Seasonally appropriate

There is something about fall knitting, you know, there really is. A certain je ne sais quoi that comes from the coziness of warm wool in your hands, and getting to wear knitted things…and that sudden realization that it’s actually cold outside and “wait, WAIT, maybe I need to knit twelve pairs of fingerless mitts right now.” Indeed, this week’s temps are sneaking into the coat-wearing, hat-seeking territory around here, I realized something else about fall knitting.

There is no way to do it wrong.


Anything goes, man, anything goes. You say you’re knitting two sweaters? Why not start another three? It’s getting cold out, after all, maybe your wardrobe’s looking a little thin. Don’t know where you packed up your mittens and hats last spring? Heck, why bother searching for them when you can just cast on a new set right now. And for that matter, maybe you need a pair of thick socks to wear around the house and another four pairs of wrist warmers to stick in all your jacket pockets, just in case. Anything goes.


Speaking of my current two sweaters (I make no promises about how many sweaters may join them by this time next week), things are going along well enough that I am almost too nervous about it to say it, but you know, things are going well. My Ravine pullover has gained 1.5 sleeves since Friday, and after some knitting time during class tonight that may well bump up to a full 2 sleeves. The cabled orange cardigan, happily, has just half a front piece and the finishing to go, and I am in good shape yarn-wise and shouldn’t run out at the last minute, so that is all good.

I am, however, running out of interesting ways to photograph a sweater in progress, so I shall leave you with a couple of fall shots from my latest round of photography practice. Also, if you’re so inclined, you can read the Ten Questions blog interview I did with Canadian Living yesterday. Stay tuned for a new giveaway post at the end of the week!



Happy fall knitting, everyone. Just remember, if you’re knitting, you’re doing it right.




  1. Your orange cable cardigan is gorgeous!!!! What pattern is that? I love your fall pictures too. What park is that?

  2. I totally agree! Who cares about the fact that I just found 10 hats from last year- it is getting cold, so I must make more!

  3. Just found your blog for the first time. Lovely fall pics. I agree it’s hard to think of ways to keep showing a sweater in progress and keep it interesting! What yarn are you using for the cabled one?

  4. Any photos of knitting in progress or finished or otherwise never get old! Keep them coming!

  5. Pure inspiration! I love your projects, especially your lovely cabled piece πŸ™‚

  6. Love all your knitting. Here in Australia we are half way through our spring going toward our hot summer. Do you think that will stop me knitting????… chance!!! Knitting rules.
    Cheers, Anita.

  7. I love the 1st photo!

  8. I’m curious like Sandy…what pattern is the orange cable cardigan?

  9. love, love, love that orange cabled cardigan in progress!!!
    ^)^ linda

  10. My husband’s response to this post: “You would think that you would get excited like this in the summer, so that you have them finished to wear during the fall and winter…” He doesn’t understand us at all. πŸ™‚

  11. Maggie May · ·

    Just found your blog. I’m from England and love to knit, mostly Aran as it grow quickly and hand knitted Aran always looks good. Any other knitters who blog from England out there?

  12. projectstash · ·

    I could not have said all this better!!! Bring on autumn with all its knitterly goodness.

  13. Hooray for autumn! I just finished one cardigan (Shalder), and am almost done (2nd sleeve) of my Aidez cardigan — and I’m ready to start another! I agree — autumn is knitting’s “golden hour.”

  14. You Enabler, YOU! Just the kind of blog I was hoping for… Your sweaters are gorgeous!

  15. I had the coziest day yesterday listening to Emma on audiobook and kntting away. I just love having a day like that. It allows me to get so much more knitting done.

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