Volume 2, Part 1

Last winter (yea verily, just slightly more than a year ago now), I launched the first patterns in my Urban Collection set (on Ravelry, on Patternfish), and lo and behold, I’ve decided to come back for another round. This week I’m kicking off the Urban Collection, Volume 2, with two patterns just right for the final months of winter. All patterns are once again featuring beautiful yarns from Tanis Fiber Arts, and are intended as a versatile collection of pieces for the contemporary knitter. All of the patterns will be available for sale individually at any time, but if you’d like to take the plunge and pre-order the entire collection for $5 less than the final collection price, you can do so now on Ravelry any time between now and April 15th. You’ll then receive all the new patterns as they are released, automatically. Updates to the collection will happen about a month apart, so the next patterns will arrive towards the end of March. (The collection will be available in full and individually once it is complete, some time in May.)


This time around the collection will include 3 sweaters and 4 accessory patterns, with an emphasis on pairing sweaters with lacy accessories (scarves/shawls and cowls). I’ll be starting with the warmest yarns in February and then as we get closer to spring will start to bring in the DK and fingering weight yarns, for variety and versatility. The first two pieces both feature worsted weight yarns, for relatively quick knitting as compared to lighter yarns, and also for comfort and coziness.

First up is the Northside Pullover, in TFA Green Label Aran. This year I’ve been wanting to try out more darker shades for the dressy visual effect they have, and so I wanted this pullover to be something that would work equally well with both pale and darker colours. It’s shown here in Olive, which is not a colour of Tanis’ that I’ve worked with before, but I think it’s safe to say I’ll be doing so again!



This pullover uses a combination of cables and garter rib for a nice vertical pattern that’s a little rustic but also classic, and I’ve no doubt it would work well with tonal semi-solids as well as solid colours or heathers. The same garter rib combination is shown on the long cuffs to complete the effect, against a field of stockinette on the sleeves and at the side. The sweater has long sleeves and is full-length to the hips, is worked from the bottom up in pieces (seams are helpful when using superwash wools – they like some additional structure!), and then sewn before working the collar to finish. I’ve come to enjoy pullovers because they are so warm so instantly, and the finishing takes up much less time than cardigans. (Rest assured, though, a cardigan will make its appearance in the rest of the collection). This uses a stockinette gauge of 20 sts/4 ins on 4.0mm needles, or your preferred needle size to obtain gauge.

As a warm layer accompaniment to the pullover, I offer the Duke Street Shawl (Ravelry link), a quick and warm triangular shawl. It might be worn around the house as an extra layer (such as I often find myself doing in the afternoons when I’m at home), or more snugly around your neck when you leave the house. It features Orange Label worsted, which is a luxury blend including some silk and cashmere, and I would happily knit with it any day of the week – but other wool-based worsteds would work just fine in its place.



This is a top-down triangle with a lace pattern around the edge, measuring about 50″ across at pattern gauge, for a slightly loose and drapey fit. Whether draped around the shoulders or bundled around your neck, it’s warm and fairly quick to knit, which is exactly the kind of thing I like for this time of year! I also really like being able to bring some lace knitting in to the cooler parts of the year, rather than just leaving it for the summer.

In another month’s time I’ll update the collection with the next couple of patterns, and in the mean time these ones are good for keeping cozy with. Many thanks to Tanis for the yarn support on this collection, and for these patterns I am grateful to Kate for technical editing support and Austen for modelling. Thank you all, ladies!

I hope you’re all having a good Wednesday – catch you next time with more knitting adventures.




  1. Congratulations Glenna on two lovely patterns. I noticed the Northside pullover pattern on Ravelry a day or so ago. Very pretty.

  2. Lovely patterns and I love the sweater!

  3. Very pretty! I am particularly fond of the garter rib in your new pullover!

  4. Angela Hickman · ·

    Oh, I am in love! I bought the collection as soon as I saw these two patterns pop up on Ravelry on the weekend. And then I bought Vol. 1 because I realized I didn’t have it. And then I ordered a bunch of yarn from Tanis! Either you caught me in a suggestible mood, or I was in need of some gorgeous new inspiration. Either way, I am excited!

  5. Gorgeous work!

  6. Lorraine haemel · ·

    I was so excited to see the Duke St. Shawl pattern posted that I bought it without realising I could purchase the entire collection. The rest of the collection will be just as gorgeous so I will now buy the entire collection

  7. Wow. I love the jumper, just need to teach myself to do cables first!

  8. Both of these are gorgeous! I love how geometric the stitch pattern on the shawl is.

  9. I was so excited to see the beginnings of another collection pop up! Love, love, love the sweater. 😀

    Just out of curiousity, is there a reason why some of your patterns are on Ravelry under “Knitting to Stay Sane”, and others are under “Glenna C.’s Ravelry Store”? I got confused the other day when I went to the latter and there were only six patterns in it. 😉

  10. I love these! And the yarn content in the Duke Street Shawl sounds heavenly.

  11. Love it! The Duke Shawl is stunning! We are on Ravelry too, and will keep an eye on your wonderful collection.

  12. Hooray! I just bought the first volume of your Urban Collection – I can’t wait to knit the Lakeshore shawl and the Armour Road socks and the Hunter St. cowl… ha! Almost everything, really. You do really lovely design work!

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  14. eatcoastal · ·

    Glenna, love this! Having relocated to the east coast I am just reconnecting…happy to see a familiar face – and stitches!

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