So fast, so warm

Guys, I don’t want to go so far as to say that this chunky yarn is knitting itself, but, well. This afternoon I sat down to knit up a wee tiny kid size mitten for my mittens class this weekend (so we can all get at least one mitten finished during class time), and I think it took me less than an hour. I’m pretty sure that even included the weaving in a couple of ends and pouring myself a cup of tea. Hot damn.


[The little mitten above is in Sweet Georgia chunky, ‘snapdragon’ colourway]

Then I picked up the second chunky cabley hat I started last night (to double-check that the notes I wrote up for the purple one I did last weekend still work…and they seem to, which is a bonus for the folks who are currently testing this out for me), and I’m about three decrease rounds away from finishing that. And about one glass of wine away from starting a pair of matching mittens. (I’ve decided it needs mittens). I went and did the mental math on the hat and even with a bit of fiddling with cables, and the time it took me to rip out and re-knit the ribbed brim because I’d cast on the wrong number of stitches, I’m still coming in less than four hours on that one.

And you know, I’m not saying I don’t love the sport weight and worsted weight projects I’ve also got on the needles right now that are each more than halfway done…


Wait, I lost my train of thought. I was thinking about warm matching mittens.

If you need me I’ll be with my yarn. Catch you next time!

(P.S. The yarn is all still Sweet Georgia superwash chunky, in case you’re curious. It’s basically awesome.)




  1. Diane Griffith · ·

    It is so comforting to know that someone else in the world casts on the wrong number of stitches too! LOL 🙂

  2. Good luck! Chunky yarn sounds wonderful right now.

  3. I am seriously considering buying a few skeins of Sweet Georgia chunky so I have them ready when you release the hat pattern.

  4. Cecilia – mercifully the hat itself only takes 1 skein! Not that I’d discourage anyone from buying more yarn, of course 😉


  5. I can’t wait to see this pattern set! I know this will be a must have, looking at the pics of the hat!

  6. That mitten looks like a delicious piece of watermelon candy! I love those colors, and the blues and greens in the hat are just stunning.

  7. Another hat, I just love this hat pattern, it is just gorgeous! Cannot wait for the pattern.

  8. Beautiful! Glenna, do you think 2 skeins would be enough for the hat and a pair of simple mittens?

  9. Wow – you are amazing! The colours of that yarn are fabulous – perfect for mittens…have fun!

  10. The colors are luring me, tempting me, seducing me.

  11. I’m wondering if it’s knitting adhd or startitius. Really cute mitts,:)

  12. Hey! I am one glass way from knitting mittens as well. I already did a Pixie hat, now my little one needs mittens. Go figure. It’s cold out! Bring on the wine!

  13. allysonlovestoknit · ·

    I love your mittens! They’re so cute! You’ve inspired me to start doing mittens again!

  14. Aren’t mittens just the best project? And what great gifts they make, too! Love the yarn you’re using – very, very cute!

  15. Genia Potter · ·

    Please, please – what color is your green SweetGeorgia??

  16. Genia Potter · ·

    Oh, and yes, I do know it’s green – I should have said which SHADE of green! sorry ;o)

  17. PurrlGurrl · ·

    So boooorrrrrrrred with knitting sock and fingering yarn. Love knitting chunky yarn, especially for big, cuddly, warm sweaters, hats, scarves, and mittens. I’ve unearthed the Aran and chunky from the stash for my next projects, and am seriously contemplating purging all the sock and fingering yarn by gifting to my shawlette addicted friends. That train has pulled out of my station.

  18. your blog seems great! I’ve only read a couple posts but can’t wait to read more.! if you have a few minutes of free time check out my website. it combines knitting and charity. Sorry to spam you like this! I just got it launched and am trying to spread the word. Have a wonderful day!
    p.s. im making a blanket with a chunky yarn and I will agree with you, it somewhat knits itself right along!

  19. I am beginning knitter and just wondering where can I find this pattern for the wee mittens?

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