Cali… it’s not as much of a warm issue, but it still keeps me happy and busy!

  188. How very exciting for you! I’ve made 3 adult and 2 baby hats, 1 shrug and I’m in the middle of 2 scarves – and that’s just since July! I’d love to receive a copy!

  189. My favorite thing is the fact you can knit a wool sweater and not feel overheated with the knitting in your lap.

  190. This is my first fall as a knitter, so I have no idea! 😉 I am hoping to knit in front of our living room window with a cup of hot cocoa or tea and a pile of yarn in my lap!

  191. I love knitting in the fall b/c I love a new cabled cardigan.

  192. One of the best things about fall knitting is getting use all the wool and worsted weight yarns in my stash.

  193. Love your two sweaters! My favorite thing about fall knitting is all the fabulous fall colors that I get to play with.

  194. Ohhhhhh,looks so fabulous! I have to say knitting does not change in enjoyment for me from season to season. I like it year round!

  195. I like figuring out what to knit as Christmas gifts and then getting it knitted!

  196. This year, the best part has been using my knitting as a fundraising tool for Light the Night and another local charity.

  197. mary mcmahon · ·

    Fall knitting?…being able to keep your knitting in your lap!!

  198. yummo! those designs are right up my alley! sure hope i win

  199. The Dundurn cardigan is my favorite pattern in the collection! I am a new knitter, but I’m looking forward to a hot cup of tea and the pleasant feel of quality yarn on a rainy day.

  200. Best thing about knitting in the fall is same as it is all year: knitting!

  201. My favorite part is being able to wear what I knit right away.

  202. Genia Potter · ·

    I live in Oregon; I never get so hot in the summer that I don’t want to knit; but in the fall I can look out the window of my knitting room and see beautiful fall foliage. (Then I can pick up the stitch I dropped four rows back when I was paying attention to the outdoors and not to my knitting.) ;o)

  203. Fall begins my gift knitting season. This year I am also going to knit my first sweater, and a lovely cabled cardigan is my goal! I would LOVE to win the mag with your fab patterns!

  204. Nancy fischer · ·

    The sudden chill in the air makes me want to knit sweaters, gloves, scarves etc, getting ready for the snow!!!

  205. Carol Cross · ·

    Since I live in Florida, fall/winter knitting means catching up on all of the “summer” sweaters that did not get finished. And now it will soon become cool enough to wear them.

  206. Congrats! I love fall knitting because you get to see your objects put to use right away, it gets bound off and put on, instant gratification

  207. Ooh, they’re beautiful! I love knitting in fall because there’s nothing nicer than feeling cozied up with beautiful coloured yarn when there’s a slight nip in the air and the trees are stunning colours!

  208. London quickly becomes so grey, it’s lovely to look at bright colors in knitting at least !

  209. Knitting in front of a fire

  210. I love knitting in the fall because I can knit larger items without sweating to death. I made an Aran sweater for my rather large husband a few years ago. I worked on it for most of the summer, but could only knit in short bursts because it was like knitting while under a wool blanket!

  211. Fall knitting keeps my hands and lap warm….and I think of the hands, backs, necks, and heads I will help keep warm with the holiday prezzies!

  212. The minute the air starts to turn cool and crisp, I start casting on a hat or fingerless gloves.

  213. Lorraine Haemel · ·

    Every fall, my profession has a conference. This fall, I decided to bring my knitting for the first time. It opened up so many conversations. One speaker commented on the knitters in the room but I understood and followed the entire workshop.

  214. I saw those — they’re beautiful! I love the way Fall feels like the beginning of the (year-round) knitting season, along with the beginning of the school year, and so there’s extra excitement about new projects, colours, patterns.

  215. I love both of your sweater patterns – congrats! My favourite thing about knitting in the fall is NOT sweating while knitting with chunky wool. It’s just such a lovely thing to be doing while the temperature gets chilly. I love fall colours too!

  216. The colours! Im an autumn type, the soft burgundy,s, dark purples, moss greens and coc browns suit my skin and hair the best. and this time, you ll find those colours everywhere you ll look !

  217. my favorite thing about knitting in the fall is that I can choose to knit anything I want! In the summer I have to stay away from big warm sweaters that heat me up too much while working on them. And knowing that the cold, sweater, hat, mitten and scarf wearing winter is just around the corner makes every item more exciting.

