Monthly Archives: November 2012

So fast, so warm

Guys, I don’t want to go so far as to say that this chunky yarn is knitting itself, but, well. This afternoon I sat down to knit up a wee tiny kid size mitten for my mittens class this weekend (so we can all get at least one mitten finished during class time), and I […]

The weekend in knitting

This past weekend, I: 1. Did not let the bulky cabled hat idea get the better of me, and got pleasant results on attempt #4. It turned out to be not at all what I was planning when I started with attempt #1, but sort of morphed its way there, as knitting sometimes does. (I’m […]

The week in knitting

So, somewhere in there I blinked and the week passed by. I know that I was doing things in there, for sure, but now it’s Friday and somehow it seems like I should have more to show for it, knitwise. But I’ve made progress on a few things, stitches are accumulating, ideas are swirling around, […]

Wool is always the right answer

I’ve spent the past week doing a bit of a creative re-set. It turns out sometimes your brain can’t just turn over from one set of finished projects to a new set with lightning rapidity, so by the middle of last week I eventually gave myself permission to just knit whatever I felt like knitting […]

What a pill

I’ve been taking another round of photography classes this term, which has been pretty good for the learning. Since both classes are mostly lecture style and photography takes place on our own time (a fact which is rapidly becoming clear to me, since I still have quite a few assignment photos to take in the […]