Monday knitting report – outlook good

1. So, while I didn’t finish two sweaters and a scarf last week, as was my original plan/fantasy, I did finish one sweater and seventy-five percent of a scarf.


2. I would still really rather be wearing the scarf than knitting the scarf, but I persevere.

3. The Noro striped scarves always turn out so nicely that I can forgive the gods of random-Noro-stripe-combinations for tossing out the occasional bit of olive green sludge. The bright red and blue stripes will look yet awesomer in contrast.


4. The second sweater is done enough that I have very high hopes for it and my three hours of transit knitting time later today, when I shall be whisked away to sunny exotic Peterborough for some visiting with knitting friends and general pre-holiday relaxation. (There is talk of a ‘Love Actually’ viewing and eating of cheese, both of which I can get on board with).

5. The sweater that I did finish, got finished with the help of some steek reinforcement, cutting, and finishing, which I haven’t done in a while and every time I do it I remember how much fun it is.


6. It’s especially fun to do the reinforcing and finishing in a fabulously outlandish contrasting colour that nobody in the outside world will ever see.


7. This in combination with the colour-work class I taught yesterday makes me want to knit all the colour-work things, and then steek all the things.

8. Clearly the knitter in my head has ambitious plans for the week to come – I sure hope I catch up to her!

Happy knitting this Monday!




  1. I’m doing a Noro striped scarf for someone on my list as well! I concur with the sludge comment, some of my sections suck, but the bright ones make up for them!

  2. caityrosey · ·

    I think once I learn to steek I’ll have great fun with it. I just need to get over the fear.

  3. I too am on a Noro Scarf now, hopefully for Christmas. Using up my stash of the silk garden. But I absolutely love the red you have in yours. I do not believe I’ve seen this red colourway at my LYS. I really like it. Always look forward to reading your blogs.

  4. I am a fan of crochet steeks too. Automatically finishes off the edges. Have fun in Peterborough, Glenna.

  5. Lol’d at your hope that you can catch up with/to your internal madly creative knitter. I know the feeling oh so well and have the UFO’s to prove it.

  6. Ditto on the noro scarf thing. My best friend saw Jared Flood’s version, and was immediately smitten, so I promised him one for Christmas. I should probably start that..

  7. Looks great so far – I love it when the wool creates random colour combinations!

  8. Is there a tutorial for the crochet reonforcement for steeking? Wasnt sure how to steek without a sewing machine!

  9. How beautiful!

  10. I don’t think finishing a sweater ( something I have trouble commiting too in the first place) and almost finishing a scarf is so bad..lots of progress…I see great knitterly fingers flying:)

  11. So if I buy the needles and yarn am I a knitter? What if I have officially started a scarf (and frogged said scarf) no less than 4 times? Does the fact that my stash is already growing regardless of the fact that I have yet to actually *have* a WIP help my qualification??

    I am trying to learn, and starting to wonder if my ability and success in doing so might be directly proportionate to the amount of money I spent on books promising to teach me how??

    Regardless, I came across your blog looking for a little education and inspiration (as in a reason to keep trying) and found doses of both. Your work and patterns are really stunning 🙂

    This is me… to try yet again.

    Today a scarf-tomorrow a sweater!!!

  12. Mmmmm, steek! Your encouragement helped me buck up and get ‘er done. Out of the 3 steek methods I learned, I like the crochet one the best. It feels the most organically whole (rather than hand stitch with thread or machine stitch), and looks great. Thanks a bunch!

  13. I love steeking too, although I confess to a preference for machine-sewn steeks over crocheted ones. In my distant past I’ve even done the no-reinforcement-at-all version after some encouragement from a class with Alice Starmore. I’m wearing my (steeked) Trellis Waistcoat as I write this, and I totally agree with you re pleasures of unexpected colours on the insides of garment borders.

  14. Elizabeth – machine-sewn steeks definitely take the cake for reassurance and stability! I find myself gravitating towards crocheted reinforcement when working with wool largely because it means I don’t have to haul out the sewing machine. But I go back and forth and completely reserve the right to be fickle about it 😉 I look forward to steeking more things this winter!


  15. Your Noro scarf looks even better in person! (and the photos are lovely). It was great to bump into you in Peterborough. I sadly came to the realization that the transformer hat/mitts was not going to happen when I have 4 other projects to finish before Christmas! One finished last night though 🙂 And I think the hat may have evolved into a blanket (should be able to complete it by August !?!)
    Hope you got to enjoy your movie 🙂

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