  218. Wow, I allows make sure I would use a give away book before I post for the drawing.
    What most of the country calls fall knits, is winter weather wear here in Texas. This year I can look forward to being able to wear fall knits most evenings and early mornings years around where we have just bought land to build our retirement home. (4,000 feet level of the Big Island of Hawaii.)

  219. Wool calls to me in the fall! (although I did knit with Malabrigo Merino Worsted this summer, but it was a pretty cool summer for a long time)

    Your sweaters are gorgeous. I love the purple one, especially.

  220. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is that everyone wants to gather and knit together.

  221. Terri Brown · ·

    What is not to like about knitting in the fall. Having all that wonderful wool yarn and finished part of the knitting in my lap and wrapped around me is beyond just enjoyment – it is luxurious and a most pleasurable experience.

  222. Oh my – there are so very many things that I love about Autumn knitting! If I have to pick just one though I would have to say it is the texture. As the thermometer drops I am ever more drawn to & inspired by richly textured cabled gaments. Is there anything more lovely then slipping into a lovely cabled sweater/coat/cardigan when going for a walk on a crisp Autumn evening?

  223. Ooooh, I can’t keep my hands off all the lovely wools in fall! All I want to do is curl up with a cup of tea and a big wooly sweater. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall: how good wool feels in my hands after a long summer

  224. My fave thing about fall knitting is the balance of warm wool coupled with cool fall breezes. And who could resist the fall colours!

  225. I really like the fact that I can work with yarns that are too hot or sticky in the summertime. Plus, all the fall colors inspire me to knit sweaters in those colors.

  226. Getting to finally wear the cold-weather things I knit over the summer!!! Also using fall colors.

  227. Christmas knitting!

  228. Congratulations on your gorgeous patterns!

    My favourite thing about fall knitting — imagining our first big delicious snowstorm!

  229. My favourite thing about fall knitting…hmm…so many things! But if I had to pick it would probably be the colours. Deep reds, rust oranges, browns. Just like walking through a forest on a crisp October day.

  230. I love the fact that with fall knitting you can knit some of the small hats and pieces and you can wear them immediately. The socks are also calling to you to finish them!

  231. Knitting in the fall means lots of warm, cuddly sweaters!

  232. Both sweaters are lovely! My favorite thing about fall knitting is that I get to wear it right away!

  233. Lovely patterns Glenna!
    My favourite thing about fall knitting is that having an almost finished sweater in your lap becomes a pleasant warming and cosy experience instead of being uncomfortable and hot.

  234. Fall is my favorite time of year—so colorful (yarn and leaves) and just getting cool enough for a nice knitted sweater or cowl!

  235. Fall knitting is the BEST because you get to wear your creation soon after it’s made and enjoy the comfort of a handknit sweater/hat/gloves…

  236. My favorite fall knitting are little hats and sweaters for my kids. Fun creative projects that aren’t too big and they can wear them right away.

  237. I love knitting in the fall because I don’t have to wait so long to wear my woolies.

  238. I like fall knitting because people don’t look at me like I’m crazy for being covered in wool, and also the impending winter weather encourages me to finish things.

  239. Ooh… I like fall knitting because I don’t get so – um, well, let’s be honest – sweaty from the pile of woolly goodness on me. Not to mention adding in the obligatory cat weight/warmth….

  240. Susanne App-High · ·

    My favorite thing about knitting? The feeling of warm wool sliding through my fingers on the first cool evening of fall. Is there anything better?

  241. fall knitting… the feel and smell of woolly goodness and watching popping cable, squishy ribbing and knowing that it will all be destined to keep someone I love warm!

  242. To me, Fall knitting means no sweaty palms!

  243. I love excessively knitting hats!

    julianne.queensen [at] gmail [dot] com

  244. Fall knitting is the best! It’s not too cold yet so you can knit all kinds of great things using fingering weight yarn and yet, it will be cold soon and so knitting with heavier weight yarns is also fun. So much more fun than spring knitting!

  245. Oh man. I love wool sweaters and though I knit them all year long, I especially love doing so in fall and winter. I love the way the wool feels in my hands and how it warms my body. I’m wearing one and knitting one right now actually. Fall sweater knitting is comforting, meditative, fulfiling …

  246. I love knitting in the fall because I like being buried under all that yarn! It’s so cozy.

  247. Fall knitting feels cozy and warm, and it is the perfect thing to do on the sofa when it’s cold outside with hot cocoa and new fall tv shows.

  248. The motivation that comes from knowing that I’ll be able to actually *wear* the finished piece as soon as I’m done with it!

