Monthly Archives: February 2013

Volume 2, Part 1

Last winter (yea verily, just slightly more than a year ago now), I launched the first patterns in my Urban Collection set (on Ravelry, on Patternfish), and lo and behold, I’ve decided to come back for another round. This week I’m kicking off the Urban Collection, Volume 2, with two patterns just right for the […]

A good colour for winter

So, about a month ago we had a pretty decent cold snap around here. In Southern Ontario we do generally spend a few months at or below freezing, and then the rest of the country gleefully mocks us for whimpering about it, but winter last year was so mild that I can’t even remember whether […]


It’s been a whirlwind week so far, one that feels like it really is only just starting, so I am rather surprised to discover it is already Thursday. But I suppose when you begin the week finishing a long weekend vacation, come back on Tuesday and then scurry off on Wednesday for a knitting talk […]

Dee Cee

I’ve had the good fortune to be spending a long-long-weekend vacation in DC in the company of a few delightful knitterly friends, and it’s been a good time and astonishingly sunny weather. The trip is almost over and I’m ready to go home but at the same time glad to have a slow final evening […]

You’re never the only one

I spent the last couple of weeks in the company of Julie’s two kitties in Toronto, while she and her family were away. As a result I got a bit more time zipping around on transit, and did a few more things in Toronto than I normally would get the chance to do. Transit time […]

Snow Day

Today, basically most of southern Ontario looks like this right now: So, I am working on some of these: I’m working on other things too, truth be told, and I have a “want to knit” list about as long as my arm. (Some of which also overlaps with my “want to design” list, which only […]

As you do

For the last couple of years most of my plain sock knitting (i.e. ribbed socks, for me, since I like the way they fit and they require just a smidge more attention than plain stockinette) has been at the movie theatre. I often use them for transit knitting as well but actually now much of […]

Five on a Friday

1. It turns out that after just five months of extremely intermittent effort, you too can get a finished pair of socks. (These ones are in Socks That Rock in ‘Tlingit’, one of the darker raven-inspired color-ways.) 2. Also it occurs to me that I did most of the knitting on these socks while sitting […]