Monthly Archives: January 2013

Anatomy of a Yarn Label

If you are me, when you walk into a yarn shop you are filled with great desire to hug all of the yarn. Then, once the initial euphoria fades, you start doing a mental catalogue of yarn weights and colours on the shelves, vis-a-vis what kind of yarn you want to buy and what kind […]


So, I don’t know who exactly is in charge of the time-space continuum around here, but I’m really not sure it’s supposed to be the middle of January already. I mean, really? I thought we were still in the first week of the year – can’t a girl get a bit of procrastination time on […]

So you’ve decided to be a knitter

The other day I had a thoughtful question from a blog reader, along the lines of “how do I get past the beginner stage of knitting, now that I’m ready to move beyond plain scarves?” Which is a pretty good question, and one to which there are many possible answers. (Also, in case this bears […]

New year, new knits

So, after my Christmas knitting turned out to yield less satisfying results – though I am continuing in search of more Mission Falls 1824 wool in the hopes of getting some more a bit closer to my dye lot(s) – I decided that at New Year’s I would start something new that would just be […]