Sanely overboard

So, here’s the thing. As of today it’s exactly two weeks until Rhinebeck weekend, which is pretty freaking great. The last time I had an actual vacationy weekend trip, or a trip of any kind outside of my own country for that matter, was Rhinebeck last year, so it’s a nice thing to look forward to. It’s also going to be pretty neat to see so many of the knitting friends I normally only “see” via the internet (Twitter and blogs and email are super, but not as super as face to face chatter, sadly). And keen knitters love to knit sweaters to wear new for Rhinebeck, and boy howdy is my Rhinebeck sweater coming along. I am still loving the orange cables and Cascade 220 does zip along nicely as a worsted weight.


The sweater now has two sleeves, a back, and the start of one front piece, and after that it’s just one more front piece and the finishing. It’s not exactly a negligible amount of work (there will be button-bands to deal with), but it’s an extremely reasonable amount of work for 2 weeks of potential knitting time.

And well, here’s the other thing. This week I find myself, for the first time in about four or five months, without any deadline knitting. I’ve got upcoming projects to work on and no shortage of ideas and knitting plans swirling around, for sure, but this is an oddly refreshing feeling. And then last week my Ravine pullover was out in Skein Theory, and one of my internet knitting friends (hi, Blair! Say hi to London for me!) was saying how she wanted to knit it in some yarn she was just waiting for the right pattern for, and something in me snapped. I wanted one too. I like this sweater, dangit, and after a time there are only so many knits you can send off never to be reunited with ever again. So, in conclusion…


…I cast on a Ravine pullover for me. I’m not going to lie – in my head this is totally Rhinebeck sweater #2. I joked on Twitter that this really is going insanely overboard, but fellow knitter Megan chimed in that it is, in fact, quite sanely overboard, because even if I don’t make it in time for Rhinebeck, I’ll still make it for some time this season, and who doesn’t need another cabled sweater in their life? Not me, that’s for sure. More cabled sweaters. All of them!

Happy knitting this fine fall weekend! And Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians.




  1. looks cozy! i have high hopes for finishing a Rhinebeck sweater–we shall see!

  2. You definitely need a Ravine, there is no such thing as too many awesome cable sweaters! You can totally do this in time for Rhinebeck, I have faith.

  3. Thanks, Tanis! I love knitterly moral support, knitters understand about these things like nobody else.


  4. I hope hope hope to have my first sweater created for Rhinebeck. I’m up to the yolk so it should be done.

    And one can never have too many cabled sweaters.

  5. Gorgeous colors! Nope, definitely not overboard. 😉

  6. I totally understand the tendency towards overboard… I’ve just taken on another project, despite having 1/2 a sweater, 1/4 of a cardigan, a nearly finished blanket and 1/2 a baby jumper in the knitting bag!

  7. As someone who hasn’t been knitting very long and who only picks up tidbits about the knitwear design world from blogs like yours, I have to ask: where do the knits go after you send them away? I mean, after they’ve been petted and poked and photographed and whatnot, what happens to them?

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see these sweaters finished!

  8. Cabled sweaters RULE! I pulled one out the other day that I knit more years ago than I care to admit, and got some lovely compliments from some fellow knitters. Such a lovely feeling….

    I swear I’ve been living under a rock for far too many years! Maybe one day I can go on some of these knitting adventures too!!

  9. Ok, where’s the jealous button!!!! I love your sweaters and I agree with Doris’s comment, cabled sweaters do rule! 🙂

  10. Ellen (aka "Auntea" on Rav) · ·

    The orange sweater is beyond gorgeous & oh how I wish it was my size:) And I totally love Galway wool. No one around me sells it anymore, but I still have a little bit in my secret stash.

  11. Cynthia K-R in Canada · ·

    Oh–cabled sweaters totally rule! I have 3 going right now. I cannot have enough of them. I need to give them away now. But – they are SO much fun to knit!!! Wonderful pattern and yarn colours on the Rhinebeck.

  12. hawknitr13 · ·

    i love the ravine in both colors!!! on my list for future projects…
    ^)^ linda

  13. You’re going to Rhinebeck!? I will have to look out for you and be too nervous to say hello, like most of the other blogs that I follow :X

  14. Nothing insane about that at all. I sincerely hope you get both of them finished. I’m loving the orange. I’m currently working on a shawl in the brown and cream of the Cascade 220 and I am loving it!!!

  15. I may have some Galway in that same color lying around. It was on it’s way to being a sweater, but I decided that I hated how it was coming out, so I left it alone for a while, and now someone wants it in a different pattern for x-mas. We’ll be olive Galway buddies!

  16. Wonderful sweaters. I think it’s a good idea to have the next one already swatched for when the first one is finished. Why fight the startitis?

  17. Cast-on-itis, Gets the best of us.

  18. oh my lord both colors are perfect!
    hope you will finish untill rhinebeck, it looks beutiful and id love to see it finished.

  19. Oh please oh please tell us you will share a pattern for this scrumptious creation?!!!

  20. Natalie –

    I will indeed! I just have to take care of the small details of finishing it and getting the pattern edited and photographed and then it will be ALL YOURS. 😉


  21. So wonderful., Glenna. Thank you. Take your time with the details and enjoy the sweater at Rhinebeck. I’ll be awaiting it whenever it is ready.

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