Monthly Archives: December 2012

Pause button

The holidays definitely have a lot going for them, I’ll say that much. Lots of eating and visiting and sitting around, and then more eating, and I am left with the strange combination of feeling fatigued but rested at the same time. I quite like the between-time of after Christmas and before New Year’s day, […]

And to all a good knit

It’s about to be a busy place around these parts pretty soon, with some holiday eating, drinking, and general festivity rolling out from Christmas Eve onward. Possibly there will even be some knitting in the quiet moments! In any case, dear blog readers and knitting friends, I wish you Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and most […]

The things we do with yarn

It’s been one of those weeks where it feels like the only accomplishments I have to show for it are a project that I’ve ripped out and cast on now for the third time (all since Monday), and that I’ve managed to fight off a cold (I am ready to extoll the virtues of hot […]

Stash diving

This afternoon I found myself in the rare and coveted (and usually very brief) situation of having finished all the active knitting projects I’ve had on the go for the last few weeks – including the Noro striped scarf, which has been duly deployed into service. Often I’ll just start a new project one at […]

Monday knitting report – outlook good

1. So, while I didn’t finish two sweaters and a scarf last week, as was my original plan/fantasy, I did finish one sweater and seventy-five percent of a scarf. 2. I would still really rather be wearing the scarf than knitting the scarf, but I persevere. 3. The Noro striped scarves always turn out so […]

New Pattern(s): Squall Set

So, winter’s coming on, and it’s about this time that I tend to take a little mental inventory of the items in the accessory basket (usually there’s something that went astray last year, never to return), and immediately wish I had about twelve more things to choose from. This is, let’s face it, at least […]

Sometimes the knitting is motivation for the other knitting

1. So now that it’s a couple of days into December, I had fully planned on having cast on at least one new sweater by now, because I was going to have the two other sweaters I was working on finished by the end of November. 2. Of course, this means that both of these […]