Monday is for thinking about knitting

(Sub-heading: I am not entirely sure how this differentiates Monday from all the other days.)

Thank you all so much for your comments about cable knitting in my previous post – many of you commented about how beautiful cables make the knitting look and how smart they make knitters look, even though once you get the hang of them they are not so daunting at all. I’m pleased to announce the giveaway winners of the copy of Canadian Living November 2012 (on news-stands now across Canada) are Sarah K, JoAnne, and Carol, and I’ve emailed them to let them know. Once again thank you for your comments, and I’m sure another giveaway day will be just around the corner!

Screen shot 2012-10-15 at 4.51.54 PM

In the mean time, my Rhinebeck sweater knitting continues and I am aiming to get as much done as I can in the next few days. My originally planned Rhinebeck sweater, aka the orange cabled thing, is just about done – all it needs is for me to cast off the collar and sew on buttons (and first, buy said buttons), and then it will be doneski. The late-added second Rhinebeck sweater, Ravine, still needs a front, half of the back piece, and the finishing, so it’s going to be a snug finish if it happens before the fair on Saturday, but it is still within the realm of possibility. And I will be blessed with about 8 hours of passenger-riding-in-a-car-with-knitting time on Friday, which is pretty much money in the bank for someone with All The Knitting to get done.


Still, since I’d like to spend some of that time enjoying the scenery and relaxing, I’m not going to lie – I’m still holding out hope this will be done before driving off on Friday. We’ll see what happens, but the awesome thing is I will have the finished orange cabled thing done either way, and whenever the green cabled thing gets done, it’ll be a great fall cabled sweater.

And then I can start planning more cabled sweaters. More cables, more!

Happy Monday, folks! May you have knitting and a refreshing beverage waiting for you this evening.




  1. I loved the subheading … as I read your blog title, I was already thinking, “What?! She thinks about knitting only on Mondays?!” 🙂

  2. I still have buttons to buy for my Rhinebeck sweater (which needs a blocking). Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!

  3. Please, please tell me that you are NOT going to be in the driver’s seat, behind the wheel and knitting at the same time.

  4. Suzanne – since I will be the passenger in the car that is extremely unlikely.


  5. Oh, Glenna, I have so enjoyed reading your blogs. I sure hope that you enjoy Rhinebeck. I have some computer friends heading there also. I am so jealous of all your knitting time. I cannot wait to finish this pair of socks and then on to cowls.! Take pics at Rhinebeck!!!

  6. Awesome. Can’t wait to see your finished sweaters. You can totally finish them both by Saturday. You must have a very big knitted sweater wardrobe. I’d love a full status report on all the sweaters you currently have.

  7. I second the request from Tanis!

  8. It’s so pretty! Good luck finishing by Friday!

  9. That green sweater looks like it’s knitting up wonderfully! (Haha! But what happened to “maybe now I’ll knit something with no cables. I don’t need twisted stitches.”?)

  10. I build birdhouses. I built my first one at summer camp when I was a young boy. I remember how proud I felt having made something with my own hands. I adopted the craft as a hobby and it is now a passion of mine. There is something about the task of building a birdhouse that I find therapeutic, almost Zen. I take pieces of wood and cut them with my own hands into perfect dimensions. Then comes the sanding. I never use a sander, it feels like cheating. A strong feeling of satisfaction results from spending hours stroking the coarse sandpaper against the pieces, transforming the once rough wood into a surface smooth as glass and free of splinters. Constructing the birdhouse is like an art, I carefully screw each piece into its perfect puzzle. The house takes its shape; yet, it is still not complete. I return to sanding. I gently graze the wood with the sandpaper resolving any remaining imperfections. Finally, using my paint brush, I give the house life with every stroke of color.
    But the birds stopped coming. Over the years, I have built an array of birdhouses now scattered within the trees on my property. There are countless structures and styles all of different colors and patterns, giving the winged creatures a sufficient choice. I even provide birdseed. But, these free spirited friends of mine have abandoned me. Still, I work on my birdhouses daily. I am not discouraged by their absence. I have a love for the craft; the birds are not a necessity. Too many artists rely on recognition. Musicians should not give up if not signed, writers need not be published, paintings maintain their beauty when not on gallery walls, and so on. I fear creation has become too closely associated with compensation. Create to create, make something unique with your hands, something to be proud of. My beautiful birdhouses may remain vacant but my talent will never disperse.

  11. Maggie May · ·

    Well said Roger, but it’s nice to be appreciated for what you do.

    I am amazed that you, Glenna can even contemplate knitting in a car. I have to look where I’m going, or I’d feel very ill. Maybe you can knit without looking. Another skill I haven’t yet mastered. However, I am in awe of all the knitting you do and wish I could be so productive. I have to have frequent long breaks or my neck would seize up! I have two projects in progress at the moment – one having some cable, but both in Aran wool.

    I hear that all the fashion collections this season are big on chunky knits. Great to be fashionable once again.

  12. hawknitr13 · ·

    glenna, i am amazed at how quickly you get so much knitting done, esp with cables. i knit everyday since i’m retired…it’s so ‘zen-like’ as Roger said. i will aim to do a cabled sweater for myself one of these days from your inspiration!! am presently working on an Iowa City tree-hugger yarn bomb project for the downtown, sponsored by the city!!! i love your posts!
    ^)^ linda

  13. I think I’m going to be wearing a sweater in the same heathery green (my Wakefield jacket revisited), but your cables are so MUCH more impressive than mine! Lucky you to be able to be a passenger. I always seem to be the driver. On the other hand, if someone else wants to drive me, I’ll happily share my 2-bed inn room in Rhinebeck village in exchange for their driving and gasoline expenditures.

  14. Your pictures and comments, and your love of cables are really inspiring. As soon as I finish all the promised sock pairs, I’m going to start a really stunning cabled sweater! (I’ve lost weight and my beautiful cream colored fisherman knit is really, really big. If only shrinking were a controllable skill.)

  15. I looked up the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival on the net. It looks awesome. Are you going there as a vendor, to conduct a workshop or just to have a good time?

  16. I love cables, and the green you have chosen is particularly lovely. Happy knitting!

  17. So jealous that you get to go to Rhinebeck! I love those beautiful heathered green cables, they look like vines and leaves and shadows in the forest. Great for fall 🙂

  18. um. can someone teach Roger to knit?

    The green cabled thing looks like a sea of gorgeousness.

  19. Denise Clendening · ·

    SShhhh. If everyone finds out how simple cables really are my knitting won’t impress them anymore. Keep track of the rows and remember front or back. I LOVE CABLES.

  20. Stumbled across your blog and as a beginner/intermediate knitter, I am so impressed with your lovely photos and fun commentary on your knitting adventures. I cannot wait to see the photos of the finished orange and green sweaters. Maybe, just maybe I can attempt cables. Hope you post the finished photos soon.

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