Wool is always the right answer

I’ve spent the past week doing a bit of a creative re-set. It turns out sometimes your brain can’t just turn over from one set of finished projects to a new set with lightning rapidity, so by the middle of last week I eventually gave myself permission to just knit whatever I felt like knitting and then sort it out later. Which worked out pretty well, as did a weekend of teaching, because now I am back to wanting to knit All The Things. Colour-work things in particular, since I taught a lot of colour-work this weekend. That portion is under development now, as I work through a few charts and knitting plans (some for me, some for later designs), and I’ve got other fun things to work on too.


This weekend I snagged a few skeins of chunky merino wool from Sweet Georgia Yarns, at the Purple Purl – the brights are too fun to pass up and those will be turned into some shop samples in the form of chunky mittens, and the purple, well, I think that’s going to be a hat and maybe some fingerless mitts for me.


I’m also making good progress on a new sweater in Cascade 220 that I cast on post-Rhinebeck. It’s something new with my pet favourite of twisted-stitch Bavarian style cables, that I’ve been wanting to do for a while – no more waiting, I decided! It’s cold out and I want more sweaters, and a fun new design in the process.

In conclusion, knitting is great. High knitting season is nigh, and me and my stash are prepared.

What have you cast on this week, fellow knitters? I hope you’ve got some fun yarn to play with this week!




  1. caityrosey · ·

    I just bought yarn for two new “me” projects even though what I ought to be working on right now is gifts.

  2. Awesome colors heart attack prices. Why do yarns have to be so expensive?

  3. I cast on a chemo hat for a friend who just lost her hair.

  4. Can’t wait to see more of your new sweater. It looks lovely!

  5. No new projects here but there are a few oldies that I cannot wait to work on. I have a final exam on Friday and as soon as that is done I will be knitting like there is no tomorrow!

    I love the color oif the Cascade. It looks burgundy. Is it burgundy?

  6. Back to working on Jared Flood’s Guernsey Wrap using Brooklyn Tweed’s LOFT in Faded Quilt after finishing a basket weave patterned scarf.

    Love the new yarn colors!

  7. I’m loving that purple yarn in the top pic. I’ve had a serious case of startitis this week, since I finally realized that Christmas is coming..

  8. Taking a fair isle mitten knitting course at my local knitting store here in Kingston. Anxious to choose the colours!

  9. I’m working on some fingerless gloves, and hopefully finding the perfect project for some lovely chocolate brown alpaca yarn I got this week.

  10. I’m just getting ready to teach a stranded knitting class this coming weekend (the very one referred to by Susan, above!) I like the idea of giving oneself “permission” to knit whatever one feels like knitting. And I like the notion of “high knitting season”–it sounds so festive.

  11. I cast on a BFF cowl in Oregon State colors for my cousin’s wife who hosts the family for Thanksgiving dinner as a hostess gift. I stand good odds of getting it done in time. 😉

  12. Hard to keep up the knitting mojo here in Northern Cali when its 80 degrees outside. So envy your cool weather. Love that purple sweater. I’ll have to live vicariously through you.

  13. Last night I cast on for the Tea Leaves Cardigan (from Madeleinetosh, on Ravelry) with Cascade 220 Paints, in the color Forest ( I think).

  14. just finished a lace shawl/scarf christmas gift, and cast on a simple hat for charity so my fingers can fly and my eyes can look elsewhere for a bit – no more glued to a chart one row at a time knitting for a while. And I think I like using worsted weight as opposed to lace weight for a change!

  15. That yarn is beautiful!! I bet that it will look wonderful in your project!

    I am hopefully that I will be able to knit something soon (sometimes life is too busy to knit), but in the meantime, I love admiring your projects. 🙂

  16. I cast on for fingerless gloves in Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ BFL sport. My handknit sweaters are getting a lot of use the past couple of weeks as well!

  17. Debby Cooper · ·

    I adore the look of this yarn on the needles!! I just love looking through all of the pictures. The yarns always looks to RICH and textured. Scrumptious.

  18. Bavarian cables are a new thing to me. Neato!

  19. My knitting mojo has been replaced by my sewing mojo at the moment, I am sure it will be back soon though!! It’s Summer here in South Africa, so I like to be able to take my knitting outside with me. LOVE your blog, it is really inspirational 🙂

  20. Beautiful colours! I just finished a very cute brioche stitch hat for a wee cousin and I’m knitting up a shawl for me. I like the shawl so much that I ordered some wool to make one for my Mum for Christmas so that will be the next thing cast on.

  21. Working on my first sweater in finering weight merino/silk and angora. So soft. It just begged to be a cardigan. Fingeirng weight for a first sweater is not easy but I want to do it so…here we go!

  22. That Cascade looks great, I’ve been pondering which cascade color to choose to start the Central Park Hoodie, been on my list forever. Right now though, knitting up some socks! Had a business trip and socks are sooo portable!

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