The weekend in knitting

This past weekend, I:

1. Did not let the bulky cabled hat idea get the better of me, and got pleasant results on attempt #4. It turned out to be not at all what I was planning when I started with attempt #1, but sort of morphed its way there, as knitting sometimes does. (I’m writing it up. Also, that Sweet Georgia chunky holds up well to ripping-out and re-knitting, I’m here to report.)


2. Visited the Purple Purl for their 5th anniversary festivities on Saturday. May all such fabulous yarn shops thrive for 5 years and well beyond! Happy birthday, Purple Purl.




3. Learned that the “icing sandwich” is a completely valid method of eating a cupcake, especially if they are mini ones.


4. Taught some fabulous and friendly knitters at Ewe Knit, the newest yarn shop in the Toronto knitting community. They are well stocked and, if the classes I have taught there are anything to go by, have quite a few enthusiastic (nay, fearless) knitters already.


5. Started some chunky mitts for a class sample at the Purl, and hot damn if these don’t go by fast. I think the cuff took me half an hour. Every winter I ask myself why I don’t knit more with chunky yarn, and every time I fail to come up with a solid answer. This stuff is warm and fast!


It was a busy weekend and I’m looking forward to some cozy knitting time this evening.

Happy knitting this Monday! May you have a fun project and a refreshing beverage waiting for you at home.




  1. Ooh, what is that green and pink yarn? I love it!

  2. Bonney – it’s more Sweet Georgia superwash merino chunky, one of my current new faves! It’s just gorgeous and knits up so fast.


  3. Oh, Glenda..if only I could have been there what deliciuous yarns. I could have that whole room. You are one lucky duck!! Love those colors. Wow!!

  4. Beautiful hat and I love your post, looks like you had loads of fun!

  5. jennybookworm · ·

    Your icing sandwich made me want to eat cupcakes and watch this video:
    and the rest of your post made me want to cast on for winter accessories in chunky yarn!

  6. Three cheers for chunky yarn, big needles and icing sandwiches!

  7. I am so feeling the color palette of this post! purples and pinks and greens everywhere! I must try some of this sweet georgia yarn, I keep hearing good things about it..

  8. I agree with lollyknits – your color choices are phenomenal. I never thought of the icing sandwich – but it makes so much sense!

  9. Love the pink and green yarn – and excellent cake-eating skills!

  10. loulouandlillybean · ·

    Love the chunky yarns!! Mainly because I love chunky monkey needles!! And the icing sandwich is a brilliant method of cupcake eating!!! Can’t wait to try it! 😀

  11. Wow you girls are sooooo lucky to have such fabbo yarn shops near you! My nearest is 40km away and there is only one!!!! xxx ♥

  12. I suspect it’s because when you switch from a finer gauge yarn to a chunky one (and the appropriate needles), it kind of feels like wielding one of those enormous awkward pencils until you get the hang of it again.

  13. These pictures are making me feel yarny feelings, and that’s the only way I can put to words how I feel about this post. Yarny. Feelings.

  14. Yarny feelings are pretty good feelings if you ask me! 😉


  15. I agree with the concept of making some things quickly with chunky yarn, but I am really struggling with my current project -a Cowichan sweater for my daughter. Her partner wants one as well, as much as I would like to oblige, I don’t know if the fingers can take another sweater made from roving. My hands just aren’t big enough.

    Moral of the story: chunky = good, roving and stranded colour work, not so good.

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