So, I don’t know who exactly is in charge of the time-space continuum around here, but I’m really not sure it’s supposed to be the middle of January already. I mean, really? I thought we were still in the first week of the year – can’t a girl get a bit of procrastination time on the whole New Year’s resolution thing? Ah well, nothing for it but to keep knitting I suppose. I have a whackload of knits going on behind the scenes around here, but keep trying to get the smaller finish-able projects in there because, what can I say, a girl needs some of those.


I finished my Union Station beret a week or two ago (possibly it was last week, but then, see above re: my loose relationship with the normal structure of time), and am really quite pleased with it. It’s in Ultra Alpaca which is a lovely warm wool/alpaca worsted weight yarn, and we’re going to need hats around here for another 2 months at least.


In true idiosyncratic knitter fashion, however, I haven’t actually worn it yet because I want to knit myself a plain pair of mittens or gloves to go with it and then I can leave the house with a matched set. (I briefly contemplated working up a true matching set of mittens with similar cable motifs on them but then quietly shut that down…maybe down the road, but not just yet). Something plain will do fine, so I think I’ve found my next small project to get ready on the needles.


Thanks to seeing several movies over the last month I am also finally nearing the end of my ribbed socks (my own free pattern, if you would like it), which have languished for several months in my handbag. (It’s really a good thing that knitting doesn’t fight back out of neglect, some days I think it would be totally justified in doing so). Normally I like to make socks my portable knitting, but lately sweater sleeves have been taking over in that department. I have noticed this is a poor thing for my sock drawer, because lately I’ve been playing favourites and wearing the same half-dozen pairs of hand-knit socks over and over again each week. It’s definitely time for a few new pairs in the rotation!

I hope you’ve got a great small or portable project to work on too, and that you can fill in your knitting time whenever possible. Happy Thursday!




  1. Love the hat!

  2. Oh I know the state of first needing to knit a matching scarf and gloves before a hat can be worn. I have a hat and scarf sitting in a drawer for more than a year, because I still need to knit matching gloves… . I’m getting there this year, I hope

  3. You are sooo lucky to be living in the cold weather. Here in Australia it’s the middle of summer and an exceptionally hot summer too. I love that hat….it makes me feel warm and snuggly. Cheers from Downunder!

  4. Lovely blog entry once again! πŸ™‚ I check your blog all the time and always am delighted whenever there’s a new post!
    Wonderful drool-worthy knitting photos, all the time!
    The beret photo with the snowflakes on it is just gorgeous and I love your latest pair of socks! πŸ˜‰
    I make individual hats without a matching scarf or gloves/mittens all the time, haha! As they are often out of my handspun yarn, small special bits of it, there’s only enough for a hat anyway! Lol
    Happy knitting, hon!

  5. Ah,
    glenda I too have socks on the needles…because I need them and also have a cowl for my sister. Which I hope to finish in the week. And of course, being a grandmother I have the fabric ready for The Prom dress for darling grand. Hopefully a week and a half with that one if going proves too difficult). Then my darling knitting full time.That is why I love winter.

  6. Debbie Willsher · ·

    What is the name of the yarn you are making the socks in?

  7. I love your ribbed sock pattern. I actually have two pair going at the same time!

  8. Love the hat..and saved the pattern..I have 4 pair ONT at the moment..

  9. I always have several projects on the go. I break mine down into one project where no thinking is required and one that I need to concentrate on. That way I have something to work on no matter what my brain is capable of handling that day! Ok, so there might be more non thinking projects getting finished but at least I feel that I’m accomplishing something! lol

  10. I love having a pair of socks ready to take out and about with me, and I love the looks and comments I get when I’m knitting away in public πŸ˜‰

    The hat is beautiful!

  11. thank you for your blog while i was away and from reading your blog i started to knit a pair of socks just plain ones but i will try yours next … its been fun working on 2 pairs of double pointed knitting needles … also i do find knitting helps with depressions and i am nearly finishing a doubled bed cover … happy knitting.

  12. My sock drawer is also sadly depleted….hmmmmm.

  13. Omainiowa · ·

    Your ribbed sock pattern has become my “go to” pattern for socks. I’ve made about 6 pair with another on the needles. The fit is great. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I am just so enamored of those socks. I’m going through a bit of a purple phase at the moment.

  15. Okay. The picture of the hat with snowflakes is too cool. It’s also entirely too enabling. If that picture doesn’t make you smile, then get a little shiver and decide you really should cast on for a hat, I don’t know what will.

  16. I agree with Omainiowa, I love your “default” sock pattern. Not as boring as straight on stockinette, and it fits great!

  17. Your purple socks are spectacular. I might have to go grab your pattern and knit a pair for myself. I hope you manage to make your mitts soon so that you can put that hat to use. It’s really beautiful.

  18. Beautiful hat! I’ve downloaded your sock pattern and hope to have a chance to knit it up soon, but I’m in awe that you can knit and watch movies. That also implies that you can knit in the dark! I have to concentrate so hard that if the phone so much as rings I drops three stitches!

  19. Wonderful – thanks for the sock pattern! I will start it next week once my current pair is done

  20. Great hat! I especially love the colour! Kindest bjmonitas

  21. I adore Ultra Alpaca (made my Tumnus scarf in it), but have no where to buy it “in person”. Alas, choosing colours online is never really satisfactory. The sock yarn is gorgeous. It looks like a colourway that’s interesting, yet at the same time won’t make your feet glow in the dark!

  22. I just love love love your Tlingit yarn… so beautiful. Blue Moon is my favorite. I’m getting a skein as soon as I can!

  23. I love the hat, love Ultra Alpaca as well. Thank you for your sock pattern- I’m ready for something basic, classic, not too fancy. My sock drawer needs some new life!

  24. christina · ·

    I love this sock pattern! I am on my second sock and am thrilled with the fit and look of the first. Keep up the great designing work!

  25. Love your socks! Have you tried toe-up yet? You’ll never go back once you do. I love making them! Wendy D. Johnson’s book is the best!

  26. Using your sock pattern now to make a pair for my husband. It’s looking good! Thank you.

  27. […] which only excruciates the situation further. Soooo many kniiiiiits. Start-itis is rampant.) But my new beret still wants some matching mittens or gloves, so I do what I can. At the very least I feel pretty […]

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