Five on a Friday

1. It turns out that after just five months of extremely intermittent effort, you too can get a finished pair of socks. (These ones are in Socks That Rock in ‘Tlingit’, one of the darker raven-inspired color-ways.)

2. Also it occurs to me that I did most of the knitting on these socks while sitting in movie theatres (yep, it can be done! your hands know what they’re doing), including Argo, The Hobbit, Skyfall, and even Much Ado About Nothing back at the Toronto Film Festival in September, which tells you just how long ago I started these.


3. I think the message in all of this is that I need to get out to more movies.

4. The nice thing about knitting is that it doesn’t rise up from its heap in the middle of the night and threaten to strangle you out of sheer neglect.

5. I’m glad the same thing is true of my yarn, because damn have I got a big stash, and I’m glad it’s there waiting for me to pick out a new skein of yarn to start my next pair of socks.

Happy Friday, everyone! Knit something awesome this weekend.

[ETA: Folks, if you ever see me knitting a ribbed sock pattern, I will guarantee you it is this one. It’s free, and you’re welcome to knit it if you like.]


  1. I love those, what pattern is that? I am still trying to find the perfect pattern for my ginormous feet. I like the ribbing on those.

  2. Jeanette Arminio · ·

    I knit my first pair of socks in the Fall and I was hooked. I immediately set about knitting a pair for my daughter for Christmas. I am knitting socks for our 4 grandchildren who all have birthdays in the first few months of the year and so far have 2 pairs done and well on the way to finishing the 3rd pair. I knit two socks at one time doing a few inches on one and then a few inches on the 2nd one. This is particularly helpful when I am using a self striping yarn and I want the socks to match. When I am finished I have a pair of socks ready for wearing and I do not end up with a bunch of sock orphans. I know myself well enough to know that I will never get around to knitting that second sock if I did them one at a time. Works for me.
    Happy knitting, Jeanette

  3. Those are lovely socks – well worth the wait.

    I definitely need to go to the cinema more often: halfway down the foot of a sock I started in September. The first of the pair. I guess it’s not going anywhere, so I’ll have socks at some point. Happy Friday x

  4. I love how knits can embody the movies or life events that were going on while knitting them.

    And the Tlingit colorway is delightful. I had already wanted to get my paws on a skein. But I might have to make more of an effort now.

  5. Great socks! cheers bjmonitas

  6. The socks are fantastic! I’ve never knit in the theater before, but I’m absolutely game for trying. I might go to a movie for the sole purpose of experimenting.

  7. caityrosey · ·

    Hah. My last pair of socks took me Aug – January to finish. That’s almost 6 mos. But I immediately cast on another pair. These are a little more interesting, so hopefully I’ll finish them sooner.

  8. Those socks are great! Can you share which pattern it its? Thanks!

  9. danadoodle · ·

    I’m still so jealous that you got to see Much Ado About Nothing!

  10. Nice socks! Enjoy picking out your next skein!

  11. Thank GOD for Number 4…I wouldn’t last a weekend without being strangled by one neglected WIP or another!

  12. What pattern did you use?

  13. Folks, the sock pattern is my free Nice Ribbed Sock pattern –


  14. Yes, it’s a lovely pattern. I’ve not long finished knitting a pair of socks using your pattern. They’re featured on the Ravelry page and will soon be featured on my blog. The yarn I used is a bit dark and didn’t photograph too well but I love them.
    Melanie from Brisbane, Qld, Australia

  15. I need to make some ribbed socks like that! purse knitting, away!

  16. I’m so happy for #4….

  17. I like how your ‘badness’ in neglecting this project now justifies going to more shows. The socks look great. seems like it is the same pattern as ‘weekend socks’ that you did for chatelaine, but in a smaller weight yarn?

  18. I knit during movies at home. Last night was Air Force One with Harrison Ford. Last week it was The Train with Burt Lancaster and The Seven Days in May. Movie time is definately knitting time.

  19. When I first started knitting I didn’t “get” the whole sock knitting thing. After all, you can got to the store and buy a package (or two or three) of very nice socks for cheaper than a skein of very nice sock yarn.

    My knitting friends went on and on about how great socks were, so, rolling my eyes, I set off to the LYS, bought some sock yarn, a pattern, needles, etc. and knit my first pair. In less than a month, I had a nice pair of socks and I was hooked! I set a goal and knit 12 pairs of socks in a year!

    Love this pattern, though I don’t know if I could do it in the dark! I am in love with the yarn too! Might have to swoop over and get me some skeins from BlueMoon!

  20. I love knitting in movies, too. It’s something of an addiction. Once, some friends and I were out and decided to go to the movies on the spur of the moment. I made them stop at a Walmart so I could buy yarn and needles.
    Disaster averted!
    Ribbed socks are my favorites. They fit every foot. I really like the color you chose.
    By the way, how do you prevent ladders when you knit your socks on 3 dpn’s? That is my biggest challenge.

  21. I love these socks, I still haven’t made any yet, but these look like a fun project to start with.

  22. I wouldn’t dare knit in the dark, but you’ve obviously done a beautiful job at it. My project would be…different. 😉

  23. This is my favorite “knitting in the waiting room” sock, only I knit them toe up so I can knit until I run out of yarn. 🙂

  24. I’d love to see a whole post about how you knit while watching movies and TV! I’m interested in the technical details, because I’m trying to learn to do it, but I can’t stop myself from looking down at every stitch to make sure I’m catching it — and often I’m not. Do you “feel” it when you make mistakes, and fix them right away, or do you discover dropped and slipped stitches later? Do you knit more slowly than you do when you’re looking? How often do you have to look down? Do you feel for every stitch with your fingers before you go into it, or just aim and go? Can you purl without looking too? So many questions!!! LOL

  25. Is the gauge measured in stockinette stitch or in ribbing?

  26. cindy carpenter · ·

    glad you’re back. i’ve missed reading your blog.

  27. those are lovely socks. I have recently gotten over my fear of trying to knit socks with those itty bitty needles using fine sock yarns and I love it! However … (isn’t there always a however?) I have decided that I would like to find a pattern for knitting them from the toe up. That way I won’t end up with little bits and pieces of yarn left over. I can knit the foot and then go as far as I like (or until the yarn runs out) for the leg. As it is, I have to anticipate how much yarn I need for the foot and then make the leg accordingly. I tend to like taller socks. I am sure patterns must exist, I have just never gone looking for them yet.

  28. I can do some knitting at the movies, but usually don’t because of the needle -dropping risk. Do you use DPN’s or circs?

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