  249. Finally knitting warming your lap is actually welcome 🙂 Not so much when it’s 40 degrees outside.

  250. Yay! Beautiful sweaters, Glenna. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is knowing I’ll be able to use my knitted items immediately!

  251. My favorite thing about knitting in fall is that its way easier to justify your projects when it’s getting chilly. Plus the colors I knit with always change in fall to match the season. Got to love that!

  252. My favorite thing about fall knitting is my kitties crawling up on my lap to enjoy the wool with me. Jack even tries (and has succeeded) to crawl inside any sweater I’m working on.

  253. Cynthia K-R in Canada · ·

    Fall knitting means knowing the garment that I’m knitting will be on my body really soon! I love kntiting for the fall-beautiful colours of yarn, the nip in the air—makes me WANT to wear sweaters!!! YIPPEE!!!

  254. Since this is my first “real” Fall…I’m knitting my first pair of mittens! And hats! Love it!

  255. Fall means it’s especially nice to knit by the fire. The sweaters are lovely!

  256. Cooler weather is definitely an inspiration to knit!

  257. I love knitting in the fall – wool and cool temperatures just GO together!

  258. My favorite thing about fall knitting is being able to say, ” yes, I can wear this soon.”

  259. Fall knitting means wool and classic patterns. My mind and fingers turn to cables and stranded knitting, and I renew my interest in the history of knitting and the lovely designs from different cultures.

  260. Meredith MC · ·

    The coziness.

  261. After a hot summer, I’m looking for the fall just to sit with something to knit and drink a cup of tea….

  262. I love how the colours I knit match the colours outside.

  263. Monika Tan · ·

    Knitting outside is awesome always, but it is especially wonderful in the fall because the colours are changing from shades of green to shades of yellow, orange, red and brown (which makes the sky seem bluer)… the birds are easier to see because the leaves are falling (birding and knitting go together wonderfully)… the air is crisp and cool (perfect for crackling fires)… AND there are no more mosquitos (or blackflies or ticks which detract drastically from the knitting outside experience)!

  264. I love that I can wear whatever I make right away when it’s finished.

  265. Julia in KW · ·

    Excellent collection and I love your two patterns…that cardigan might jump into my knitting basket…fall knitting…my do knit list just blows up as I try to juggle soul satisfying knitting with gift knitting (and maybe somethings for me, too!)

  266. My favorite thing about fall knitting is that the temps are cool enough to allow me to play with yarn. It gets pretty hot here in NC during the summer, and I find that the heat just saps me of my yarn play time!

  267. No more pretending to enjoy knitting cotton! Love the sweaters and thank you for the giveaway.

  268. I’m very excited about knitting this fall becasue I have the TIME. As a teacher, the fall is a busy time and usually I can only ogle the beautiful yarn and patterns, but I’m on sabbatical this year so….look out!

  269. knitting in the fall…humm…
    generally speaking there are lots of good fall oriented patterns that i like. the yarns are yummy, and you can start to wear sweaters and knitwear without getting weird looks or overheating!

  270. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is that I am so ready to start wearing hats, scarves and sweaters again:) I love the fall!!!
    Plus I was just asked to start teaching at my favorite yarn shop so now knitting is officially a job!!!! Love it!!

  271. Two great designs and congratulations to bagging the cover!
    I love fall kniiting when its dark cold and wet outside and I’m snug on the sofa with some great yarn a good pattern and a roaring fire

  272. I love both your new sweaters – just making my queue longer!! Fall is my favorite time of year and I love the feeling you get when you can sort of curl up in your cozy chair, put a roast in the oven and knit away. Of course, a great cabled sweater is necessary in this fantasy!!LOL

  273. In the fall, knitting with wool feels like a good idea again.

  274. Mary (ucsox on ravelry) · ·

    A cup of tea, knitting and watching the leave fall…so relaxing.

  275. Regina Cowan · ·

    A glass of red wine while knitting a beautiful wool sweater is so perfect for a crisp fall evening.

  276. Knitting in fall is great because it is cool enough to actually wear it when its finished.

  277. Joan Harris · ·

    Dale knits I luv fall knitting. But luv wearing what I knit this summer

  278. Susan Naysnerski · ·

    Kitting in the fall keeps my feet warm!

  279. I love Fall knitting for the beautiful new patterns and it’s a great way to snuggle in for the night.

  280. I love the coziness of knitting on a cool evening and knitting on heavier projects. Autumn colours are also my favourites!

