A brief hat interlude

I really enjoyed reading everyone’s comments on the previous post about why fall knitting is so awesome. I am pretty much in agreement on all counts, that it’s so great to have cooler weather to draw you towards the warm and wooly knits – both to knit with and to wear!
For the giveaway in that post, I’m pleased to announce that a copy of the full Skein Theory issue will be headed to…

Screen shot 2012-10-01 at 12.08.45 PM

Commenter number 229, “hknits”, who I have duly been in touch with via email. Thank you all so much for your comments! If you want to feel extra cozy about fall knitting, I recommend having a quick read through some of them. It’s a good season to be a knitter, that’s for sure. Are you stocked up on yarn and needles for the projects you’re thinking about this season?

After the Skein Theory issue went live last week I was ogling my sweaters again and decided in a fit of delusion that I needed to cast on a Ravine pullover once more, for myself (it’s always so hard having to part with the samples!), and why not throw that in the ring for Rhinebeck knitting? I mean, sure, my pile of orange cables that is my current Rhinebeck sweater is still missing 2 fronts and a sleeve before it’s a real sweater. But surely a pullover with no button-band or fancy collar to worry about… that’ll be super quick to add in too, right? Maybe? Sure. I can totally do that in just under 3 weeks. Or at least attempt it. (Glad you’re all coming with me on that one. I knew I could count on you for support.)


So naturally, though i have no shortage of cabled knits to be getting going on, I got distracted with a bit of colour-work knitting these past few days, working up a little hat pattern to give my Stranded Colour-work 101+ students. (A class i’ll be repeating in Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto later this season!) And colour-work really is hard to put down once you start.
I decided to do up a second hat and tweak the original chart just a tad, so now here we are. (It’s Ultra Alpaca in beetroot and cream, for those curious.) Just a quick bit of colour-work and then it’s back to the cables.

Or at least until I decide the hat needs mittens.

Happy knitting this October 1st!




  1. The hat is fabulous! Ultra Alpaca is a favorite and I need some cream. (Do you think I’ll get out of the shop with just cream?)

  2. Judy – if you manage that you’ll be a stronger knitter than me! 😉


  3. The hat is lovely

  4. i must say you are really good at buying and choosing yarn.
    i walk into a yarn store and feel tiny and clueless.

  5. Chloe – well, I must admit I have had a lot of practice! 😉


  6. You do such nice work!

  7. ?- im a left handed knitter. new to knitting. is it really that important that i learn right handed? are patterns backwards if you knit left handed?

  8. Jake – you can knit with whichever hand you like! The knitted fabric is the same. I can’t think of any patterns that would specify that you do one hand over the other.

    The only exception would be two-handed stranded colour-work, where you knit with one colour in each hand.


  9. I love that eggplanty purple:)

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