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The holidays definitely have a lot going for them, I’ll say that much. Lots of eating and visiting and sitting around, and then more eating, and I am left with the strange combination of feeling fatigued but rested at the same time. I quite like the between-time of after Christmas and before New Year’s day, in some ways even more so than Christmas itself, because the pace is still slow and you can let the real-world regular routine crawl back slowly.

As for my knitting this week, well. I did manage one or two things. I finished a Squall Hat for my sister, because she wanted a hat (It took just over 1 skein of Berrocco Peruvia Quick):


And I finished the first sock of a pair I’ve had waiting in my handbag for quite a while (languishing since I’ve made sleeves my portable knitting lately, rather than socks). It turns out you can knit the entire foot of a sock during The Hobbit (Socks That Rock lightweight, in ‘Tlingit’):


And let me tell you, dear knitters, it is a good thing I knitted those things, because it turns out that all of the other knitting I spent the last three days on turned out to be ill-fated. I sat down this afternoon to finish the second sleeve on the Bonnie sweater I started a couple of weeks ago, because I was pretty close to finished, and noticed a problem.


Knitting in the relatively darker television room in the basement for most of the last few days, I completely failed to notice that ever time I reached for a new ball of yarn, I was reaching for one of a different dye lot. It wasn’t just one sleeve, either – both sleeves had strong horizontal dye-lot-change lines across them screaming “LOOK AT ME, DUMMY. I’M HERE TO RUIN YOUR DAY.”

I took a closer look at my yarn supplies and discovered that I had enough of one dye lot (I think, at least) to knit the whole body, and enough of the other to knit the sleeves. However, neither sleeve was started with the “sleeve quantity” dye lot.

I have ripped them both out.


I’m not re-casting on immediately, strong though the temptation may be. At the moment I’m just going to let the yarn sit in its bag and think about its crimes, and maybe start an internet-wide search for more Mission Falls 1824 in deep purple #024. (If you’ve got any stashed at home, seriously, we can make a deal.) I shall proceed for the rest of the afternoon with a different project and, soon, a cocktail.

I hope your holiday knitting time has gone well this week! What neglected projects have you been able to rediscover?


  1. Lori meyer · ·

    Just aching for my hubby to go back to work after the New Year! I so miss my “me” time during the week to knit and just do whatever I want. He’s been home since October recovering from hip replacement surgery and its time for him to go!

  2. I think I would go for the cocktail first….. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hope it all works out.

  3. I managed to finish the pair of socks I started for my husband in NOV 2011 for Christmas this year (2012). It turns out with his BIG feet and the little needles, my hands hurt so bad that this may well be his only pair. But Yah for me, he did get one pair!! Sorry ’bout your sleeves; but, I can’t imagine me knitting in anything but bright light. So, let’s put this in perspective …I don’t see no dummies nowhere! Still, it’s wonderful to hear that I’m not the only one with the kind of mistakes that keep a knitter humble. Thanks for your wonderful blog, and knits. Happy New Year!

  4. How do you knit in the dark in the movie theatre? Isn’t it hard to see?

  5. You definitely deserve a cocktail after that.

  6. Elizabeth · ·

    I’ve never been able to knit without looking at it. Cannot imagine knitting in a dark theatre!

  7. Meredith MC · ·

    I’ve been on a cowl kick this last week- i just finished my third and I’m casting on a honey cowl any minute now. Happy holidays!

  8. anastasia · ·

    Omg! This means I have to cast on a sock for tomorrow?!?!?!!
    I actually have enjoyed picking up some WIPs lately. Working on my Lady Eleanor shawl & a laceweight circle shawl started in the spring & trying to figure out what to do with a cardigan that has yet again put up a slight road block. Also, so close to finishing the shawl that I carry around in my purse. Then there’s the mountain of blocking that needs to be done.

  9. Lorraine haemel · ·

    My family understands your pain. I make them leave a light on during movies in the basement family room ever since I messed up a few rows on a baby sweater.

  10. Oh no! If that were me, I’d be eating cookies. Immediately.

    As for knitting, I’m proud to say that this year I either finished or ripped out all my old projects that were occupying needles. All current projects are now less than a month old. It’s a rather odd feeling to not have any knitting in time out.

  11. I know exactly how you were feeling. It happens to me also once in a while. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get the missing charge of the wool Mission Falls 1824 in deep purple #024, because the sweater deserves it! And in the meanwhile enjoy cocktails and be creative! The best wishes for New Year! Cheers bjmonitas

  12. Such beautiful sleeves…..darn! Good luck finding the Mission Falls. I knit my daughter a sweater for last Christmas and really had to scour Ravely to find just one more ball! Too bad it’s discontinued, I really love that yarn ๐Ÿ™‚
    Happy knitting!

  13. Yikes, that sucks. I have definitely done that, but not two entire sleeves. I’m so happy to have Christmas knitting done (!). This year all my friends got fingerless mitts (I usually develop a theme each year) and they were all so happy, which makes me happy!

    Next on my list is NEPHEW KNITTING! My sis is pregnant, due in March, so I’ve been plodding away at cute little projects. A pair of monster butt leggings, a baby ogre shrek hat, and probably a little bear hoodie. Oh, and also I just cast on Ravine yesterday, so yay for knitting for self!

  14. *hugs* Please get yourself a drink before ripping and reknitting! It’s so lovely to have to rip because of the dyelot!

    (in solidarity, I had to rip out a whole sleeve last week because I am doing Luminen at 6spi instead of 5spi and used the wrong size numbers)

  15. So impressed not only that you can knit in a movie theatre, but that you can do it while watching The Hobbit. Even with audiobooks (my favourite knitting accompaniment) I have to stop when either the book or the knitting gets exciting. Guess I can’t do two things at once!

  16. Still trying to slog through with some late gifts. I really want them off my needles before the 1st, so I can jump into some totally selfish knitting! I want to knit myself a sweater or two before I come up for air and start thinking of next year’s holiday knits. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. You make that yarn think deeply on its sins!!!! I would leave it in a lonely dark cupboard for at least a month! Happy cocktails! x

  18. I’m sorry to hear about your dye lot problem. I just finished a very small project (small lace hat) which I have ripped out many times and now upon finishing I realize it might fit a tiny child. Now that’s being dumb.

  19. Hi Glenna, I just wanted you to know that I nominated you for the Illuminating Blogger Award. I realize that you have probably been nominated for this one numerous times, but I had to include you in mine because you have so lit the way for me when I ran into walls in knitting and inspired me with your designs. If you want to see more on this nomination you can go here
    – but I am fine if this is not something you are into. Just know that you and your blog are appreciated.
    Shel R.

  20. Carolyn McClain · ·

    Oh my gosh – I feel your pain. Sometimes you just have to sit quietly and breathe deeply!!!!

  21. Oh dear. So sorry to read about the yarn dye lot problem. The Bonnie knitting pattern looks really nice so I do hope you find some of the correct dye lot. Season’s Greetings.

  22. Hope you can find the yarn you need. Enjoying your blog.

  23. I would like to nominate you for a blog award – I think your posts are fab and I love seeing your makes. I have recently been lucky to recieved 2 to pass on, The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award and Liebster – so please feel free to pick which ever one you would like. Happy New Year and Happy posting!

  24. …no way to begin a new year my dear. Have a drink, yell at that silly yarn and make all the bad yarn yuckies go away. Get on a Korknisse for good luck and begin again. NEVER give up!

  25. Frogging two whole sleeves is always hard. Hope you’ve found that yarn!

  26. Yikes! I had to rush out the 22nd to get more yarn, you can’t give just one slipper now can you?

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