  281. I Loooove starting a new sweater in the fall. Dying to dig in.

  282. danadoodle · ·

    I love switching to bigger yarn in the fall, the change from delicate to squishy is immensely satisfying.

  283. Oooh, Fall (and Winter) knitting, where what you are working on not only doesn’t stick to your tensioning fingers, but adds a bit of warmth to your lap. And the way that first cool breath makes me want to knit ALL THE THINGS, because I know what winter is (probably) going to be like.

    To be very, very truthful, fall is just my favorite time of the year. Knitting just makes it better.

  284. I love the new yarns, new patterns, the way the knitting rests in your lap. My favourite thing to knit are sweaters so being able to knit them & wear them is just so much more satisfying.

  285. What’s not to love about knitting for Fall? …in the Fall? The stitches form on my needles and fall into my lap, keeping me warm without any effort …the colors are exquisite …the textures delightful. And, after the strain of cotton, or the wiley nature of silk, warmer yarns relax my fingers. I actually cheat and turn on the A/C through Indian Summer so I can get a headstart!

  286. I knit all year round, but fall colors inspire me more and get me ready for holiday knitting! Love both your patterns!

  287. I love knitting in the fall, because when your project is done, the weather is perfect to wear it right away 🙂

  288. Beautiful sweaters! My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is knowing something I made with love will be keeping my son warm when it get’s cold.

  289. I love that fall brings more beautiful shades of orange and brown in clothing and especially in yarn. I can never cast on too many projects in orange.

  290. I’m a teacher, so my knitting slows down in the fall, but I love knitting in faculty meetings.

  291. There is nothing that I don’t like about knitting in the fall, It’s my favourite time for it, the colours, warmth, smells, the feel of pure wool on my hands…I love it.

  292. knitting while watching football! GO PATS!

  293. Hm. Fall knitting results in an overflowing sweater basket that is so inviting!

  294. I haven’t been knitting very long… so I’m just happy to be knitting all the time right now! Thank you for the opportunity!

  295. Tiffanie · ·

    I love knitting in the fall because of the snuggling. You can pick a great larger project and snuggle under it while you watch TV or enjoy the crisp fall air outside.

  296. Living in Florida my favorite thing about knitting in the fall is it is getting cool and I begin to hope that I will actually be able to wear something I knit!

  297. I love knitting in the fall because it signals the end of the heat here in the desert southwest of the US. Though it’s still fairly warm during the day, the early mornings are lovely. It’s the time of year I take my coffee & knitting out to the patio in the early morning and just enjoy the cool, quiet start of the day.

  298. Julia Wilson · ·

    I love putting an entire sweater in my lap and watching it come together on a cool autumn evening. I can dream about walking in the leaves once it is finished.

  299. Melissa Walshe · ·

    In New England, there’s nothing better about autumn knitting than letting a cup of tea accidentally got cold because my hand were too enraptured with good wool to put my knitting down.

    Lovely designs–congrats on being published!

  300. It’s wonderful being able to knit while new shows come on! On the down side, I always feel rushed (and a bit stressed) to get things done in time for Christmas.

  301. Holly Waldrop · ·

    Fall knitting can seem to be a necessity rather than the luxury it is in the summer (when, of course, you don’t really NEED those wool socks.) If it’s necessary, then surely it justifies more time doing it! ; )

  302. Colored leaves, fall walks, pumpkins and knitting just go together. I just finished my third hooded cardigan. Now my grandchildren will be comfy for the fall!

  303. My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is that my knits will be worn soon! If I knit gifts, I know the recipients will be enjoying them sooner rather than later and if I knit things for myself I can throw them on as soon as they’re done 🙂

  304. Amy Ellis · ·

    What wonderful cables! My favorite thing about knitting in the fall is doing it OUTSIDE, now that’s it’s cool enough here in Central Texas. and thanks for doing the give away!

  305. purplepenguin on ravelry · ·

    My favorite thing is the total sensory surge! The feel of the yarn (without sweating), the snap to the air, the smell of leaves burning (in some areas we can still do it), the sight of the leaves changing colors and the sound of leave crunching underfoot. Closer to Halloween, it is the sight of Trick or Treaters, the sound of the doorbell and giggles, the smell of pumpkin pie and the feel of a larger project in my lap.

  306. The fall brings crisp mornings making me want to knit something warm. I love the colors of falll and using those colors in a project just makes me happy!

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